All dentists agree that flossing your teeth, in addition to brushing, is essential for good dental hygiene, especially to prevent cavities. How you floss, whether you use string dental floss or a water flosser is up to you. This comprehensive Best Water Flosser Australia Buying Guide covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about water flossers including what is a water flosser, how does a water flosser work, what are the benefits of water flossing, is water flossing the best option for you and what features to look out for in a top water flosser. Water flosser reviews of the top water flossers are also included.

Overall water flossers are a great solution for healthy teeth and gums.

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Best Water Flosser Australia
Best Water Flossers Buying Guide

What Is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser is a hand held oral hygiene appliance that cleans between your teeth using pressurised water.

How Does a Water Flosser Work?

A water flosser has a motor that sends a stream of pressurised water out of it’s tip in pulses. You place the tip near your gum line and the water pressure removes plaque buildup along the gum line and in between your teeth, it massages your gums and it pushes the food out from between your teeth. The pressurised water gets into the small spaces your toothbrush and regular floss can’t reach.

Water Flosser Benefits

There are several additional benefits of water flossing as opposed to just string flossing including the following.

Effective Plaque Removal

Water flossers have been clinically proven in independent studies to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas.

Healthier Gums

Water flossing vs string flossing has been clinically shown to be up to 50% more effective for improving gum health.

Dental floss can cause minor bleeding of your gums especially if you don’t floss regularly. It can also worsen gum sensitivity. If this is your experience you would benefit from water flossing instead.

The massage action of a water flosser can also improve gum health.

Superior Cleaning Around Braces

It is very hard to effectively clean around braces with traditional string floss. Water flossing is up to 3 times more effective for removing plaque around braces vs using string floss.

The best water flosser for braces will have a specially designed orthodontic tip to reach underneath wires and around brackets to remove food and plaque.

Essential For Implants

Water flossers are also up to 2 times more effective for improving gum health around implants versus string floss.

Personal Preference

Some people just don’t like the sensation of flossing with dental floss and find it difficult to do effectively. As a result they often stop flossing altogether to the detriment of their teeth. These people would benefit from using a water flossing.

Who Should Use A Water Flosser?

The following categories of people would benefit from using a water flosser.

You Use Incorrect Flossing Technique

If you don’t use the correct flossing technique with string floss it will not do an efficient job in removing food from between your teeth.

A water flosser is easier and more effective to use.

You Have Braces

It is extremely tricky to use string floss when you have braces on your teeth. Using a water flosser will greatly improve your effectiveness and is a lot easier.

You Have Bridges or Other Dental Work

A water flosser is easier to use for those with dental work in their mouth such as temporary or permanent bridges.

Your Teeth Are Crowded And Not Straight

If you have difficulties flossing between your teeth with string floss, a water flosser will be more effective for you.

You Don’t Like Flossing With String

If you don’t like flossing with string you are less likely to perform this task resulting in you being more likely to develop cavities in your teeth. In this case, water flossing is a good option especially if it ensures you are more likely to floss your teeth.

Water Flosser Disadvantages

Water flossers do have a couple of disadvantages including the initial cost, the storage space required for it on your bench top, the noise of the motor and the water flosser’s need for access to electricity and water which makes it less portable for use outside your home, although this last disadvantage can be overcome by purchasing a portable water flosser.

For this reason many people who used water flossers in the past at home used normal floss when they had weekends or holidays away from home but now Waterpik have introduced a slimline, cordless rechargeable water flosser.

Best Water Flosser Australia
Best Water Flosser Features

Features To Consider In A Top Water Flosser

There are many different models of water flossers that each vary in size and features. They all however include a motor with a pump, a water reservoir and a special water flosser tip.

Motor and Pump

The motor and pump enable a stream of pressurised, pulsating water to flow from the water reservoir through the tip into the mouth of the user.

Pulsating water is more efficient than a steady stream of water.

A top water flosser should allow you to adjust the pressure setting according to your needs and likes from gentle to maximum cleanse.

Water Reservoir

The size of the reservoir should be adequate for water flossing your entire mouth.

Water Flosser Tips

It is the tip of the water flosser that you use to target the stream of water to the appropriate part of your mouth to remove food particles, plaque and bacteria.

The pulsating action of the water also stimulates the gum tissues for added health benefits.

There are different interchangeable tips designed for different needs. Various tips can include:

  • Classic jet tips which are the easiest and most effective way to floss.
  • Plaque seeker tips that remove bacteria and debris from hard to reach areas around dental restorations. This tip is best for people with implants, crowns, bridges and retainers.
  • Orthodontic tips that are specially designed to reach underneath wires and around brackets to remove plaque. These are the best tip for people with braces.
  • Tongue cleaner tips that are designed to remove bacteria from the tongue to freshen breath.
Best Water Flosser Australia
Waterpik WaterFlosser Cordless Plus Tips


Dental floss is a lot more portable than a water flosser, although rechargeable water flossers are more travel friendly than water flossers that need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.


Finally cost is also a consideration when purchasing a top water flosser. String floss is relatively cheap when compared with a water flosser but string floss needs frequent repurchasing.

A water flosser is a bigger initial investment but a water flosser will last for years. Over time a water flosser can actually be more cost effective.

Water Flosser Reviews Australia

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus Review – Best Cordless Water Flosser

Best Water Flosser Australia
Waterpik Water Flosser Cordless Plus

I consider the Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus to be the best water flosser due to it’s more compact size, and the fact that it is cordless and rechargeable with no batteries required.

My bathroom ensuite is tiny and I have limited bathroom bench space so the fact that this effective water flosser took up less space than most standard models was a huge positive for me. It’s compact size means that it also fits in my bathroom cabinet.

This water flosser comes with four tip options including the classic jet tip, the plaque seeker tip which is my preferred tip, the orthodontic tip and the tongue cleaner. The tips can rotate 360 degrees to reach all areas of the mouth and there is a quick release mechanism for easy tip change out.

This Waterpik Water Flosser has two pressure settings and a convenient slide on/off switch.

It’s 200ml water reservoir is easy to fill and holds the equivalent of 45 seconds of water capacity.

The flosser itself is ergonomic to hold thanks to its non slip grip.

I found this flosser easy and effective to use and also quicker to use than dental floss.

It did take a bit of getting used to the sensation of the pressurised water pulsating into my mouth but that is the same with any water flosser.

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How To Use a Water Flosser

It’s important to read all the instructions that come with your water flosser prior to your first use of it as each water flosser may operate a little differently but in general all the following steps apply to every water flosser.

Select the tip most appropriate to your needs. Place the tip into the holder. Fill the water reservoir with warm water.

Plug in the device if required and choose the most appropriate water pressure setting for your needs. I recommend using your water flosser on its lowest water pressure setting the first time you use it until you become accustomed to the sensation and action of it.

Close your lips around the tip of the water flosser and lean over the sink so the water doesn’t ricochet off your teeth and go everywhere. Always place the tip in your mouth before turning the device on. Allow water to run freely from your mouth into the sink.

Start with your back teeth, follow the gum line and pause briefly between teeth. Direct the tip of the water flosser just above your gum line at a 90 degree angle.and move it in a scallop motion along the gum line of each tooth on both the inside and outside.

When you use a water flosser for the first time it will be a bit messy as you get used to the force of the water spray but it doesn’t take too long to get used to and it does become a lot less messy when you realise you really do need to keep your mouth closed around the water flosser to prevent the water ricocheting off your teeth and out of your mouth.

After use make sure you turn the device off, eject the tip, empty the remaining water out of the water reservoir and clean the device according to the provided instructions.

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