Every year I participate in a number of Kris Kringle gift swaps. Funny Kris Kringle gifts Australia wide are appreciated so much! But I do want to make sure the gifts I give are also something that will be used and loved by the recipient. I’ve listed 7 funny Kris Kringle ideas in this post as Kris Kringle suggestions for you. What makes them funny is the added Christmas gift pun. It’s the Christmas gift Fpuns that ensure your gift is one of the best Kris Kringle presents this year. It is the puns that people remember and chuckle about.

Being a beauty blogger I love giving little Kris Kringle gifts of beauty. I believe these are good Kris Kringle ideas. In keeping with the Kris Kringle funny and lighthearted approach I always add a Christmas pun related to the gift I’m giving. Christmas pun gifts for Kris Kringle are the best!

These listed good Kris Kringle presents with their included Christmas puns are all in the $25 Kris Kringle gifts or less price range with the majority being $15 Kris Kringle gift ideas or less and some even under $5 if you have a super tight budget as part of your Kris Kringle rules! 

The listed ideas are all perfect Kris Kringle gifts for women and I have also included a couple of unisex Kris Kringle present ideas too.

These great Kris Kringle gift ideas also make perfect end of year presents for teachers, coaches, neighbours, babysitters and friends. 

In addition, I’ve used these great Kris Kringle ideas as Christmas table setting favours when I’ve hosted Christmas lunch at my house and they are fun stocking stuffers too!

I know some people find Kris Kringles and Secret Santa Swaps stressful, not knowing what to give, so let me remove your stress with my top 7 Kris Kringle gift suggestions, each with a fun Christmas pun or Kris Kringle rhyme included! 

Funny Kris Kringle Ideas

1. Merry Kiss-Mas!

Funny Kris Kringle Ideas
Merry Kiss-Mas! Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipsticks


Kris Kringle Gift Ideas
Merry Kiss-Mas! Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipsticks

This is one of my favourite Kris Kringle beauty gifts to give and one of my favourite Christmas beauty puns. What woman doesn’t love receiving a new lipstick! And who wouldn’t have a chuckle at some lipstick puns!
I usually try to choose suitably festive looking red cased lipsticks such as these Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Finish lipsticks.
Click HERE to buy.
Kris Kringle Presents
Merry Kiss-Mas! Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Lipstick
The Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Lipsticks also make stunning looking Kris Kringle gifts. 

Plus the long lasting nature of the Provocalips lipsticks is perfect for the recipient to wear during the December / January party season.

Click HERE to buy. 

2. Wishing You A Mani Christmas!

Kris Kringle Gifts For Women
Wishing You a Mani Christmas! Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps are a fun and much appreciated Kris Kringle beauty gift. I have used some of the Mirror and Metallic Jamberry nail wraps as gifts this year. Once again these are perfect for the recipient to wear to New Year’s Eve parties or other special occasions.

If your Kris Kringle exchange is taking place before Christmas Day you could also gift one of the fun Christmas range of Jamberry nail wrap designs. 

The cute Disney themed nail wraps are also a popular gift among my daughter’s teenage friends this year. There are nail wraps to suit every age group!

3. Santa-Tizer

Unisex Kris Kringle Present
Santa-Tizer – Thank You Hand Sanitizer

It’s usually the gender neutral Kris Kringle gifts that people struggle most with.This Kris Kringle gift of hand sanitizer is a fun unisex Kris Kringle present idea. It is a good little gift to give to people who may be planning some holiday travel. 
On holidays we don’t always have convenient access to running water to wash our hands before eating, making antibactierial hand sanitizer Santa-tizer most useful! Hand sanitizer puns work well at Christmas – lol!

I like giving the Thank You brand of hand sanitizer because this brand has a feel good charitable factor too! Profits help provide access to hygiene and sanitation programs to people in need. It’s a small bottle with big impact!

Click HERE to buy. 

4. For Your Mistle Toes

Kris Kringle Gift Ideas
For Your Mistle Toes

This is one of my favourite cute Christmas puns and fun Kris Kringle ideas.

I’ve used the well loved Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes for these Kris Kringle gifts. 

They have a huge and gorgeous colour selection, contain a complete manicure in the one bottle and are well priced!
Click HERE to buy.

5. You’re The Balm!

Funny Kris Kringle Ideas
You’re The Balm! Blistex Melon Happy Lips
Unisex Kris Kringle Present
You’re The Balm! Sun Bum Lip Balm in Mango.
Lip balm is one of my favourite unisex Kris Kringle gifts to give that works well for both males and females. I do love lip balm puns too!

Depending on which gender you are gifting the lip balm to as to which lip balm is best to give.

The above are two of my current favourite lip balms. The new Blistex Melon Happy Lips lip balm has an amazing fruity scent. There is also a Christmas-y looking red Blistex Strawberry Happy Lips that would be perfect for festive looking Kris Kringle giving. 

Click HERE to buy Blistex lip balms.

The Sun Bum Mango lip balm is cute with it’s monkey, or is it an ape, mascot on the front. This lip balm is more gender neutral in my opinion than a lot of other lip balms in the market, making it perfect as a Kris Kringle gift for males too. I know my husband would be happy to pull this lip balm out of his pocket to use at the beach in front of his mates.

Click HERE to buy Sun Bum lip balms.

6. Wishing You A Christmas Full of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!

Kris Kringle Rhyme
Wishing You A Christmas Full of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!


Who doesn’t love a divinely scented soap! Scented soaps make another great little Kris Kringle beauty gift.

7. Sparkle All The Way!

Kris Kringle Ideas
Sparkle All The Way! OPI Nail Polish


Finally what’s Christmas without a little bit of sparkle! This is another favourite Kris Kringle gift of mine to give, sparkly silver nail polish. OPI always has a stunning metallic or sparkly silver in their collection.

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What are the best kris kringle gifts you have received?

What are your favourite kris kringle puns?

Please share any other fun Christmas present puns in the comments?


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