Best Water Flosser Australia 2020 Buying Guide

All dentists agree that flossing your teeth, in addition to brushing, is essential for good dental hygiene, especially to prevent cavities. How you floss, whether you use string dental floss or a water flosser is up to you. This comprehensive Best Water Flosser Australia Buying Guide covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about water […] Read more…

Coronavirus Impact On The Beauty Industry

The impact of Coronavirus or more specifically COVID-19 has been steadily snowballing worldwide and unfortunately the beauty industry is not immune to its effects. As governments around the world battle to contain the virus and minimise the health effects of it, governments and industry are also battling to minimise the widespread economic impacts of the […] Read more…

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss Review

Bobbi Brown has always crushed lip products! They are one of my absolute favourite lip product brands. I have previously reviewed (and loved) the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color lipsticks HERE and also reviewed quite a few other Bobbi Brown products HERE. As a result I was super excited when I heard they had released […] Read more…

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