Hair clippers have become an increasingly popular purchase over the past few years enabling DIY professional looking hair cuts to be done at home with no visits to the barber required. Whether you want to buy hair clippers to save you money by not having to visit the barber for hair cuts or whether you want to buy hair clippers to enjoy the convenience of cutting your own hair at home or for some other reason then keep reading this Best Hair Clippers Australia 2022 Buying Guide to help you choose the best clippers to meet your needs.

Whether you want to buy the overall best men’s hair clippers, the best cordless hair clippers, the best hair clippers for thick hair, the best professional hair clippers, the best family hair clippers, the best cheap clippers or even the best dog clippers we’ve got it covered.

I recommend you read the best hair clippers reviews Australia section which includes the currently available top hair clipper brands and top rated hair clippers to help you find the best hair clipper 2022 Australia wide for your needs. The review findings are summarised in the following comparison chart. The factors you should consider when choosing the best hair clipper for you are also detailed below to help guide you in your purchase decision.

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Best Hair Clippers Australia
Guide To Buying The Best Hair Clippers

Best Hair Clippers Australia 2022 Comparison Chart

Use the best hair clippers chart below to compare the best hair clippers Australia wide. I have included best hair clipper reviews and buying information for each hair clipper featured. This will enable you to compare hair clippers Australia wide and choose the best DIY clippers for you to use at home.

Wahl Salon Series
Super Power
CC Salon Series

* Overall best
hair clippers
Australia *
Powerful rotary


Advanced lithium
ion battery.

This kit includes:
- Super Power
CC Clipper
- large clipper comb
- blade guard
- blade oil
- cleaning brush
- charger &
- the 8 guide combs.

The 8 guide combs
include: 1.5mm,
3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm,
10mm, 13mm,
19mm & 25mm.

Adjustable gold

Precision stagger-
tooth blade.

Heavy duty metal

Suitable for all hair types.

2 year warranty.
See Price
Color Pro
Home Clipper

* Best cheap
hair clippers *
Corded vibrating

This kit includes:
- Color Pro Home
- 10 colour coded
guide combs
- scissors
- barber combs
- clipper blade
- cleaning brush, &
- blade oil.

The 10 colour coded
guide combs
include: 3mm, 6mm,
10mm, 13mm,
16mm, 19mm,
22mm, 25mm, left
& right ear taper.

Adjustable taper

Precision ground

2 year warranty.
See Price
Wahl Color Pro
Home Family
Haircutting Kit

* Best Home
Haircutter Kit For
Family *
- is corded
- has a taper lever, &
- fixed precision
ground blade.

- precision ground
blade, &
- 2 x AA batteries.

This kit includes:
- corded clipper
- cordless trimmer
- 10 clipper guide combs
- 6 position trimmer
guide comb
- barber cape
- neck duster
- spray bottle
- styling comb
- scissors
- hard handle case
- 2 x AA batteries for
- clipper blade
- trimmer blade
- cleaning brush, &
- blade oil.

The 10 clipper guide
combs include:
3mm, 6mm, 10mm,
13mm, 16mm,
19mm, 22mm,
25mm, left ear taper
& right ear taper.
See Price
Smart Clip
Pet Clipper
Powerful yet quiet
rotary motor
featuring 6000rpm.


Lithium-Ion battery.

3.5 hours cordless
run time.

LCD screen indicator
of remaining battery

Kit inclusions:
- Smart Clip Clipper
- professional snap
on/off blade set with
precision control
- soft storage/travel
- 4 reinforced
attachment combs
- transformer
- cleaning brush, &
- blade oil.
See Price

Best Hair Clipper Reviews Australia

Wahl Super Power CC Salon Series Clipper Review – Overall Best Hair Clippers Australia / Best Hair Clipper For Thick Hair / Best Professional Hair Clippers

Overall Best Hair Clipper Australia
Wahl Super Power CC Salon Series Clipper

Leo J Wahl invented the first electric hair clippers in the early 1900’s, previously they were all manual clippers, and Wahl clippers are still considered to be the top rated hair clippers brand available today.

The Wahl Super Power CC Salon Series Hair Clipper is our choice of overall best hair clippers Australia wide due to its powerful rotary motor with higher rpm for increased blade speed that will enable it to clip the thickest of hairs with ease. It is also the best hair clipper for thick hair.

The precision stagger-tooth blade provides two cutting paths, designed to blend hair while cutting it, making it a firm favourite of barbers. These top of the range hair clippers enable you to easily give yourself a DIY haircut with a very professional looking result.

This Wahl Super Power CC Hair Clipper has the advantage of being able to be operated either corded or cordless. When used cordless its advanced lithium ion battery runs for up to an impressive 90 minutes.

Another advantage of this best Wahl clipper is its comprehensive kit with 8 premium guide combs ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm, which together with the adjustable gold lever allows a lot of different cutting length options.

For a full list of inclusions see the table above.

This best Wahl hair clipper is also a comfortable weight to hold with its heavy duty metal housing and it has a high quality precision stagger tooth blade. It is suitable for all hair types.

All the Wahl clipper reviews of this hair clipper that I’ve read are overwhelmingly positive, similar to my review, so if you are after the best professional hair clippers Australia wide with the option of using it corded or cordless we highly recommend this one.

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Wahl Color Pro Home Clipper – Best Cheap Hair Clippers

best cheap hair clipper
Wahl Color Pro Home Clipper

Based on the quality, inclusions, performance and price of the Wahl Color Pro Home Clipper this hair clipper is our choice of the best budget hair clippers Australia wide. It is a basic clipper but it gives a great standard hair cut and is incredible value considering all it’s inclusions.

Although it has a vibrating motor which isn’t as powerful as other rotary motors, it is still a good hair clipper that is perfect for family hair cuts and is one of the best non-professional hair clippers on the market.

It is a corded hair clipper and has a convenient 3 metre length of cord.

We especially love the 8 colour coded guide combs that make it easy to remember from one haircut to the next which guide comb you used for your perfect cut. The guide combs range from 3mm to 25mm. Even children will remember the colour that was used in their hair cut although they would never remember the mm guide comb measurement. A left and right ear taper are also included to give you a professional looking hair cut.

For a full list of exact inclusions in this Wahl Color Pro home clipper kit please see the table above.

The blades are good quality precision ground blades that will maintain a long cutting life and stay sharper longer.

The clipper is comfortable to hold and use, and offers good control for beginner home hair cutters. An adjustable taper lever is included in the design of this hair clipper enabling easy blending and changing between multiple cutting lengths.

One disadvantage of this hair clipper is that it does not include a carry case which would be convenient.

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Wahl Color Pro Home Family Haircutting Kit Review – Best Home Haircutter Kit For Families

Best Home Hair Cutter Kit For Families
Wahl Color Pro Home Family Haircutting Kit

During the recent lockdowns I know a lot of male friends who bought this comprehensive haircutting kit to cut their own and their sons’ hair while they were unable to visit their barber. It is the most comprehensive and best haircutter kit for families based on its contents, quality, performance and price.

This kit includes everything you need to give you a professional barber-like hair cutting experience at home right down to the barber style cape and neck duster. It includes the corded Wahl Color Pro Home Clipper, 10 clipper guide combs and other inclusions as detailed for this hair clipper above. In addition it also includes a cordless trimmer, 6 position trimmer guide comb, barber style cape, neck duster, spray bottle, styling comb and hard handle case.

The trimmer is great for cleaning up necklines, sideburns and beard trimming.

Now that we are able to visit the barber again the majority of my friends are choosing to continue using this family haircutting kit at home to save money on getting haircuts. With barber visits costing more than $40 a visit for adults for a simple cut you would recoup the cost of this family haircutting kit within a month or two depending on how many males you have in your family.

In addition to saving them money my friends also tell me that this haircutting kit is a lot more convenient than going to their barber and it allows them to cut their own and their sons hair more regularly.

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Wahl Smart Clip Professional Pet Clipper Review – Best Dog Clippers Australia / Best Pet Clippers Australia

Best Dog Clippers Australia
Wahl Smart Clip Professional Pet Clipper

Cavoodles and other dogs with non-shedding fur are some of the most popular breeds of dogs these days. While these dogs are good for people with allergies and people that don’t want to constantly be cleaning up dog hair around their home, the fact they are non-shedding does mean that you do need to regularly clip your dog’s fur.

Regular clipping reduces the chances of fur matting and tangling. It also lessens the chances of flea and other pest infestations, and reduces the risk of skin infections.

Taking your dog to a professional dog groomer is expensive however and you shouldn’t use your personal hair clippers on your dog. Dog fur is a lot thicker than human hair and it is more likely to get stuck in regular hair clippers and damage them. The solution is to buy specific top rated dog clippers that are specifically designed with a strong rotary motor and strong blades to cope with fur and which operates as quietly as possible to avoid scaring the dog.

The best dog clippers for grooming that we have found are the Wahl Smart Clip Professional Pet Clippers which provide a quiet, powerful and fast cutting experience which is exactly what you want with your pets whether they be dogs, cats, horses or livestock.

We consider this Wahl Lithium-Ion cordless animal clipper to be the best pet clippers thanks to its super powerful rotary motor which features 6000 rpm and allows an easy feed of all coat types making it ideal for full body pet shave downs. These professional dog clippers are also quieter than most other dog hair clippers.

The Lithium-Ion battery gives you 3.5 hours of cordless run time and the smart LCD screen clearly shows the remaining battery level. The cutting length of the clipper can be adjusted between 1mm to 2.8mm and an additional four reinforced guide combs are included providing you with even more grooming options. See the table above for a list of all the inclusions in this professional pet clipper kit.

With pet clippers it is important to regularly oil the blades due to pets’ coarser fur. Our other tip for using pet clippers is to ensure your pet is clean before clipping as this will give you a much better cutting experience and maintain the longevity of your clipper.

Click HERE to see the current price of the Wahl Smart Clip Professional Pet Clipper.

What Are Hair Clippers?

Hair clippers are a personal grooming tool that enable you to cut your own hair at home without visiting the barber or hairdresser.

How Do Hair Clippers Work?

Nowadays hair clippers are all either electric or battery powered. They can be sort of likened to electric scissors. Manual hair clippers have been superseded and are no longer sold.

Hair clippers trim the hair, meaning they cut it above the surface of the skin. They don’t shave the hair.

Hair clippers have two sets of teeth blades one on top of the other, powered by a motor to oscillate them. When hair goes in between the teeth of the two blades and the top blade slides horizontally along the bottom blade the hair gets clipped.

The length of the hair cut is determined by the choice of comb guide length. Men’s hair clippers usually come with varying guide combs.

Features To Look For In The Best Hair Clippers Reviews 2022

To work out the answer to the often asked question of ‘what are the best hair clippers to buy?’ it is useful to study and compare the features of each hair clipper in hair clipper reviews. To make this easier for you we have summarised this information in the table above.

To select the best hair clippers Australia 2022 has to offer that best match your needs and wants you should consider factors such as the type of motor it contains, whether it is wired or cordless, if it is cordless what its battery life is and whether it has a quick charge ability, what the blades are made from, what comb guide attachments it comes with, whether it has a taper control lever and whether it comes with oil included.

Also consider how you want to use the clippers, whether they are just for your use or for other people’s use in your family too, whether you will want to travel with them, what type of hair you have, is it thick or fine, and what type of hair cut you prefer. Price is another factor to consider.

Type Of Motor

The main component of hair clippers is the motor which powers the tool and oscillates the blades. There are three different types of motor that a hair clipper may use, a magnetic motor, a pivot motor or a rotary motor. To choose the best hair clippers for you, check out what type of motor it contains.

Magnetic Motor

Most budget hair clippers have a magnetic motor. A magnetic motor is a simple design with few moving parts. The magnetic motor creates a current to vibrate the blade back and forth with a spring and an electromagnet.

Magnetic motor hair clippers are the least powerful but usually do provide a higher blade speed. They are best for straightforward grooming that isn’t difficult.

Pivot Motor

A pivot motor is similar to a magnetic motor but uses two electromagnets and no spring.

Pivot motor clippers have reduced blade speed but generally create at least twice the cutting power. Pivot motor clippers are best for thick or damp hair.

Rotary Motor

Most heavy duty hair clippers are powered by a rotary motor. Rotary motors come in AC and DC powered units. The DC powered units are usually cordless and powered by batteries. The AC units are more powerful.

Professional hair clippers used in barber shops and by pet groomers are usually rotary motor clippers. Rotary motor hair clippers are suitable for all types of hair and work on both dry and damp hair.

Wired or Cordless Hair Clippers

Another of the other main factors to consider when buying hair clippers is whether to buy wired or cordless hair clippers, also known as wireless hair clippers. To make the right decision for you, take into consideration your type of hair, your lifestyle and where you plan to use your hair clippers. Consider whether you will be close to a power point when you plan to clip your hair.

Corded clippers have the advantage of never running out of charge or battery but you will be limited to using them close to a power point. Cordless hair clippers can be used anywhere but you will need to remember to recharge them.

Wired hair clippers tend to be more powerful so they are the best hair clippers for thick hair.

Cordless hair clippers are the best portable hair clippers and the best travel hair clippers.

Battery Life

If you decide to buy cordless hair clippers check what the battery runtime is. You don’t want to run out of battery charge half way through. A good feature to check for is also a quick charge ability. This is where a short amount of battery charging such as 15 minutes will give you a couple more minutes of clipping time.


The majority of hair clippers have self sharpening, stainless steel blades that are rust resistant. These are the best hair clipper blades to have.

Some electric clippers have ceramic blades. These have a tendency to break more easily and are more expensive to replace than stainless steel blades so we would not recommended hair clippers with ceramic blades.

Comb Guide Attachments

Check out how many comb guides are included with the hair clippers you are thinking of buying. Comb guides attach to the top of the blades to achieve your desired cutting length. The more comb guides your hair clippers come with the more different hair length options you will have.

Left and right ear taper comb guides are also great to have to improve the look of your hair cut around your ears.

Most hair clippers will have four to six comb guide attachments. The best hair clippers and those used by barbers can have ten or more comb guides.

Taper Control Lever

The best men’s hair clippers will also have a taper control lever. This will allow you to easily blend hair lengths and layers.


Finally, also check that your hair clippers come with a vial of oil. Hair clipper blades need regular lubricating, ideally after each use, to keep them in prime condition.

Benefits Of Using The Best Men’s Hair Clippers Australia At Home

Cost Saving

Cost is a big advantage of DIY hair clipping at home. Instead of paying each time you visit the barber or hairdresser you only pay a one off cost to buy the hair clippers to use yourself at home. Hair clippers provide great value for money and you will usually save the cost of them in less than a year or even less, depending on the model you buy and how frequently you cut your hair.

Time Efficient

When you use hair clippers at home you don’t have to waste time traveling to the barber, parking and waiting for your turn there. You also don’t have to negotiate appointment times, you can cut your own hair whenever you want.


It is a lot more convenient to do your own hair clipping at home rather than have to travel to a barber for this service especially when you get your hair clipped every month.

At home you can plan your hair clipping for any time of the day or night around your other activities. You can do it on the spur of the moment when you notice your hair is becoming too long and you have some spare time.

If you have elderly relatives such as your dad or grandpa who have mobility issues and who don’t leave their home much anymore but still want their hair looking smart you can visit them to clip their hair in their own home.

Where Can I Buy Hair Clippers

I do all my product research and price comparison online. I then buy online as well to save myself the hassles of driving to the store, finding a convenient park and risking the product being sold out in that store. Online shopping is so much easier and more convenient!

Throughout this buying guide I have linked to the best priced reputable online location for each of the men’s hair clippers I have featured.

I sincerely hope that this buying guide helps you find the hair clippers best suited to your type of hair, the hairstyle you are wanting to achieve with them and your budget.

Check out more product buy guides HERE.

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