Smooth, sleek, straight hair is easily attainable when using the best hair straightener Australia 2020 offers.

If you struggle with frizzy or unruly hair or you just want a sleek straight model-like hair style in a hurry then the top hair straightener, or the best flat iron Australia wide, as these best hair styling tools are also known as, could be the solution to your needs.

For busy people that want to know ‘What is the best hair straightener in Australia?’ without reading this entire article for the reasoning behind our recommendation click HERE to check out our pick of the best hair straighteners Australia wide.

To help you find the best hair straightener on the market for your specific hair type and needs however I do recommend you compare the options below and read the hair straightener Australia reviews of the top rated hair straighteners available.

To further help you I have detailed all the features to consider to ensure you are buying the best straightener to match your specific hair type.

All the hair straightener brands featured in this article offer good hair straighteners but the best hair straighteners for thick hair will be different to the best hair straighteners for thin hair and the best hair straighteners for frizzy hair and so on.

Make sure you read on to ensure you identify the best straightener Australia wide for you that offers you the best straightening for your specific hair type.

Best Hair Straightener Australia

Best Hair Straightener 2020 Australia Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare hair straighteners currently on the Australian market to choose the best hair straightener 2020 Australia suited to your hair type.

Click on the links in this hair straightener comparison chart for buying information for each of the top 10 hair straighteners Australia offers featured in this chart.

GHD Platinum+ Styler

SMART styler
with ultra zone
& predictive

hair styling
185 degrees

Precision milled
floating plates
with ultra gloss

26.8mm wide

Round barrel

20 second
heat up time


Best aesthetic

Long 2.7m cable

plate guard

sleep mode.
Best overall
hair straightener.

advanced hair
straightener for
safe, healthy
styled frizz-free
See Price
GHD V Gold Mini Styler

Ceramic plates

Narrow plates:
12.7mm wide,
80 mm long

hair styling
185 degrees

30 second
heat up time

Long 2.7m cable

plate guard

sleep mode.
Best hair
for short hair.

Best hair
for precise
eg fringes.
See Price
GHD Max Styler

Ceramic plates

Wide plates:
50.8mm wide

hair styling
185 degrees

30 second
heat up time

Long 2.7m cable

plate guard

sleep mode.
Best hair
for long hair.
See Price
Silver Bullet
Keratin 230
Titanium Wide Plate
Hair Straightener

High shine silver
titanium plates

Wide plates:

Adjustable heat
up to 230 degrees

Controls on
inside of handle

Comes in special
box with a paddle
brush, styling
comb, 4 crocodile
clips & a heat
resistant mat.
Best hair
for curly hair.

Best hair
for coarse hair.
See Price
Silver Bullet
Ionic Ceramic

Ionic ceramic
coated plates

25mm wide

Variable heat
settings up to
230 degrees

Dual voltage

Easy grip heat
resistant handle.
Best cheap
hair straightener.
See Price
Hair Straightener

Ceramic plates.

heat settings
100 - 200 degrees

LCD interface


Up to
55 minutes
run time

Docking pod

Cordless, portable
& lightweight

Dual voltage.
Best cordless
hair straightener.

Best portable
hair straightener.

Suitable for
all hair types.
See Price
Cloud Nine
Micro Iron

Black ceramic

Narrow plates:

Short plate
length: 60mm

Short iron
body length:

Heat guard


Universal voltage

RFID chip.
Best hair
for travel.
See Price

Best Hair Straightener Australia Guide

Best Hair Straighteners Reviews Australia

Following are the best hair straightener reviews Australia 2020 to give you more detailed information about each of the best hair straighteners Australia offers and help you choose the best straightener to meet your specific hair type and needs.

GHD Hair Straightener Reviews

GHD, which stands for ‘Good Hair Day’ is the best hair straightener brand currently on the Australian market. It’s products are always among the top rated straighteners and if you are wanting to buy a proven reputable good hair straightener brand then I highly recommend GHD. Every GHD review I have ever read has been overwhelmingly positive.

GHD Platinum+ Review – Most Technologically Advanced SMART Hair Straightener – Overall Best Hair Straightener

GHD Platinum+ Hair Straighteners
GHD Platinum+ Hair Straighteners

The GHD Platinum+ is the top of the range of hair straighteners. It gives you amazing results without compromising the condition of your hair. Styling your hair with the GHD Platinum+ has been proven to be safe for coloured hair and for significantly reducing hair breakage and increasing your hair’s shine by 20%.

This hair straightener features new innovative advanced ultra-zone with predictive technology consisting of 2 infinity sensors. It assesses the thickness of your hair and the speed of your styling, adapting the power to ensure a guaranteed consistent heat. The heat is monitored 250 times per second across the plates.

The Platinum+ operates at the optimum 185 degrees Celsius and due to the predictive smart technology this heat is guaranteed to be even and consistent. It has the fastest heat time of 20 seconds out of all the GHD hair straighteners.

The floating plates are advanced, precision milled with an ultra gloss coating to ensure effortless, perfectly smooth styling and shine. The plates are 26.8mm wide.

Thanks to the round barrel this hair straightener also has improved curling ability. It features a wishbone hinge for perfect plate alignment ensuring you have maximum styling control to create any straight or curly look you want.

Like all GHD hair straighteners it has a professional 2.7m length cable, a protective plate guard, universal voltage and automatic shut off with 30 minutes of non-use.

This GHD Platinum+ hair straightener comes in four different colour designs including the:

Unlike the other GHD hair straighteners which have a 2 year warranty the GHD Platinum+ comes with a three year warranty.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the GHD Platinum+ Straightener Stylers.

GHD V Gold Mini Styler Review – Best Hair Straightener For Short Hair / Best Small Hair Straightener

GHD V Gold Mini Styler Review
GHD V Gold Mini Styler

The GHD V Gold Mini Styler has narrow ceramic floating plates that allow for more precise styling of fringes and straightening right from the root of the hair. Every GHD mini review I have read has emphasised how these narrow plates make it the best straightener for short hair and also the best hair straightener for men.

The plate length is 80mm long and the plate width is 12.7mm. The overall body length is 263mm. The cable length is 2.7m. The heat up time is a quick 30 seconds. This hair straightener has a single optimal hair styling temperature of 185 degrees Celsius. It also has universal voltage enabling you to use this travel hair straightener anywhere around the world.

Another benefit of this mini hair straightener is that the plates have contoured edges to enable easier creation of perfect curls and waves, thus increasing the versatility of this hair straightener. Due to the smaller width of the barrel of this straightener you can achieve tighter curls with this tool.

This luxe looking hair straightener comes with a protective plate guard allowing you to pack up the hair straightener straight after use. It also has an automatic sleep mode which is activated after 30 minutes of non-use.

Overall this is a really good quality hair straightener that I highly recommend.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the GHD V Gold Mini Styler Hair Straightener.

GHD Max Styler Review – Best Hair Straightener For Long Hair

Best Hair Straightener Australia
GHD Max Styler Hair Straightener

The GHD Max Styler has wide ceramic floating plates perfect for faster straightening of long hair. It is these 50.8mm wide plates that make this hair straightener the best hair straightener for long hair.

These wide plates also enable quicker and easier straightening of curly and thick hair.

Like all professional GHD hair straighteners this straightener works at 185 degrees Celsius which is the optimum styling temperature for achieving long lasting professional straight hair results. The smooth gold plates glide effortlessly through hair to achieve a perfect straight salon finish result each time. It has a 2.7m long cable

Like the mini hair straightener this max hair straightener also comes with a protective plate guard enabling you to pack up your styler immediately after use. It also has an automatic sleep mode if this styling tool isn’t used in 30 minutes so you can have peace of mind not worrying whether or not you turned off the straightener before going to work for the day.

The edges of the plates of this straightener are contoured to help create perfect bouncy curls or waves. The wider plate and barrel width of this straightener results in a wider diameter curl than achieved with the mini styler.

This styler also has universal voltage making it great to take with you when traveling.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the GHD Max Styler.

Silver Bullet Hair Straightener Reviews

Another of the best straightener brands currently in the Australian market is Silver Bullet. This brand is not as heavily marketed as some of the other brands but it produces a range of top rated straighteners. One of the best features of Silver Bullet hair straighteners is their variable temperature range which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your hair type meaning that Silver Bullet hair straighteners will suit most hair types.

Silver Bullet Hair Straightener Review Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Hair Straightener – Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair / Best Hair Straightener For Thick Hair Australia

Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Hair Straightener
Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Hair Straightener

This high quality hair straightener, the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Hair Straightener is the best hair straightener for coarse hair and the best hair straightener for curly hair Australia wide..

It features high shine silver titanium plates with adjustable heat up to 230 degrees Celsius making it easier to straighten coarse and curly hair that other straighteners may struggle with.

The plates are also wider than average with a width of 38mm enabling larger sections of hair to be styled more quickly.

The straightener controls are on the inside of the handle so they won’t get accidentally changed whilst in use.

This Silver Bullet hair straightener comes in a beautiful Silver Bullet box with several accessories including a paddle brush, styling comb, 4 crocodile clips and a heat resistant mat.

Make sure you use a heat protectant spray when using this hair straightener especially at the higher temperatures.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Hair Straightener.

Silver Bullet Fastlane Ionic Ceramic Straightener Review – Best Cheap Hair Straightener Australia

Silver Bullet Fastlane Hair Straightener
Silver Bullet Fastlane Hair Straightener

I’m often asked “What is the best affordable hair straightener?”, or more precisely “What is the best cheap but good hair straightener?” My answer is the Silver Bullet Fastlane Ionic Ceramic Straightener.

This Silver Bullet hair straightener features ionic ceramic plate surfaces for effective hair smoothing. Bear in mind however that these are ceramic coated plates not full ceramic plates hence the cheaper price. This means that you will probably have to replace this hair straightener sooner than a more expensive full ceramic plate hair straightener.

The plates on this hair straightener are 25mm wide and this straightener has the benefit of variable heat settings up to a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius enabling it to also cope with coarse, curly and unruly hair.

This hair straightener is also the best hair straightener for thin hair and the best hair straightener for damaged hair as it allows you to customise the temperature and use a relatively low temperature setting to avoid the damage of high heat on this hair type.

This straightener has an easy to grip heat resistant handle and dual voltage suitable for world travel. Overall it is a good hair straightener for a very affordable price.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Silver Bullet Fastlane Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener.

PuraBeaute Lola Cordless Hair Straightener Review – Best Cordless Hair Straightener / Best Portable Hair Straightener / Suitable For All Hair Types

Lola Cordless Hair Straightener
Lola Cordless Hair Straightener

This cordless straightener is an absolute game changer! It is the best cordless hair straightener Australia wide that allows you to style your hair anywhere on the go. It has no cords, is rechargeable and suitable for all hair types.

So many times after a long day at work I have wished I had a hair straightener in my handbag that I could use to touch up and straighten my hair again before going out at night. Most hair straighteners with their cables are just too bulky to pop into my handbag but the portable cordless PuraBeaute Lola Hair Straightener is perfect for this purpose! So easy to pop into your handbag for on-the-go touch ups at your desk, in the car or anywhere. This is the best rechargeable hair straightener for using where ever and when ever!

The Lola Hair Straightener is lightweight and has slim ceramic plates which also make it perfect for creating curls thus making this hair straightener so versatile especially when travelling. This is the best travel hair straightener Australia wide.

This versatile portable styling tool features a Samsung lithium-ion 2900 nAh battery, has ceramic plates that heat up fast and dual voltage, so can be used all around the world.

It has an adjustable temperature range from 100 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius that you can adjust to suit your hair type.

The LCD interface indicates the battery level and temperature adjustment.

It has up to 55 minutes run time, depending on the temperature you use.

Included is a docking pod to neatly store the straightener whilst charging it.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the PuraBeaute Lola Cordless Hair Straightener.

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review – Best Hair Straightener For Travel

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review
Cloud Nine Micro Iron

Every Cloud Nine Micro Iron review I have read of this hair straightener has emphasised that it is one of the best travel hair straighteners. This is due to its compact, light weight size with a body length of 160 mm, plate length of 60 mm and plate width of 15 mm making it the perfect size for any suitcase or backpack. The plates are black ceramic and effective at adding shine to your hair as you straighten it.

The narrow width of this micro straightener’s plates also enables you to easily focus on short areas of hair like the fringe. The Cloud Nine Micro Iron is one of the best hair straighteners for short hair.

Another feature making this small straightener one of the best travel straighteners is its universal voltage enabling you to use this travel hair straightener anywhere around the world.

It comes with a heat guard so as soon as you have finished using this straightener you can shut the irons and slip on the protective heat guard and allow them to cool down safely.

This straightener also has intelligent sleep technology that automatically kicks in after 30 minutes of non-use to put the straightener into hibernation mode, thus no need to stress about whether you turned the straightener off or not!

An additional state of the art feature all Cloud Nine straightening irons have, including this one, is a RFID chip with a unique ID number ensuring it is a genuine product.

This Cloud Nine styling tool comes with a one year manufacturing warranty.

Click HERE to check out the current price of this Cloud Nine Micro Iron.

What is A Hair Straightener?

A hair straightener is a hair styling tool that straightens your hair with heat. Hair straighteners have a long history of use since the late 1800s and they have definitely improved dramatically since that time!

Hair straighteners are now the best hair styling tool for achieving perfectly straight, sleek, model-like hair. See the section below on how to use a hair straightener. Good quality hair straighteners are one of the easiest hair styling tools to use at home to create salon like results. They are a great investment for effortlessly achieving beautifully styled hair.

Features To Look For In Good Hair Straighteners Australia

There are numerous different features that differentiate high quality hair straighteners, including plate material, plate size, plate shape, heat time, temperature settings, design, safety features and accessories.

It all sounds very complicated but it really need not be. The best straighteners Australia wide for you will depend on your hair type and hair styling needs.

Keep reading and I will simplify it all for you and assist you to choose the very best hair straightener for your hair type and needs.

Plate Material

In order to answer the question “What is the best quality hair straightener?” you need to consider hair straightener plate materials and your specific type of hair.

Plate material is an important consideration when choosing the best hair straightener. The best plate material will vary for each different hair type. You need to consider what’s best for your specific hair type and thus your hair needs in order to choose the best quality hair straightener for your hair.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates are the most common type of plates as they heat up quickly and evenly. Ceramic plates are a good material to use for most hair types. They offer good value for money and are effective to use.

They effectively smooth hair and reduce frizziness to achieve a smooth, sleek, and silky finish.

Do however check whether the plates are ceramic or just ceramic coated. There is a big difference between the two! If the plates are metal with only a ceramic coating, over time the ceramic coating will wear down resulting in an uneven distribution of heat. Ceramic coated plates will not provide as even a distribution of heat and will not retain the heat as well as fully ceramic plates will. Ceramic coated hair straighteners will also need replacing more frequently. Ceramic coated plates can chip over time at which time you will then need to replace the whole hair straightener.

Tourmaline Plates

Tourmaline added to plates as a coating are a good choice for damaged hair. They improve the quality of hair styling and are sometimes also called ionic plates as they release more negative than positive ions into your hair. They help to heat the hair from inside the shaft outwards, thus the hair is heated quicker and you can apply less heat to get your desired look. Tourmaline coated plates are potentially less damaging to your hair. They are effective in reducing the static and thus frizz in your hair and seal the hair shaft to achieve the smoothest and sleekest hair with a healthy shine. The end result is healthier hair not dry or damaged hair.

Titanium Plates

Titanium plates heat up faster and apply higher temperatures more evenly than ceramic plates. You can operate a titanium plated hair straightener at a lower temperature while still achieving the same results as other straighteners. They offer very safe, fast and effective hair styling.

Titanium plates are very durable and last longer than ceramic plates. Titanium is a more expensive material however and titanium plate hair straighteners are usually more expensive as a result.

Titanium plate hair straighteners are the best hair straighteners for very curly, coarse hair. Unless your hair falls into the very curly and very coarse category you don’t really need this level of hair straightener and would be better off saving your money and buying a more cost effective plate material hair straightener.

Metal or Glass Plates

Metal or glass plates are more common on cheap hair straighteners. They heat up slower than the other materials and do not heat as evenly thus creating potential ‘hot spots’ on the plates which can burn and damage your hair.

None of the recommended best hair straighteners Australia wide in this guide have metal or glass plates.

Plate Width

The width of hair straightener plates varies from hair straightener to hair straightener. Thin to medium width plates are suitable for most hair types. Wider plates will speed up the straightening process.

The best hair straighteners for long hair will have wider plates but you need to bear in mind that the wider the plates, the bulkier and heavier the hair straightener will be.

The best hair straightener for thick hair Australia will also have wider plates as thicker hair will need more work to straighten it compared to fine hair.

If you have fine hair a wide plated hair straightener is NOT for you as it could potentially apply too much heat and damage your hair shafts.

The best travel hair straighteners will have narrower and shorter plates.

Best Hair Straightener Australia

Plate Shape

You would think that all hair straightener plates or flat iron plates would be completely flat but this is not the case.

The best hair straighteners which can also curl your hair have slightly rounded outer edges. This makes the hair straightener more versatile and enables you to also use the straightener as a curling iron.

A flat iron with sharp edges is less versatile but may give you slightly straighter hair.

When choosing which hair straightener is best for you consider whether you intend to purely use it for straightening your hair or whether you would also like to be able to create waves and curls with your straightener.

Heat Time

In hair straightener reviews also note the heat time of the hair straightener. Different hair straighteners can take varying lengths of time to heat up. The amount of time taken is often dependent on the straightener’s plate material.

The quicker a hair straightener heats up the quicker you can start straightening your hair.

The quicker the heating time the quicker the hair straightener will also return to the right temperature after you’ve straightened a section of your hair. Thus you will complete your whole head of hair in a faster time.

Temperature Settings

Another important feature to consider when choosing the best hair straightener Australia wide to suit your hairs’ needs is the temperature of the hair straightener and the adjustability of the temperature range.

While there is no universal hair straightener ideal temperature setting because different hair types benefit from different temperature settings, the best hair straightener for fine hair Australia wide and the best hair straightener for damaged hair will have lower temperature settings than the best straightener for curly hair. Thick and curly hair can usually handle more heat than fine or damaged hair.

Generally speaking the best temperature setting for your hair is the lowest temperature that will achieve straight hair for you.

Buying a hair straightener with an adjustable temperature setting will enable you to choose the best temperature to suit your hair type.

Ergonomic Design Of Handle & Control Buttons

The best hair straighteners 2020 will have a good ergonomic handle which fits well into your hand and feels comfortable and easy to hold.

The control buttons will be well placed to avoid accidentally turning off the straightener while it is in use.

Top hair straighteners will have a heat indicator light to advise you when the hair straightener has reached the set temperature.

Safety Features

Safety features are an another important consideration when selecting the best hair straightener.

An automatic shut off system is an invaluable feature you would expect to have on the safest hair straightener. This feature is especially important if you are the type of person who forgets to turn your hair styling tools and appliances off after you have finished using them. Having a hair straightener with this safety feature will give you peace of mind when you leave home in a hurry and you’ve accidentally forgotten to switch your hair straightener off.


Some hair straighteners come with additional accessories such as a protective heat mat to place the hair straightener on while it’s turned on, a stand to rest the straightener on, a carry bag for storing the straightener in and a loop on the end of the straightener which you can hang it up by.

How Much Do Hair Straighteners Cost?

Hair straighteners vary in cost from $20 to over $350. You tend to get the quality you pay for with hair straighteners. I’d be very wary of using a $20 hair straightener. There is a potential risk of burning your hair with cheap metal hair straighteners if they don’t have an even  distribution of heat. Once your hair is burnt there is no fixing it other than cutting it off! In my opinion paying more for quality is worth it when buying hair straighteners.

All the hair straighteners featured in this article are top quality hair straighteners that I would be happy to personally buy and use.

Best Hair Straightener Australia Guide

How Do I Use A Hair Straightener?

It is best to use hair straighteners on dry hair rather than damp hair.

Regardless of the temperature of your hair straightener I highly recommend applying a heat protectant spray to your hair. This will not only protect your hair from any potential heat damage but also increase the effectiveness of the straightening.

Divide your hair into layers and then sections. Always ensure that the amount of hair you straighten in one pass is appropriate with the hair getting heated on both sides from the two plates. Do not put too much hair in between the hair straightener plates.

You can run your hair straightener over the same layer / section of your hair a couple of times until you achieve the desired straightness but ideally if you place the right amount of hair in the straightener and use the appropriate temperature for your type of hair you will only need one pass of each section.

Start straightening your hair as close to your roots as possible. Place the hair to be straightened between the plates of the hair straightener, clamp the plates together and slowly and steadily move the straightener down the length of your hair.

Keep the hair straightener steadily moving through your hair at all times to avoid overheating any one part of your hair and potentially burning that part.

Move the hair straightener straight down your hair and not at an angle which might place a kink in your hair.

How To Curl Hair With A Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners can be used to curl hair too. This is harder than straightening your hair and can take a bit of practice. The best hair straightener for curling hair is one with rounded plate edges. The narrower the plate width the tighter the curl will be.

Once again start with clean dry hair, applied with heat protectant and divided into suitable sized sections.

Place a section of your hair in between the heated plates and turn the hair straightener either a half turn or a full turn to wrap the hair once around it. The more you turn the hair straightener the heavier the curls created. Then slowly and steadily pull the hair straightener down the length of your hair. The section of hair will pull around the hair straightener creating the curl effect.

Brush the curls with your fingers for beautiful beach wave curls.

Where To Buy Hair Straighteners

I find online shopping is the quickest, easiest and most convenient for me. Buying online saves me the hassle and expense of driving, having to find a parking spot and also risking the product of my choice being sold out in store.

You can benefit from my comprehensive research and save yourself time. In this article I have linked to the best priced reputable online store for each hair straightener I mention. Several of them are currently on sale.

I hope you find this ultimate guide to buying the best hair straightener useful and it helps you identify and buy the best hair straightener suited to your specific needs.

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