Hair curlers are a fabulous tool to create quick and easy, gorgeous curls and waves but identifying the best hair curler Australia wide that creates the type of curl you want can be confusing. This best hair curlers Australia buying guide has been written to help you find the very best curler Australia has to match your wants and needs. I recommend reading the hair curler reviews Australia section provided below. These review findings are also summarised in the following hair curler comparison chart for your quick reference.

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Best Hair Curlers Australia
Best Hair Curlers


Best Hair Curlers Australia 2020 Comparison Chart

If you want to buy hair curlers to best suit your individual needs and wants I recommend you check out this comparison table.

Curve Creative
Curl Wand

Best hair curler
Australia overall.

Best versatile hair
Ceramic coated,
tapered barrel
28mm - 23mm.

Can create deep
waves & natural
looking curls.

Protective cool tip.

Built in safety

Light & sound
indicate on/off &
ready to use.

Professional length

Automatic sleep
mode after 30
minutes of non-use.

Universal voltage.
See Price
Mermade Hair

Best hair curler for
loose waves.

Best hair curler
for big, bouncy
3x extra large
32mm barrels
for creating big
bouncy waves.

Crystal powder
tourmaline ceramic

temperature control
between 80 & 210
degrees Celsius.

Very quick heat up.

Swivel cord &
spring lever.

Heat protection
glove included.

Universal voltage.

Black or pink
versions available.
See Price
HERE (Pink)

See Price
HERE (Black)
Hot Tools
24k Gold Salon
Curling Iron 19mm

Best curling iron for
tight curls.
19mm barrel.

24k gold styling

3 variable heat
settings from 140
degrees Celsius
to 220 degrees

Extra long cool tip.

Sleep mode
after 2 hours.

3m swivel cable.

Worldwide voltage.
See Price
VS Sassoon
Total Crimp

Best hair crimper.Ceramic tourmaline
crimped, wide

10 variable heat
settings up to 210
degrees Celsius.

Cool touch ends.

On & off buttons
with indicator

Automatic safety
cut off system.
See Price

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Important Features of Top Hair Curlers Australia 2020 To Consider

To select the best hair curler Australia 2020 has to offer that best matches your hair type and the type of curls you are wanting to create there are several important features of hair curlers  that you should consider including the size and shape of the barrel, the heat settings, the type of curler, ergonomic design and safety features.

Size & Shape of Barrel

The size and the shape of the barrel will determine the type and especially the size of the curls you can create.

Smaller diameter barrels will create tighter spiral type curls and are good for mermaid curl styles. A smaller barrel is also the best hair curler for short hair.

Larger diameter barrels will create looser waves and are the best hair curler for beach style waves. A larger barrel is also the best hair curler for long hair and the best hair curler for thick hair.

Graduated diameter barrels will offer increased versatility for different curl size creation.

Heat Settings

When choosing the best hair curler, the temperature that the hair curler heats up to is also worth checking out in it’s hair curler reviews.

There is no universal answer to what the ideal temperature for hair curlers is but the best hair curler for thick hair will have higher temperature settings than the best hair curler for fine hair which will have lower temperature settings.

Higher temperatures usually curl your hair tighter and faster while lower temperatures create looser waves.

You should also consider that higher temperatures can be more damaging to your hair. I always use a heat protectant on my hair whenever I am using a heated hair appliance. The best heat protectant I have found is the GHD Unplugged Heat Protect Spray.

Generally speaking you should use the lowest temperature possible that still achieves the type of curls in your hair that you desire.

Type of Curler

Many people mistakenly use the terms curling iron and curling wand interchangeably but curling irons and curling wands are different. Curling irons have a clip to keep the hair in place while curling it. This clip can run the full length of the barrel or may be a shorter clip. Clips can result in a small indentation mark on each curl.

Curling wands have no holding clip thus resulting in a smoother curl. They also usually heat up faster and result in faster curls.

Ergonomic Design

The top hair curlers will have an ergonomic non slip handle which fits comfortably into your hand and is easy to hold. The switches will be well placed and easy to use.

Safety Features

Top rated hair curlers will also have safety features such as a built-in stand to protect your surfaces when you place the heated curler down. They should also feature an automatic sleep mode feature which will turn your hair curler off after a defined period of inactivity. This valuable feature eliminates concerns that you may have left your hair curler on after leaving your home.

Other Considerations When Buying The Best Hair Curler Australia 2020


Hair curlers can vary greatly in price depending on the features they include. Generally with hair curlers you do tend to get what you pay for with the more expensive curlers being made of better materials for your hair.

Click on the links provided in this best curler buying guide to check out the current prices of these recommended best hair curlers 2020 Australia wide.

Best Hair Curler Reviews Australia

To answer the often asked question of “which is the best hair curler?” read the following hair curler reviews to identify the best curlers Australia wide that create the style of curls you want.

GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand Review – Best Curling Wand Australia / Best Versatile Hair Curler

Best Curling Wand Australia
GHD Curve Creative Curling Wand

GHD Australia curlers have a brilliant reputation and the best curling wand Australia wide is the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand.

Consisting of a ceramic coated, tapered barrel 28mm – 23mm this perfect hair curler can create both natural looking curls and also beautiful deep waves for either a beachy look or glamorous model-like big bouncy hair. The tapered barrel also ensures this curling wand is suitable for all hair lengths including mid-length and long hair.

The ceramic coating wand is especially designed for smoother curling and the barrel maintains an even temperature of 185 degrees Celsius.

Safety features include a protective cool tip, built-in stand and automatic sleep mode that activates after 30 minutes without use. The on-off switch and indicator press and hold design avoids accidental use while styling. Lights and sound indicate on/off and ready for use.

Other features include a professional length cord and universal voltage meaning you can use this curling wand anywhere in the world.

All the curling wand reviews Australia wide that I’ve read of this GHD hair curler have been overwhelmingly positive.

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Mermade Hair Waver Review – Best Curling Wand for Loose Waves / Best Curling Wand for Big Bouncy Waves / Best Triple Barrel Curler Australia

Mermade Hair Waver
Mermade Hair Waver

The Mermade Hair Waver is the best curling wand for loose waves and the best curling wand for big bouncy waves. This is due to it’s three extra large 32mm barrels.

The Mermade Hair Waver has three extra large barrels that have a crystal powder tourmaline ceramic glaze to evenly distribute the heat while soaking your hair strands in 6 times more negative ions than just plain ceramic barrels. This results in reduced frizz and flyaways.

This best hair curler for waves can create ripple waves, afro curls, finger waves, boho or beach waves within seconds.

Like all the best curling wands Australia wide the Mermade Hair Waver has variable temperature control. This ranges between 80 and 210 degrees Celsius and allows you to be kind to your hair and choose the best level of heat for your hair type and desired style.

This Mermade best hair curler for loose waves is extremely easy to use, you simply clamp down your hair and then release it. This hair waver has a swivel cord and spring lever to allow for easy handling and no tangles.

Mermade Hair Waver
Mermade Hair Waver

The Mermade Hair Waver comes in either a pretty pink (which is my favourite) or a black colour. Included is the Hair Waver itself and a pink heat protection glove to protect your hand while you style your hair.

Another two safety features of this hair waver include a safety stand and auto shut off. It also has universal voltage so you can style your hair anywhere in the world.

Every Mermade Hair Waver review I have read has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Mermade Hair Waver is also one of the best priced hair curlers on the Australian market currently.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Mermade Hair Waver in pink.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Mermade Hair Waver in black.

Hot Tools Curling Iron Review 19mm – Best Curling Iron For Tight Curls

Hot Tools 24k Gold Salon Curling Iron 19mm

The Hot Tools 24k Gold Salon Curling Iron 19mm is the smallest barrel curling iron I’ve found. It is the best curling iron for tight curls and the best curling iron Australia offers for creating corkscrew curls. It is suitable for use with all hair lengths including short hair. The curls created are well defined and long lasting.

The 24k gold styling surface not only looks stunning but also means the heat is distributed through thicker hair more easily.

This Hot Tools curling iron has 3 variable heat settings ranging from 140 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius. It has a fast heat up and instant heat recovery, and a extra long cool tip.

Another feature of the best curling irons Australia wide that this curling iron also includes is the built in safety stand to protect your surfaces. Another safety feature is the automatic sleep mode after 2 hours of non use.

Other features include worldwide voltage and a professional 3m swivel cord.

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VS Sassoon Total Crimp Review – Best Hair Crimper Australia

Best Hair Crimper Australia
VS Sassoon Total Crimp

The VS Sassoon Total Crimp is the best hair crimper Australia wide. It has wide crimped ceramic tourmaline plates that heat up quickly for fast results, as you’d expect from the best crimper.

It has 10 variable heat settings ranging up to 210 degrees Celsius so it is suitable for all hair types.

Safety features include cool touch ends and an automatic safety cut off system. The on and off buttons also have easy to see indicator lights.

Not only is this the best hair crimping tool but it is also thankfully a cheap hair crimper.

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