Botani believes that beautiful skin lies in Hippocrates’ concept of ‘the healing power of nature’, using ingredients that work in sync with the skin, allowing it to breathe instead of suffocating it with petroleum derivatives. Keep reading this Botani Skincare Review to find out more about this amazing natural skincare brand.

Botani Skincare

Botani natural skincare products are made in Australia using natural, wild harvested and organic certified ingredients from the highest quality plant sources around the world.

Botani skin care products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Botani is a wonderful green beauty brand.

One of the key ingredients of Botani products is Olive Squalene. This powerful ingredient used in Botani, squalene, is a powerful anti-ageing plant active that incredibly mimics the skin’s own protective, hydrating and rejuvenating functions.

As a result I was super excited to trial a selection of products from the Botani Australia range including the:

  • Botani Radiant Rose Mask
  • Botani Olive Skin Serum & 
  • Botani Olive Repair Cream Day/Night Moisturiser.

Receiving and trialing these Botani products has enabled me to write this Botani skincare review for you.

Botani Natural Skin Care Products
Botani Natural Skin Care Products

Botani Radiant Rose Mask Review

Botani Radiant Rose Mask Review
Botani Radiant Rose Mask
 As soon as I lifted the inner seal of the Botani Radiant Rose Mask a beautiful delicate rose geranium scent wafted out of the jar to greet me! 
This scent is such a relaxing and calming scent, it was love at first whiff!
The mask itself has a lovely light whipped consistency which is easy to apply and spread over your face.
It contains the moisturising actives Betaine, Crambe Absynnica and Olive Oil.
The ingredients also include the unique Australian active Native Mountain Pepperberry which contains anthocyanins. I don’t think I’ve come across this ingredient in any product I’ve used before. 
The mask has high antioxidant and humectant properties which strengthen the skin barrier.
I’ve been using this mask three times a week on average and my skin always feels so soft, plump, nourished and moisturised afterwards. It truly does make my skin look more radiant which is definitely what I’m wanting especially the older I get!
This mask is perfect for people like me with mature dry & dehydrated skin.
This Botani review, similar to all the other Botani reviews I have ever read is totally positive!
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Botani Olive Skin Serum Review

Botani Olive Skin Serum Review
Botani Olive Skin Serum

The key ingredient in this serum is Olive Squalene which I mentioned in the introduction to this post.

Human skin contains up to 12-13% Squalene. It is the skin’s own natural moisturiser and antioxidant.

It oxygenates skin cells thereby accelerating new cell growth. Squalene is the most valuable and indispensable plant active skin ingredient to help moisturise, protect and hydrate your skin.

As human skin ages, Squalene levels begin to decline. It is important to replenish these levels daily to help retain skin moisture. 

Botani Olive Skin Serum contains 99% Squalene! 

It also contains the added benefits of skin nutrients Vitamins C and E to protect the skin from environmental and free radical damage. 

I’ve been using this serum twice a day both in the mornings under my makeup and also as a night treatment for skin rejuvenation.

It’s actually an amazing multi tasking product that has dozens of other uses too including scar healing, treating various skin conditions and using it on cuticles, dry elbows and to neaten stray unruly eyebrows!

I’ve found this formula to absorb into my skin quickly and it definitely results in a quick and effective skin hydration boost. It also corrects uneven skin tone and my skin feels more supple after using it.

 It leaves my skin feeling satiny smooth with a healthy looking radiant glow and softens my fine lines and wrinkles. 

It’s the perfect anti ageing serum for those of us who tend to have tired, dehydrated and/or  stressed skin.
Thus this is another overwhelmingly positive Botani skincare review. I highly recommend this Botani serum.

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Botani Olive Repair Cream Day/Night Moisturiser Review

Botani Repair Cream Day/Night Moisturiser

Botani Repair Cream Day/Night MoisturiserBotani Olive Repair Cream is another product perfectly suited for sensitive, dry and/or mature skin.

It is a gentle, yet intensive and rich moisturiser with once again a high concentration of Olive Squalene.
A little of this cream goes a long way. It is suitable for use as both a day and night cream.
I’ve found it to absorb quickly into my skin without any greasy residue.
My skin always feels velvety smooth, soft and hydrated after using it.
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Have you tried any Botani products?

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