Australia Day is fast approaching and it’s one of my favourite days of the year!

I love joining in the festivities around Sydney Harbour, watching the iconic ferrython, tall ships and the Australia Day Harbour Parade of boats all decked out in their Aussie flags and decorations.

Then in the afternoon you can usually find me cooling off at the beach with my family and friends before we enjoy a casual relaxing BBQ dinner by the water.

Here are some of my Australia Day essentials:

Australia Day Essentials
Australia Day Essentials

1. Sunscreen

My number one Australia Day essential every single time is sunscreen!

Australia Day always seems to be scorching hot! As I spend the whole day outdoors I always slather on my sunscreen and take it along with me to reapply throughout the day.

Having previously experienced a malignant melanoma I always make sure I protect my skin when outdoors, especially in the burning Australian summer sun! 

My family and my personal favourite sunscreens are SunSense Ultra and SunSense Sport. 

SunSense Ultra SPF50+ & SunSense Sport SPF50+
SunSense Ultra SPF50+ & SunSense Sport SPF50+

Both are broad spectrum, SPF50+, easy to apply and readily absorbed.

They are Australian made and tested for Australian families. What else would you wear on Australia Day!

Recently they have both been reformulated to create an even lighter formula with the same great broad spectrum UV protection.

They were my family’s favourite sunscreens before the new formulation. Now we love them even more! 

SunSense products are available from pharmacies and Priceline.

SunSense Sunscreen Products
SunSense Sunscreen Products

2. Hat

A broad brimmed hat is an essential for me whenever I’m enjoying the outdoors, especially in summer. 

 The above pictured Kmart hat is lightweight, easy to wear and offers good protection from both the heat and the damaging rays of the sun.

3. Australia Day Outfit

On Australia Day I love to get into the spirit of the day by wearing an Australian coloured outfit designed by an Australian company.

Dark blue to me is the best Australian colour to wear.

It’s the colour of the harbour and the oceans surrounding our wonderful country. 

This year I’m planning on wearing the White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi in Navy Gouache.

White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi in Navy Gouache
White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi in Navy Gouache

It also has pockets! 
I love the swishablility of this dress. It is loose fitting, cool to wear and super comfortable.

It’s an absolute Australia Day winner!

4. Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch

As an eye catching additional Australiana feature to my outfit I’ll be wearing the pretty pink Erstwilder Candy Callistemon brooch.
Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch
Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch

Erstwilder have a range of Australiana brooches that are perfect to wear on Australia Day, or any other day to be honest! These brooches would also make fabulous gifts for overseas friends.

They have a wallaby, a golden wombat, a Rohan yellow tailed black cockatoo and a surf rescue brooch among many more. 
The Candy Callistemon bottlebrush brooch, apart from being pink, which is my favourite colour, also contains glitter in the resin. 

The glitter sparkles so beautifully in the sunshine! 


5. Cheeki Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Another Australia Day essential for me is my Cheeki Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

I am so impressed with how icy cold it keeps my water ALL DAY! It’s almost like being out and about with a mini fridge in your bag, that’s how cold my water remains.

On the product’s packaging it states it will keep liquids cold for 36 hours or hot for 24 hours. 

Cheeki Insulated Sunshine Grey Stainless Steel Water Bottle 
Cheeki Insulated Sunshine Grey Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The other reason I love my Cheeki bottle is that it is eco friendly, helping me fulfill my new year’s resolution of saying no to unnecessary plastic! 

I no longer have a need to buy disposable plastic bottles of water when I’m out and about as I always now take my Cheeki bottle.

I also love the fact that Cheeki is an Australian owned and run company that was founded on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

6. Lamingtons

This last Australia Day essential was inserted into this post at my daughter’s insistence. 

She read my draft post and advised me I’d left out the most important Australia Day essential of all – lamingtons!

Our Australia Day BBQ is always finished off with a lamington or two so she definitely had a point!

Light and fluffy on the inside and wonderfully chocolate-y on the outside! These local bakery bought lamingtons are delicious!

Australia Day Essentials
Australia Day Essentials
















Enjoy your Australia Day everyone!

What are your Australia Day plans and what are your Australia Day essentials?




* Some of the above Australia Day essentials were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration.
All opinions are my own.Full disclosure policy here.

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