Elevate your Christmas gathering with your beauty loving friends to the next level with these amazing best Christmas beauty crackers, or best beauty bonbons as they are also known as!

Containing luxury beauty, makeup, skincare and candle items in addition to the traditional Christmas cheesy joke and paper crown, your friends will absolutely love these luxury Christmas crackers!

We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best beauty crackers Australia wide to help you decide which ones are the best for you and your loved ones.

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Best Christmas Beauty Crackers
Best Christmas Beauty Crackers

What Is A Beauty Christmas Cracker?

Christmas crackers are a festive table decoration that are opened at Christmas lunch or dinner. They are pulled apart between two people and make a snapping sound when opened. They usually contain a cheesy joke, a paper crown and a small plastic trinket. Beauty Christmas crackers are luxurious Christmas crackers that contain a beauty item instead of a plastic trinket. I know which type of Christmas cracker I’d prefer to open!

Best Christmas Crackers For Beauty Lovers

Circa Home Mini Candle Trio Bon Bons – Best Candle Bon Bons

Spoil your girlfriends with these luxurious mini candles this Christmas. This set of three Circa Home Mini Candle Bon Bons are the best candle bon bons Australia wide for 2020!

Best Candle Cracker
Circa Home Mini Candle Trio Bon Bon

Each cracker contains a different popular Summer scented mini 60g candle including Oceanique, Raspberry & Rhubarb, and Mango & Papaya varieties.

The candle fragrance notes are:

  • Oceanique: Orange blossom & bergamot
  • Raspberry & Rhubarb: Green/fruity, raspberry, rhubarb
  • Mango & Papaya: Orange, mango, passionfruit, jasmine, musk.
Best Candle Bon Bon
Circa Home Mini Candle Bon Bons

These are definitely Christmas crackers that every beauty lover would be happy to open!

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Best Christmas Beauty Baubles

Slip Silk Christmas Bauble

Silk scrunchies are a little luxury every beauty lover with medium to long hair would love.

Silk scrunhttps://www.lookfantastic.com.au/glasshouse-a-tahaa-affair-christmas-candle-bauble-30g/12596778.htmlchies are designed to be gentle on delicate hair and stop hair creases.

This beautiful rose gold Christmas bauble would look stunning hanging on your Christmas tree. It contains four skinny silk scrunchies including a leopard print one (my favourite), a black, a burgundy and a rose gold scrunchie.

Share them with your girlfriends or keep them all for yourself.

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Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair Christmas Candle Bauble

Best Christmas Candle Bauble
Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair Christmas Candle Bauble

The Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair Christmas Candle Bauble is absolutely stunning and would be a wonderfully decadent decorative addition to any Christmas tree or table.

Containing a beautifully scented 30g A Tahaa Affair candle inside the masterful golden wrapping it’s the Christmas bauble that keeps giving as you burn the candle.

The candle’s fragrance notes are:

  • Top: Pineapple
  • Middle: Coconut Fruity
  • Base: Caramel and Vanilla.

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Circa Home Lychee & Rose Christmas Candle Bauble

Circa Home Christmas Candle Bauble
Circa Home Rose & Lychee Christmas Bauble

Another beautiful decorative Christmas candle bauble is the Circa Home Rose & Lychee Christmas Candle Bauble.

Containing a larger 60g scented candle I would love to have a couple of these hanging on my Christmas tree this year for burning throughout the year.

This candle’s divine fragrance notes are:

  • Top: Grape, Lychee
  • Middle: rose
  • Base: Strawberry.

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Do you open crackers at Christmas?

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