Some PR packages come so nicely packaged and presented you simply need to admire them for a bit before ripping them open like a kid at Christmas!

It almost felt wrong to be too quick in opening these packages from BYS Cosmetics except for the fact that I love BYS makeup and I had a fairly good idea of what was inside and I really wanted to swatch these palettes & photograph them in a hurry so I could then have a decent play and experiment with them before sharing my BYS Cosmetics review with you all!

Gorgeous PR Packaging
Gorgeous PR Packaging

So what was in the packages? It was the brand new BYS Cosmetics Peach Eye Shadow Palette and the new BYS Cosmetics Highlight Highlighting Palette.

Keep reading for my BYS Peach Palette review and BYS Highlighting Palette review and swatches of both palettes.

BYS Peach Palette Review

BYS Cosmetics Peach Palette
BYS Peach Palette

The BYS Cosmetics Peach eye shadow palette consists of 12 gorgeous peach inspired shades. There is a lovely mixture of satin, matte and shimmer shades enabling both day and night looks to be created.

 The shades are highly pigmented with rich colour pay off. All shades are also soft and easy to blend.

I love the fact that the colour in the palette is the colour you end up with on your eyelids. What you see is what you get.

BYS Cosmetics Peach Palette

BYS Cosmetics Peach Palette

I found these shades to be long wearing.

The eye shadows are formulated with skin loving Mica to help leave a silky smooth finish on our lids. So unsurprisingly this BYS eyeshadow palette review is totally positive. 

There is a bonus sponge and brush applicator included in this palette for on the go application but at home I prefer to use my own full size brushes. 

BYS Cosmetics Peach Palette Swatches
BYS Cosmetics Peach Palette Swatches

BYS Highlighting Palette Review

I’m a huge fan of highlighting as it adds such a beautiful youthful glow to my face and this BYS Cosmetics Hightlight palette is an absolute beauty!
Before we look at the highlighting shades themselves can we just admire this amazing on-trend metallic purple packaging – it’s so pretty!
BYS Highlight - Highlighting Palette
BYS Highlight – Highlighting Palette
The palette itself contains five stunning shades that would suit all skin tones.
The shades are absolutely gorgeous and include from left to right: Glam, Glisten, Gleam, Golden & Glimmer.
BYS Highlight - Shades from L to R are: Glam, Glisten, Gleam, Golden & Glimmer!
BYS Highlight – Shades from L to R are: Glam, Glisten, Gleam, Golden & Glimmer!
There’s actually a full length mirror under the cardboard ‘Highlight’ label in the above photo but I left it in place for the photo to avoid you seeing a warped selfie of me taking this photo in my pyjamas! Yes it’s confession time – the benefits of working from home today I had a pyjama day! I highly recommend pyjama days for a relaxing and comfy yet still productive day!
Anyway back to reviewing this BYS highlighter palette, each shade is highly pigmented and offers a multi dimensional light to the areas of your face you choose to showcase.
My favourite areas to highlight include above my cheek bones before I add my blush, on my nose, my forehead, on the inside corner of my eyes and on my cupid’s bow.
Highlighting these areas instantly enhances my complexion and adds such a lovely radiant, glowy effect, something I’ve found my skin losing from about the age of thirty-five to forty onwards as my skin has matured and become dryer. Damn the effects of ageing!

The shades of this palette are formulated with the finest pearlescent powder for a stunning glow.

BYS Cosmetics Highlight Palette Swatches
BYS Cosmetics Highlight Palette Swatches
Similar to the eye shadow shades the highlight shades also include the skin loving ingredient Mica to help leave our skin feeling and looking silky smooth.
This palette also includes a mini half moon brush applicator. Although when at home I prefer using one of my full sized highlighting brushes, this brush is better quality than other brushes that usually come with palettes, and when taking this palette on holidays I would be happy to use the provided mini half moon brush.
Overall this BYS highlight palette is gorgeous and this is another positive BYS review.
The recommended retail price for both the above palettes is $19.95 each which I think is a bargain given the quality of these palettes. 
You may be interested to read the Barry M Illuminating Highlighter Palette or another absolutely stunning highlighter is the Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Highlighting Powder!

Where To Buy BYS Cosmetics

BYS Cosmetics products are available from K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, selected pharmacies & speciality stores, or online through
Which of these two BYS Cosmetics palettes appeals to you more?

The above BYS Cosmetics palettes were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. The above banner is an affiliate link. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Uh oh, I want both now! In fact I've just ordered them from the website as my local K-Mart never has the peach palette in stock. Thanks for twisting my arm Ingrid lol ♥

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