I love burning scented candles. They add such a beautiful, inviting, calming and cosy ambiance to my home and look so stylish. Every year I also buy a candle advent calendar too. There is something extra special about burning festive scented candles in the lead up to Christmas.

Spending more time at home, I’ve recently been burning more scented candles than usual all year round and as a result have more empty candle jars than ever.

It is as much for the style of the candle jar as their scent that I choose candles so it makes sense to reuse and re-purpose my candle jars once they are used up.

Throwing out beautiful empty candle jars seems crazy to me!

So I started thinking ‘what can I do with empty candle jars?’

The answer became obvious as I was re-organsing and tidying my beauty collection.

24 Beauty Uses For Empty Candle Jars
24 Beauty Uses For Empty Candle Jars

What Can You Do With Empty Candle Jars?

Empty candle jars are the perfect stylish solution for so many beauty storage needs. Empty candle jars look more stylish than a lot of the standard storage containers that I have bought in the past.

Different sized candle jars are best for different types of beauty product storage.

Dusk sells divinely scented candles in the most gorgeous jars of every colour. Click HERE to check out the currently available beautiful candle range at Dusk.

Many beauty retailers also sell candles. Activeskin in particular has a great range of stunning candles including the stylish hob-nailed container MOR candles as well as gorgeous Pelactiv and Ecoya candles. Click HERE to check out the range of candles currently available at Activekin.

Look Fantastic is another website that also sells the best scented candles in lovely jars including Glasshouse and Circa Home plus more.

24 Beauty Storage Uses For Empty Candle Jars

To help inspire other beauty lovers who may also be wondering what to do with empty candle jars here is my list of 24 beauty storage uses for empty candle jars.

Hair Accessory Storage Ideas

Empty Candle Jar Use - Hair Accessories Storage
Empty Candle Jar Use – Hair Accessories Storage

1. Hair Elastics Storage

I’m forever losing hair elastics so having a jar to store them all in will save me so much time from searching for them in the bottom of my drawer and in my handbags.

2. Bobby Pin Storage

Who else’s bobby pins constantly disappear? I’d love to know where they all go. Somewhere in my home is a black hole filled with hundreds of bobby pins. I’m hoping that storing them all together in an empty mini candle jar helps me find them when I need them.

3. Decorative Hair Clip Storage

Storing all my decorative hair clips on my vanity counter in a cute candle jar will encourage me to use these clips more often and make finding the clip I want a lot faster.

4. Scrunchie Storage

Not only do I store my scrunchies in an empty candle jar but I also store my favourite ones around the outside of the candle jar for quick access.

Fragrance Storage

Empty Candle Jar Use - Roller Ball Fragrances & Sample Vials
Empty Candle Jar Use – Roller Ball Fragrances & Sample Perfume Vials


5. Rollerball Fragrance Storage

I love fragrances and have a number of rollerball fragrances. These used to roll around (no pun intended) in my drawers, cupboards and handbags but are now neatly stored in an empty candle jar.

6. Mini Sample Vial Fragrance Storage

Mini sample vials of fragrance are conveniently stored in another empty mini candle jar. I never used to use these tiny fragrance sample vials as I could never find them after I threw them into my bedside drawer. Now I can readily see them and access them.

Makeup Storage

7. Eyeliner Storage

Eyeliners are so much easier to access from a candle jar rather than rummaging in a makeup bag for them.

Empty Candle Jar Use - Eyeliners
Empty Candle Jar Use – Eyeliners

8. Lip Liner Storage

Finding the perfect shade of lip liner to match your lipstick is also easier when they are all stored upright and visible.

9. Liquid Lipstick Storage

Liquid lipsticks look stunning stored in a candle jar.

Beauty Storage Ideas
Beauty Storage Ideas

10. Lip Crayon Storage

I love storing lip crayons in candle jars. Such a practical and chic storage solution.

11. Lip Gloss Storage

I wear a dab of lip gloss over the top of my lipstick to give my lips the appearance of extra volume. Storing them in a used candle jar makes it easy finding just the right shade of lip gloss.

12. Lip Balm Storage

Lip balms are too pretty to hide away in a drawer or cupboard. I store my favourite ones in a see through, used candle jar.

Uses For Empty Candle Jars - Lip Balm Storage
Uses For Empty Candle Jars – Lip Balm Storage

13. Slimline Palette Storage

Do you always reach for the same palette because it is the most accessible one? Store your favourite slimline palettes in a large empty candle jar.

14. Mini Nail Polish Storage

You won’t fit all your nail polishes in a candle jar but at the start of each month I select the nail polish shades I want to use that month and pop them in a jar on my vanity.

Uses For Empty Candle Jars - Nail Polish Storage
Uses For Empty Candle Jars – Nail Polish Storage

15. Mascara Storage

I have way too many mascaras open and on the go at any one time. Storing them upright in a candle jar makes it easier to find them rather than rummaging through a makeup bag of drawer.

Skincare Storage

16. Sample Sachets Storage

Prior to storing my sample sachets together in a candle jar I tended to lose them in the bottom of my drawers and handbags. I’ve discovered numerous great products I love by using sample sachets.

17. Travel Sized & Deluxe Sized Products

Out of sight equals out of mind equals not used. That’s why I now store my deluxe sized travel products on my vanity in reused candle jars to remind me to use them before they expire.

Beauty Tool & Beauty Accessories Storage

18. Manicure Tool Storage

I use my manicure tools often and like to have them within easy reach to quickly fix any problems with my nails.

Uses For Empty Candle Jars - Manicure Accessories
Uses For Empty Candle Jars – Manicure Accessories

19. Makeup Brush Storage

Most beauty lovers have more makeup brushes than they have storage for. Large empty candle jars are perfect for makeup storage.

Empty Candle Jar Uses - Brushes & Mascara
Empty Candle Jar Uses – Brushes & Mascara

20. Makeup Blenders Storage

Makeup blenders are handy to contain in an empty candle jar too.

21. Cotton Wool Ball Storage

For cotton wool ball storage I use a candle jar with a lid to keep the dust off the cotton wool balls.

Uses For Empty Candle Jars - Cotton Balls, Cotton Buds & Cotton Rounds Storage
Uses For Empty Candle Jars – Cotton Balls, Cotton Buds & Cotton Rounds Storage

22. Round Cotton Pad Storage

I’ve also chosen an empty candle jar with a lid on it to store my round cotton pads that I remove my makeup with.

23. Cotton Swab Storage

Storing cotton swabs in a candle jar looks so much more stylish rather than storing them in the plastic container you buy them in.

24. Toothbrush and Tooth Paste Storage

Last but not least a stylish empty candle jar can also be the perfect storage for your toothbrushes and toothpaste.

What To Do With Leftover Candle Jars

Reusing empty candle jars is obviously not limited to just beauty storage. I also use these stylish containers in my study and my kids’ rooms for stationery storage and in my kitchen for odds and ends storage and teaspoon storage.

Once you start thinking about it, there are so many beneficial uses for these stylish used candle containers in so many areas of your home and work, you’ll never want to throw out another candle container again! And if you’re anything like me you’ll start thinking about what you will use the candle container for right from the very start when you’re choosing which candle to buy!

Beauty Storage Uses For Empty Candle Jars - Cotton Wool

Empty Candle Jar Uses - Lip Balms
Empty Candle Jar Uses – Lip Balms

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8 comments on “24 Beauty Storage Uses For Empty Candle Jars”

  1. Oh some awesome ideas here. I really like the idea of the perfume vials in the small candle jars. I am so going to do that.

  2. Love these ideas! My mother is the queen of re-using all sorts of jars and containers which I’m trying to emulate to save money and be environmentally friendly.

  3. Great ideas Ingrid! I have some beautiful candle jars but the problem I have is that I can never clean the candle wax out of them properly to reuse! Do you have any pointers?

    • Yes! That blog post will be published on Monday. I’ve tried numerous different methods but the easiest and most effective method for me is to clean the wax out just after you last use the candle when the wax is still soft. I use either a Chux wipe or paper towel to remove the remaining wax. The base of the wick can usually be pulled up easily enough but sometimes I have needed to lever it up with a butter knife. I hope this helps.

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