Do you have frizzy hair?

Do you know what causes frizzy hair?

Do you know how to avoid frizzy hair?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the first question and ‘no’ to the last two questions then read on. 

This blog post has been written specifically to help you AVOID frizzy hair!

How To Avoid Frizzy Hair
How To Avoid Frizzy Hair

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

There are a number of factors that can cause frizzy hair but the main two causes of frizzy hair are:

  • Friction, and
  • Dryness.
The more friction you subject your hair to and the less moisture your hair contains, the frizzier it will become.
Avoiding these two major causes will help you avoid frizz!
Following are my 7 top tips for effectively avoiding frizz based on these two major causes.

7 Ways To Avoid Frizzy Hair

1. Dry Your Hair Gently
Do not rub your hair dry with a towel! 
Towels are usually rough to touch. 
Towels will result in a lot of friction against your hair if you rub your hair dry with them. This will create frizz you do not want!
Be gentle and squeeze the excess water out of your hair with your hands first.
I then wrap my hair in a waffle hair towel that is super absorbent, lightweight and fast drying. It is a lot gentler on hair than a traditional terry toweling type of towel.
Canningvale Rosaura Waffle Hair Towel
Canningvale Rosaura Waffle Hair Towel
Alternately you can use a soft t-shirt to gently squeeze the water out of your hair.

2. Avoid Rough Styling
Don’t regularly tease/back comb your hair. This friction will cause your hair cuticle to open and your hair to frizz. 
3. Use A Silk Pillowcase
As you sleep your hair rubs against your pillowcase. This results in us waking up in the morning with hair a lot frizzier than we went to bed with!
Use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton pillowcase. If you toss and turn a lot, you may want to sleep on silk sheets.
Silk is a lot smoother than cotton and thus causes significantly less friction.
Silk also has natural anti-absorbant qualities meaning it reduces moisture loss from your hair as you sleep allowing you to maintain hair hydration overnight compared to cotton which actually draws out and absorbs moisture from your hair.
You might also be interested to know that a silk pillowcase can extend the life of your blow dry by up to two days! Now that’s definitely a winner in my eyes!
4. Use A Shampoo & Conditioner Specifically Formulated To Fight Frizz
John Frieda FRIZZ ease Products
John Frieda FRIZZ ease Products

These products repair the look and feel of dry heat damaged hair and restore the hair’s natural frizz defences. They contain Amino Repair Complex. 

5. Always Use Conditioner
Make sure you do not skip the step of conditioning your hair. Conditioner is essential in moisturising your hair. 

This moisture prevents the cuticle from opening and keeps it smooth. Apply it from the mid lengths of your hair down to the ends. 

6. Use A Hair Serum
I use the John Frieda FRIZZ Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum.

This product only needs to be used sparingly by squeezing a little into your hands, rubbing your hands together and then running your hands through your hair. Use it on soaking wet hair for maximum benefit.

This serum eliminates frizz, smoothes, hydrates and tames your hair helping you achieve a glossy, silky smooth style.

It also repels humidity to help prevent weather related frizz.

7. Use A Finishing Creme
Another product I use is the John Frieda FRIZZ Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Creme.

This product replaces the natural oils in your hair. It contains avocado oil and seals the hair to eliminate frizz and flyaways.

Check out the full range of John Frieda FRIZZ Ease products HERE. 

Bonus tip

If you want to tie your hair back use silk scrunchies. They have anti-friction, anti-static and anti hair creasing properties that help keep your hair smooth and frizz free. They also look beautifully luxe.

Click HERE now to check out my favourite silk scrunchies.

Beautysilks Silk Scrunchies
Beautysilks Silk Scrunchies
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Do you have any additional tips to avoid frizzy hair?


*The above John Frieda FRIZZ ease products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure policy here.

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