Sleeping on the best silk sheets Australia wide not only feels luxurious and looks stylish but it also has numerous well-being, health and beauty benefits.

Finding the best silk bedding Australia offers can be confusing however and it is a big investment so to assist you we’ve done the research for you and written this buying guide for the best silk bed sheets Australia wide. There is a silk bed sheets review included of each of the silk sheet sets featured.

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Best Silk Sheets Australia
Best Silk Sheets Australia

Best Silk Sheets Australia 2023 Comparison Chart

Use the table below to compare the best silk sheets to buy in Australia. We’ve selected these top rated silk sheets taking quality, style and price into consideration. Further down this article you can find silk sheet reviews of each silk sheet set featured.

I’ve received numerous ‘where can I buy silk sheets’ queries so I’ve included a link to each silk bed linen Australia source featured in this guide. I’ve also received numerous silk sheets price queries so each silk sheet set featured will have a link to it’s current price as well.

Silk Sheets BrandQualityFeaturesPrice
Silky U
Silk Bedding


100% highest grade
Mulberry Silk
Set includes:
fitted sheet,
quilt cover &
2 standard size

Queen, king &
super king size
sets available.

Colours available:
ivory white &

Beautifully gift

Free shipping.

3 year warranty.
See Silky U
Silk Bedding
Set Prices
Lujo Home
Silk Sheets


22 Momme
100% Mulberry Silk
Silk fitted sheets &
silk flat sheets

Queen & king size

Colours include:
ivory white,
navy &

Beautifully gift

Silk quilt covers
& silk quilts also
See Silk Sheet
Prices HERE

See Silk
Quilt Cover
Prices HERE

See Silk Quilt
Prices HERE
Silk Only
3 Piece Bedding

22 Momme
100% Mulberry Silk
Set includes:
flat sheet &
2 Oxford

Queen & king size
sets available.

Colours available:
silver grey,
dark night blue &
rose blush.
See Price HERE
Silk Only
4 Piece Bedding


22 Momme
100% Mulberry Silk
Set includes:
flat sheet,
quilt cover &
2 Oxford

Queen & king size
sets available.

Colours available:
ocean blue,
silver blue,
lotus pink.
milky white,
Monet green,
silver grey &
rose blush.
See Price HERE

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Best Silk Bed Sheets Australia Benefits

Silk bedding has a long history of being used since ancient times over thousands and thousands of years ago. Initially only afforded by emperors and royalty, silk has become more affordable now than in the past. How much do silk sheets cost nowadays? Although still expensive silk sheets are now within the reach of ordinary consumers wanting to experience the significant silk sheets benefits for themselves. Click on the links in the table above to see the current prices of the pure silk sheets Australia wide featured.

Silk bed sheets have a wide variety of well-being, health and beauty benefits for your body, hair and skin including the following. Once you’ve slept on pure silk bedding you’ll never want to sleep on anything else! I love not only all the benefits of sleeping on silk sheets but also the amazing sensation of sleeping on silk.

Temperature Regulating

One of the best silk sheet benefits for comfort and health is the fact that silk is such an incredibly breathable fabric. It is the perfect year round bedding fabric as it is cooling in Summer and insulating in Winter. It is the best bedding fabric choice for anyone going through menopause. Sleeping on silk sheets helps you sleep comfortably throughout the night.


Silk sheets are also the best bedding for people who suffer with allergies, eczema, dermatitis and asthma since silk is naturally hypoallergenic and there is significantly less potential for irritation. Pure silk has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, mould and many other allergens.

It it interesting to note that silk was used for centuries in medicine as thread to suture wounds because so few people react negatively to it.

Reduced Chemical Exposure

As silk is produced from domesticated silk worms that are bred in captivity, these silk worms have no predators. This means that no chemical pesticides or herbicides are required to protect them. This is unlike many other textiles that have been exposed to chemicals.

Increased Skin Hydration

Silk contains proteins and amino acids that are beneficial for your skin and hair.

Silk does not draw moisture from your skin, instead it keeps moisture close to your skin leaving your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and plump, and thus more youthful in the morning.

Reduced Sleep Creases

Pure silk reduces friction and drag against your skin while you sleep thus helping to fight the signs of ageing, resulting in fewer sleep creases in your skin when you wake.

Reduced Bed Hair

Bed hair is caused by friction and dryness overnight. Silk sheets cause minimal friction on your hair compared to cotton and other fabrics so you wake up with smoother hair, your blow dries last for longer and you develop less split ends.

Increased Luxury & Elegance

Pure silk is the most luxurious, elegant and stylish textile. It has a beautiful lustrous sheen and glow not seen in other natural or synthetic fabrics. Once you have had the luxury of sleeping on pure silk sheets like I have and have experienced all the above silk sheets benefits for yourself you won’t want to sleep on anything else!

Best Silk Sheets Australia
Best Silk Sheets

Are Silk Sheets Worth It?

Are silk sheets worth it? is a question I often hear asked. Considering the multitude of health, well-being and beauty benefits my answer is a resounding yes, especially if you are going through menopause, suffer with allergies, experience asthma or just appreciate the luxury, elegance and beauty benefits of silk sheets.

Which Is Better Silk vs Satin Sheets?

A lot of people have silk vs satin sheets questions. They ask ‘Is satin the same as silk?’

Satin is NOT silk.

Satin is actually a type of man made weave made from a combination of many fibres which can include rayon, polyester, nylon and sometimes silk as well.

People also ask which is better satin vs silk sheets? And the answer is definitely silk sheets. Silk is a natural fibre and all the benefits of sleeping on silk sheets are due to the natural silk fibre. Satin sheets do not have the same beneficial effects.

Silk Quality Measurement

It is important to understand silk terminology when you are selecting the best quality silk sheets to meet your needs and wants.

Whereas the quality of cotton bedding is measured using it’s thread count, silk quality is measured using it’s fabric weight. The unit of measurement used is called momme. The higher the momme the heavier and more durable the silk.

The range of momme usually seen in different silk sheet brands varies from 15 to 25.

19 momme is considered high quality for silk bedding with the best combination of strength, quality and affordability. Silk of this weight is luxurious yet durable, machine washable and wrinkle resistant. All the silk sheets featured in this guide are washable silk sheets.

The momme of silk bedding is significantly higher than the momme of silk clothing which is usually made from a lighter, less durable silk.

Types of Silk

Mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk, and mulberry silk bedding Australia wide is the best silk bedding. It is created by the Bombyx mori silk worms fed purely on a diet of mulberry leaves. These silk worms are raised in captivity in ideal conditions to ensure the silk produced by them is of the finest quality possible.

All the Mulberry silk bed sheets Australia wide featured in this buying guide are made from 100% mulberry silk. These mulberry silk sheets Australia wide all have the most beautiful luminous and shimmering appearance due to the triangular prism-like composition of it’s silk fibres which refract the light at different angles thus creating their stunning appearance. There is no more elegant, stylish or luxurious fabric than mulberry silk.

Charmeuse silk refers to a particular weaving technique of silk. This technique creates a shiny finish on one side and a duller finish on the other side. It contains some natural elasticity.

What’s Included In A Silk Sheet Set?

Different silk sheet sets contain different items. The best silk bedding sets Australia wide for you contain the items that you want and need.

Some silk bedding sets include a fitted sheet and a flat sheet as well as pillowcases but other sets only contain a flat sheet and pillowcases. Other packages also include a quilt cover. Make sure you check exactly what is included in the set you plan to buy.

Having a fitted sheet included in your set is super useful if you want your bottom sheet to remain tucked in during the night despite how much you may move around during the night. There are several silk bedding sets containing a silk fitted sheet Australia wide including my favourite the Silky U Silk Bedding Set.

Silk Sheets Reviews

Silky U Silk Bedding Set Review

Silky U is an amazing new Melbourne silk business. Their stated mission is to change the way you sleep and make one third of your life an ultimate delight all night, every night.

Silky U silk bedding sets are stocked in a beautiful and luminous, stylish ivory white, purple, charcoal and champagne silk sheets shade. These elegant Silky U silk sheets are of the highest quality, soft to touch and have a beautiful lustre. They are made from high quality 100% mulberry silk and come beautifully gift boxed. I love Silky U sheets.

Best Silk Sheets Set
Silky U Silk Bedsheets Set

Available in a queen size, king size or super king size set, these best silk sheet sets Australia wide consist of a fitted sheet, a quilt cover and 2 gifted standard pillowcases.

I love that this set includes a silk quilt cover and silk fitted sheet and you receive 2 silk pillowcases as a free gift with the set. I get frustrated when other brands’ bedding sets include a flat sheet that I will never use.

I love the inclusion of the fitted sheet in this best silk sheet set Australia wide which not all brands make. Silk fitted sheets Australia stay in place throughout the night so much better than a flat bottom sheet especially for restless sleepers that move around a lot like me.

The silk quilt cover and silk pillowcases both feature hidden zip enclosures to ensure they don’t slip off.

The silk quilt cover also includes ribbon ties at the corners and mid points of the quilt cover enabling you to tie the inside of the quilt cover to the loops on the silk quilt ensuring the quilt cover stays perfectly in place during the night as you move around. This is such a clever feature!

The sizings for this Silky U silk bedding are:

  • Queen Size Fitted Sheet: 152 x 203 x 40cm
  • King Size Fitted Sheet: 180 x 203 x 40cm
  • Super King Size Fitted Sheet: 204 x 204 x 40cm
  • Queen Size Quilt Cover: 210 x 210cm
  • King Size Quilt Cover: 245 x 210cm
  • Super King Size Quilt Cover: 270 x 240cm
  • Standard Pillowcases: 48 x 74cm.
Best Silk Bed Sheets Australia
Silky U Purple Silk Bed Sheet Set

Although obviously still expensive when compared to cotton sheet set prices these stunning  silk sheet sets are the best affordable silk sheets I’ve found that are still of the highest quality.

These Silky U pure silk sheet sets win our vote for the best silk sheet set in Australia currently due to their quality, price, style and the fact that they include a fitted silk sheet, quilt cover plus 2 free pillowcases. The four colours available are also super stylish, classy, beautiful and luxe.

This ivory white pure silk sheet set, champagne pure silk sheet set, charcoal silk sheet set and purple silk sheet set will add a cool sophistication and classy style to any bedroom.

The champagne silk colour in particular looks beautifully luxe to me with the silk sheen perfectly enhancing this stunning colour. This is my current bedding choice and is the most gorgeous silk sheet I’ve ever slept on or seen.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of the Silky U Silk Bedding Sets.

Silky U Champagne Silk Bedding Set

Lujo Home Silk Sheets Review

I am a huge supporter of small business. The level of customer service and quality of product you receive from small businesses often exceeds that of larger businesses.

Lujo Home is an amazing small Australian family business based in Adelaide, passionate about luxury Mulberry silk bedding that offers exceptional service and the highest quality products. All their stock is in Australia which means you get your order quick. Unlike many other companies they do not dropship from overseas.

Lujo Home Silk Sheet
Lujo Home Silk Sheet

All of Lujo Home’s stock is sourced from the highest quality, raw materials designed to have meaningful, durable and noticeable effects. Lujo Home uses the best Mulberry silk fabric for their silk sheets made from 100% long strand grade 6A Mulberry silk 22 momme so you know you are getting the best pure silk sheets Australia wide from them.

They sell silk sheet sets which include a flat sheet and a fitted sheet or you can buy any of their silk items separately so you can mix and match colours to create a bit more fun with colour in your bedroom styling.

Colours include a classic ivory white, a stylish charcoal, a stunning caramel, an absolutely beautiful pink, a smart navy and a sleek black. I’ve had so many queries about where to buy pure black silk sheets Australia wide it’s nice to see a black colour option being available from Lujo Home in addition to the more common colours.

The sizing for Lujo Home silk sheets is:

  • Queen Size Fitted: 152 x 203 + 40cm
  • Queen Size Flat: 252 x 265cm
  • King Size Fitted: 182 x 203 + 40cm
  • King Size Flat: 280 x 265cm

These fitted silk sheets sit nicely on the bed.

All Lujo Home silk sheet sets as well as the single silk fitted sheets come in a stylish white gift box. These silk sheets would make a wonderful luxurious gift for a special occasion, especially a wedding gift.

Click HERE to check out the price of Lujo Home silk sheets sets now.

Lujo Home also sell silk pillowcases separately, as well as silk quilt covers and the best silk quilt Australia wide. The reason it’s the best silk doona Australia wide is that it is made with the highest grade filling of 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk floss.

Lujo Home quilts and quilt covers go up to a Super King size.

Overall Lujo Home has our vote for selling the best silk bedding Australia wide.

Click HERE to check out this overall best silk bedding brand Australia wide.

Silk Only 3 Piece Silk Bedding Review

Silk Only’s classic 22 momme silk bedding sets come in a 3 piece set consisting of a flat bottom sheet and 2 silk Oxford pillowcases. Both queen and king sizes are available. Colours available include silver grey, rose blush and dark night blue.

Best Silk Sheets Australia

The sizing of these 3 piece Silk Only Silk Set Items is:

  • Queen flat sheet: 230 x 250cm
  • King flat sheet: 250 x 270cm
  • Pillowcase: 51 x 76cm +7cm

Made from 100% mulberry silk these Silk Only items are machine washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on low and even cool ironed.

Click HERE to check out the price of the Silk Only 3 Piece Sets now.

Silk Only 4 Piece Silk Bedding Review

Silk Only also sell queen and king sized 4 piece silk sheet sets consisting of a flat bottom sheet, a silk quilt cover and 2 silk Oxford pillowcases. They have a large range of colours include Ocean Blue, Silver Blue, Classic Lotus, Classic Milky White, Classic Champagne, Classic Monet Green, Classic Silver Grey and Classic Rose.

Best Silk Sheets Australia

The dusty rose silk sheets are so beautiful.

The sizing of these items is:

  • Queen Flat Sheet: 245 x 270cm
  • Queen Quilt Cover: 220 x 220cm
  • Pillowcase envelope: 48 x 74cm
  • King Flat Sheet: 275 x 270cm
  • King Quilt Cover: 220 x 240cm

Click HERE to check out the price of the Silk Only 4 Piece Silk sets now.

How To Care For Silk Sheets

You do need to take a bit of extra care of your silk sheets. Always check the care instructions that come with your particular silk sheets. Following are general care recommendations for silk sheets.

  • Do not pre-soak your silk sheets as this can damage the silk fibres and cause shrinking.
  • Remove any stains immediately if possible using a silk friendly stain remover.
  • Hand washing your silk sheets in cool water will prolong their life.
  • Silk sheets can be machine washed on the delicates cycle of your washing machine.
  • Only use silk friendly washing detergents.
  • Hang out your silk sheets to air dry preferably in a shady area. Silk dries quickly. Sunlight can fade the colour of your silk sheets.
  • Do not wring the water out of your silk sheets as this may cause wrinkling.
  • Avoid placing any sharp objects on your silk sheets. Be careful if you have jagged finger or toe nails.
  • Only iron your silk sheets on the reverse side of the sheets using the silk setting of your iron and place a sheet of cotton between the silk sheets and the iron to preserve the beautiful lustre of your sheets.

Where To Buy Silk Sheets Australia Wide

I tend to do all my buying research online, especially my price comparison research and determining what each silk sheet set includes. I then buy online as well to save myself the hassle of driving to a physical store, parking and risking the product being sold out in store. I find online shopping, especially in these times, to be the most convenient.

I hope this best silk sheets 2023 buying guide helps you identify and buy the best silk bed set Australia wide to match your individual needs and wants.

Best Silk Sheets Australia   

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