Metallic hair clips, pearl hair clips and velvet hair bow clips are currently right on trend!

They are such a quick and effortless way to bling up simple hairstyles and make them unique and special occasion ready. Just scroll through Instagram and you can see so many celebrity hair clip hairstyles.

Best Hair Clips Hairstyle Tutorial
Best Hair Clips Hairstyle Tutorial

Celebrity Best Hair Clip Hairstyle

One of the best hair clip hairstyles I’ve seen lately is Ashley Graham’s amazingly blinged up hairstyle from the recent Met Gala. Doesn’t it look stunning!


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This is the hairstyle I’ve used as my inspiration for my version of a simple hairstyle that I’ve then blinged up with my best hair clips and best hair accessories.

Best Hair Clips Hairstyle Tutorial

1.Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. For my daughter’s hair we also applied DeLorenzo Instant Restructant which is a weightless leave-in treatment to deliver 8 superior benefits to her hair including strength, shine, moisture, smoothness, conditioning, UV protection, colour protection and detangability.

2.Create a high ponytail.

We used the Lady Jayne Porcupine Radial Brush which has ionic bristles to help smooth her hair for a better finish.

We also used a small amount of DeLorenzo Prescriptive Solutions Revive Moisture Repair which is a luxurious repairing lotion in an effort to control her frizz and fly away hair with natural plant oils including Argan and Jojoba Oils.

3. Divide the ponytail evenly into three equal sections and plait each section into a basic plait. Secure the end of each plait with a hair elastic.

4. Plait the three plaits together into one plait. Remove the three individual elastics and use just one elastic to secure the end of the new plait.

5. This is the fun step! Go crazy and start adding as many of your favourite and best metallic hair slides, pearl hair clips, metallic hair cuffs, velvet hair bows and more as you like.

6. Final step! Pose for a photo for the paparazzi on the steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art prior to entering the Met Gala. As we live nowhere near New York my daughter decided to pose with her pet bunny Charlie instead!

Best Hair Accessories Used

This is a list of the best hair accessories I used:

(i) Pixies Bows Onyx Velvet Bow With Barrette Clip (Used above the top of the ponytail). Velvet is such a luxurious and sensual material, adding an extra touch of classic glamour to this hairstyle.

(ii) Lovisa Bow Brooch With Drop Pearl (Pinned on top of the velvet bow). This bow brooch with it’s pretty drop pearl adds extra glitzy bling for added unique interest and dimension. Any of your favourite brooches could be used in this way.


(iii) Lady Jayne Swirly Pins These swirly metallic hair pins are gorgeous! Each pack includes a rose gold, gold, silver and gun metal coloured swirly pin. They are so much more stylish than using an ordinary bobby pin to hold back hair with. Use them to make a glamorous statement. These pins also have the advantage of being longer than an ordinary bobby pin. The rose gold swirly pin is one of my favourite rose gold hair accessories. Click HERE to check out their current price.

Best Hair Accessories
Lady Jayne Swirly Pins

(iv) Lady Jayne Ponytail Semi Cuff (Used to secure the top of the ponytail). This semi cuff is much more stylish than using just a plain elastic. It can be used to glam up any simple ponytail.

(v) Lovisa Pearl Cluster Hair Clip (Used on ponytail plait). Pearl hair clips look so elegant and classy and worn like this add instant glamour and an extra boost of personality to this hairstyle. Aren’t these just the best pearl hair clips?!


(vi) Lovisa Gold Pearl Cluster Pins (Used on ponytail plait). The Gold Pearl Cluster pin adds more polish to this triple plait hairstyle and ties together the pearl cluster pin to the gold thick round barrette pin. These are one of my most worn pear hair clips.

(vii) Lady Jayne Pro Thick Round Barrettes (Used to secure the end of the plait). This glam yet sturdy thick round barrette secures the bottom of this triple plait. The mini teeth on the inside of this barrette ensure it remains securely in place. These thick round barrette clips are so versatile.

So there you have my best hair clips hairstyle tutorial. This is such an easy hairstyle to achieve very quickly with no hair straighteners or curling wands required.

Are you a fan of hair accessories? Is this a hairstyle you would wear?

*Some of the above hair accessories were kindly gifted to me. The above post also contains some affiliate links. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. My first thought was: that looks like the sash I hang from my bedroom curtain rail, which holds all my hair clips!

    Three plaited plaits are one of my go-to styles: so fancy looking, but it’s so easy!

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