Wearing period underwear is a complete game changer in managing your periods each month. This special underwear for periods is so comfortable to wear and makes this time of month so much less stressful. Plus reusable period undies are much more environmentally friendly than disposable period products and are a great way cost saving strategy especially during this current cost of living crisis. Identifying the best period underwear Australia wide for your preferences and period levels can be confusing however.

This best period underwear Australia 2024 buying guide was written to help you find the best best period pants Australia wide that match your needs and wants. I recommend you read the period underwear reviews of the best period undies Australia wide provided below.

Whether you are looking for the overall best period underwear Australia, the best period underwear for tweens Australia wide, the best plus size period underwear Australia, the best affordable period underwear, the best period underwear for heavy flow Australia wide or the best period swimwear Australia you are in the right place.

For your quick reference the review findings are also summarised in the period underwear comparison chart below, then for more detail read the period underwear Australia review for each brand you are interested in.

Click HERE to see our choice of the best period underwear brand Australia wide.

Best Period Underwear Australia

Best Period Underwear Australia 2024 Comparison Table

Period Underwear
Best ForRangesAbsorbenciesPrice
ModibodiOverall best period
underwear Australia

Best plus sized
period underwear
Ranges include:

Styles include:
Full Brief
Hi Waist Bikini
French Cut
Boy Leg
Boy Short

Sizes range from
6/XS up to 26/6XL.
* Moisture Wicking 0ml
* Super Light 2.5 - 5ml
* Light - Moderate 10ml
* Moderate - Heavy 15ml
* Heavy - Overnight 20ml
* Maxi 50ml

(NOTE: 1 tampon on
average absorbs 5ml)

See specific
products &
prices HERE.
Love LunaBest cheap period
underwear Australia
Ranges include:

Styles include:
Bikini Brief
Midi Brief
Full Brief
Shortie Brief

Sizes range from
6-8 up to 22-24.
* Bikini 10-15ml
* Midi 10-15ml
* Full 15-20ml
See specific
products and
prices HERE.
Scarlet PeriodStyles include:
G String
Everyday Brief
High Waisted Seamfree

Sizes include:
* Light - Moderate 10ml
* Moderate - Heavy 15ml.
See specific
products and
prices HERE.
Bonds Bloody
Comfy Period
Styles include:
Full Brief

Sizes include:
6 - 20.
* Ultra Light - 5ml
* Light - 10ml
* Moderate - 15ml
* Heavy - 20ml
See specific
products and
prices HERE.

What Are Period Undies?

Period undies Australia or period knickers Australia, depending on what you want to call them, look like normal underwear but have been designed to absorb your menstrual flow. The gusset is not heavy and bulky like a pad. You can use period underwear on its own to absorb your period or if your flow is super heavy you can use them in conjunction with tampons or menstrual cups to prevent any leakage.

The following photo shows just how thin period underwear is. It is literally only 1-2 mm thick. I am so impressed with how thin the gusset of period underwear is yet how effectively it works!

Best Period Underwear Australia
Love Luna Period Underwear Australia

Do Period Undies Work?

Yes, as long as you match the absorbency of the period underwear to the flow of your period.

Period underwear comes in a range of different absorbencies ranging from light to moderate to heavy. The heavier absorbency period underwear does tend to be a bit thicker in the gusset but it is still less bulky than a pad.

I use moderate absorbency period underwear on my heavier period flow days, light absorbency period underwear on my lighter flow days and heavy absorbency for overnight. This works perfectly for me. I’ve never had an accident.

Period undies also work well if perspiration or light bladder leakage is an issue for you.

How Do Period Undies Work?

The exact design of period undies varies slightly between brands and products but generally period undies have at least three different gusset layers.

Next to your skin, the top layer, is a moisture wicking layer that is comfortable, breathable and wicks away moisture.

The next layer is super absorbent and it’s this layer that holds all the blood. In the heavier absorbency period underwear there may be two super absorbent layers.

The final layer is the leak resistant layer, which stops the blood from leaking through onto your clothes.

Benefits of Period Panties

Comfortable To Wear

Period underwear looks and feels like normal underwear. They are comfortable to wear.

There are many different styles of period underwear ranging from bikini to boyleg to full brief and even G-string, and more. There is a style to suit everybody’s preferences.

Easy To Use

Period underwear is easy to use. Just pull them on like you would with a pair of regular undies.

Tweens and teens find wearing period underwear much easier than fiddling with tampons especially when they first start menstruating.

Menstrual underwear is also so much easier for girls and women with various disabilities that make dealing with tampons and pads difficult.

Environmentally Friendly

Being reusable, period underwear is a lot more environmentally friendly compared to using disposable period products such as tampons and pads.

Over a lifetime from menarche, when periods begin during puberty, to menopause, the average woman will have approximately 450 periods and will use up to 15000 pads or tampons all of which go to landfill. Many pads and tampons are also wrapped in plastic which results in even more waste to landfill.

A simple switch to using period underwear can significantly reduce the single use waste associated with periods.

Cost Saving

Period underwear is reusable. Instead of having to pay for disposable tampons and pads each month you just pay the cost of period underwear once. Over time the cost of period underwear is significantly cheaper than the cost of tampons and pads. This is a valuable cost saving currently as the cost of living is skyrocketing in Australia and we’re all looking for where we can save some money each month.


Period underwear is convenient to use on days you are not sure if you will be getting your period or not, so you don’t get caught out.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Period Underwear For You

What is the best period underwear for one person might not be the same as what is the best period underwear for another person. It is important to consider the following factors to determine the best period panties Australia wide for you.

Style Of Underwear

There are many different styles of underwear for periods Australia wide to choose from so there should be a style to suit your preference. There are bikini, full brief, boy leg and even G-String style period underwear styles. Choose the style that best suits your lifestyle, clothing choices and preference.

Initially when period underwear was first introduced about ten years ago it all seemed to be black in colour. Fortunately there is now more colour and print choices available.

Absorbency Level

The absorbency level of the period underwear you choose is an important factor to get right. Absorbency levels vary from super light absorbencies to heavy and maxi absorbency levels.

Putting it into more objective terms, period underwear absorption levels vary from 2.5ml to 50ml depending on the product you choose. Giving you a better understanding of what this means in practical terms, one regular tampon usually absorbs 5ml of blood.

To enable you to find the best period proof underwear for you and your period we have included available absorbency levels in our comparison table above.


As with most products price can vary from brand to brand and from item to item. If price is a critical factor for you click on the price links in the comparison table above to see the current prices of the different period underwear we’ve featured. Some brands such as Modibodi have on period bundle packs of period underwear that can save you money. Also keep an eye out for period undie sales.

Period Underwear Reviews Australia 2024

Modibodi Reviews Australia – Overall Best Period Underwear Australia / Best Plus Size Period Underwear Australia / Best Period Underwear For Tweens / Best Period Swimwear Australia

Modibodi, an Australian period underwear pioneer brand, is our clear choice of the overall best period underwear brand. This brand of period proof underwear Australia has the largest range of underwear styles including bikini, full brief, hi waist bikini, French cut, cheeky, boy leg, boy short, thong and more. They also have curvy, sensual, seam free and teen ranges. Modibodi is sure to have a style of period underwear to suit everybody no matter what your underwear preference style is. There is also a large choice of colours and designs.

More importantly Modibodi also has the largest range of absorbency levels and no, the gusset isn’t thick like a pad, it’s only a thin 3mm. I also love that you don’t get a wet sensation wearing these undies.

The absorbencies range from 0ml for moisture wicking underwear and 5ml for super light period underwear right up to an amazing 50ml for its maxi period underwear.

To put these figures into perspective one regular tampon usually holds 5ml of blood. Using this as a guide you will be able to work out the best period underwear to suit each day of your period. For more information about the absorbency range of Modibodi period underwear check out our comparison table at the start of this article.

If you are wanting to purchase various different styles and different absorbency levels of period underwear check out the numerous different Modibodi bundle packs. These bundle packs are a great way to buy different absorbency and different styles of period underwear at a discounted cost. These bundle packs are perfect to purchase when you are just starting out with period underwear.

After testing period underwear from all the different period underwear brands featured in this guide we rate Modibodi as the best for performance and absorbency, as well as ease of washing.

Click HERE now to see the various different bundle packs available and their current prices. 

Modibodi also has the largest range of period underwear sizes ranging from size 6/XS right up to size 26/6XL. They have the best period underwear plus size range Australia wide.

My daughter’s favourite Modibodi period proof undies are the hipster boyshort with moderate to heavy absorbency in the Modibodi teen collection. She loves wearing this teen period underwear while playing sport as they don’t ride up. She also loves wearing them under her skirts and dresses.

Modibodi girls period underwear has fun prints as well as beautiful plain colour options. We both think these are the best period pants for tweens and teens. In terms of rinsing her teen period pants out my daughter is in the routine of doing this in the shower at the end of the day and then popping them in the wash with the rest of her clothes on the weekend.

My favourite is the sensual hi waist bikini with light to moderate absorbency and also this full brief with moderate to heavy absorbency.

In answer to the commonly asked question ‘Do Modibodi undies smell?’ my daughter and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that from our experience the answer is no, there is no smell.

I’m not alone in thinking that Modibodi period underwear is amazing, almost all the Modibodi underwear reviews I have read have all been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s also worth mentioning that period underwear is an absolute game changer for people with certain physical and intellectual disabilities. If you are a self-managed NDIS client you can purchase Modibodi period underwear and claim back the cost of this underwear under the NDIS scheme. NDIS managed and agency planned participants can also contact the NDIS to discuss their available options re period underwear.

Click HERE now to check out the current available range and prices of Modibodi period underwear.

Modibodi also has the best period swimwear Australia wide. Click HERE to see the Modibodi period proof swimwear Australia.

Love Luna Period Pants Review – Best Cheap Period Underwear Australia

Love Luna Period Underwear
Love Luna Period Midi Brief Underwear

Love Luna is another great period panties Australia brand that offers a range of different absorbency levels and styles of undies, although not quite as comprehensive a range as Modibodi has. The range of colours is also quite limited although the tween/teen range has some other designs. Love Luna period underwear is sustainable, affordable and comfortable and they are Australian owned.

Love Luna period underwear briefs have 4 layers in the gusset including a soft cotton layer next to your skin, an absorbent layer to catch those spills, a waterproof layer to protect your clothes and sheets and prevent accidents and a sleek microfibre or cotton outer layer depending on the undies you choose.

In our opinion Love Luna are the best cheap period underwear Australia brand with their period undies starting at $15 each. Their sizing ranges from 6 to 24 but not all sizes are available in every style.

My daughter and I have found that Love Luna period underwear is true to size with the sizing being the same as other regular brands of underwear.

We both did not experience any leaking, discomfort, wet sensations or smell while using Love Luna period undies.

Click HERE now to check out the Love Luna range and current pricing.

Scarlet Period

Scarlet Period is another good period underwear brand. It is Australian owned, uses eco-friendly packaging and their products are vegan.

Scarlet Period underwear has 4 layers. It has a super soft top layer that wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable and dry. Next is the absorbent layer that locks away fluid. A leak proof layer protects you from having accidents and the final layer is a breathable outer layer that maximises airflow to keep you fresh all day.

Out of all the period underwear brands reviewed Scarlet Period underwear has the smallest range of styles, absorbencies and sizes. See the above table for more detail.

When we tested Scarlet Period underwear we found this brand ran small to size. We recommend buying one size bigger than your usual underwear size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Click HERE now to check out the Scarlet Period range and current pricing.

Bonds Period Undies Review

Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies is another brand of period underwear in Australia. They have a range of 4 different absorbencies ranging from ultra light to heavy and their size range goes from a size 6 up to a size 20. The different styles include bikini, boyleg, full brief and tanga.

I tried the full brief heavy absorbency Bonds undies overnight and these were my least favourite from the brands featured in this article. The gusset in these undies felt bulky to me, which admittedly matters less when you only wear the undies overnight, but I also didn’t think the gusset went up far enough in the front although they went up a long way at the back. I usually go to sleep on my side but wake up on my tummy. When I woke up in the morning I found I had come very close to leaking at the front in these undies. I have read several other Bonds Bloody Comfy reviews that share a similar finding. If you are not a tummy sleeper however the height of the gusset at the front probably won’t be an issue for you.

Click HERE now to check out the Bonds Period Underwear range and current pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Period Underwear

How Do You Wash Period Underwear?

Period underwear is machine washable in cold water but usually does need to be rinsed briefly beforehand to help remove the blood.

Avoid using fabric softeners on period underwear and avoid putting them in the tumble dryer. Ideally period underwear should be line dried outside. Understandably we did find period underwear takes longer to line dry than regular undies.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s washing guidelines on the tag of your period underwear to prolong the efficacy and lifespan of them.

How Long Does Period Underwear Last For?

Most brands advise that their period underwear will last for at least one year, and sometimes up to two years. It really depends on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. This is pretty much the same length of time regular undies last for.

How Many Pairs Of Period Undies Will I Need

The answer to this will vary for each person depending on if you are pairing the undies with other period products or wearing them on their own, how heavy your flow is and whether you will be washing your period undies each night or washing them all together on weekends.

Personally I wear one pair during the day and then wear a fresh heavy absorbency pair at night. I do know that some women with very heavy flows change their period pants during the day as well as wear a fresh pair at night.

It is recommended that period underwear is line dried outside and not popped into your dryer. So you need to take this into consideration as well when working out how many pairs you will need. I suggest starting out with 6 pairs, 3 daytime absorbency pairs and 3 night time absorbency pairs and then see if you need more or not.

Do I Need To Change My Period Underwear Several Times A Day?

No, you don’t need to change your period underwear several times a day although I do change into a fresh pair of period undies at the end of the day when I go to bed. You do however need to make sure you buy the right absorbency level of period underwear to match your needs.

Absorbency levels vary from super light absorbencies to heavy and maxi absorbency levels. Maxi absorbency period underwear can hold up to 50mls.

You can check out the absorbency levels of our featured period underwear brands in the table above.

You can check out our other buying guides HERE.

Best Period Underwear Australia
Best Period Underwear Australia

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