It’s approaching that most wonderful time of year – Christmas and Summer holidays all rolled up into one!

This year my Christmas gifts to my family and friends will all be themed around Summer holidays and beauty.

To assist you with some Christmas gifting inspiration I’ve compiled my list of top Christmas Holiday Beauty Gift suggestions ranging from fragrances to makeup to skincare to exciting new beauty appliances.

Christmas Holiday Beauty gifts


Fragrance Beauty Gifts

Fragrances are one of those gifts I think we all love to receive but we don’t buy as often for ourselves as we should.

It’s a great Christmas beauty gift to give as your gift recipient will think of you over the whole year every time they apply the fragrance.

Eau De Juice

Nothing shouts out Summer more than this cute, fun and fresh Eau De Juice fragrance collection with it’s pop art inspired bottle design.

The Eau De Juice collection consists of four floral and fruity scent varieties including Love Unfiltered, Pure Sugar, Extra Concentrated and 100% Chilled.

Best Beauty Gifts
Eau De Juice Fragrance Collection

My favourite is the extra by name and extra by design golden Extra Concentrated! It’s easy to picture the joy this fragrance will bring it’s lucky gift recipient.

B. Blumarine

Another new release Summer fragrance is the romantic and elegant B. Blumarine fragrance from the iconic Italian fashion house Blumarine.

This beautiful new fragrance evokes fashion, beauty, femininity, joy and creative energy.

It comes with a gorgeous and romantic floral print chiffon flower attached to the neck of the bottle with a gold chain that can be worn as a pendant or ring, or attached to the strap of your bag or basket for additional beautiful Summer vibes.

Best Beauty Gifts
B. Blumarine Fragrance

The blue packaging and flower colour reminds me of cloudless Summer skies.

B. Blumarine is the perfect floral-fruity fragrance to wear to Summer soirees!

Makeup Beauty Gifts

Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection

This year’s Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection is absolutely amazing!!!

Gorgeously packaged with trending romantic pink tones is my favourite from the collection, the Bobbi Brown Love In the Afternoon Eye Shadow Palette.

Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection
Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection

I’m also loving the Luxe Lip Rich Lustre liquid lipstick with it’s lustrous sparkling finish. Perfect for festive season wear either on it’s own or as a lipstick topper, I absolutely love the sparkle it provides.

Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection
Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection

Finally for a luxe pearlescent pop of long lasting colour the dramatic jewel shades of the Luxe Rich Gemstone Eye Shadows are so stunning! Have you ever seen a more luxe or dramatic blue?!

Click HERE to check out the Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2019.

Doll 10 Face & Eye Palette

When travelling over Summer I like to pack light and minimise the amount of makeup I take.

The Doll 10 Face & Eye Palette is the perfect travel palette combining a blush, highlighter and five eye shadow shades in the one palette.

Best Beauty Gifts
Doll 10 Face & Eye Palette

If you have a friend or family member heading off on holidays after Christmas this is the best beauty gift for them!

Doll 10 believes that life is complicated but makeup shouldn’t be. Their products are clean, clinically proven and high performance. They are also cruelty-free and contain no hidden nasties.

Click HERE to check out the range of Doll 10 products available at TVSN.

Skincare Beauty Gifts

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Your friends will love you forever if you gift them a bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Containing 5% glycolic acid, licorice and silk proteins, this product is a skincare magical elixir!

Best Beauty Gift
Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Christmas and holidays often mean late nights, various over indulgences and increased outdoor living with our skin frequently suffering as a result and not looking it’s best just when we want it looking amazing.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold revitalises skin improving skin tone and especially skin texture.

Liquid Gold has been clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth, reduce roughness and increase moisture within the skin.

With an Alpha-H Liquid Gold bottle being sold every 30 seconds globally you know this is a tried and tested effective beauty product.

Click HERE to check out the price of Liquid Gold on TVSN.

Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel

Give your beauty lover friend the gift of radiant, healthy glowing skin.

During the Christmas and holiday period with it’s ensuing late nights we sometimes become a bit slack in the skin cleansing department especially in the evenings when our soft, comfy beds are calling out our name!

Giving the gift of Emma Hardie’s lovely Moringa Light Cleansing Gel will increase the motivation of your beauty lover friend (or yourself) to cleanse all their makeup off in the evenings.

Best Beauty Gifts
Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel

Not only is this light cleansing gel beautifully scented with Moringa, it’s gentle and effective in removing makeup and impurities from the skin, protects skin from environmental damage and hydrates and moisturises the skin.

It contains omega 6 and vitamin E from grapeseed oil, essential fatty acids, sea fennel extract, moringa seed peptides and sweet almond oil.

Click HERE to check out the current price of this Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel exclusively available from TVSN.

Silk Pillow Cases

Give the gift of beauty sleep this Christmas!

The gift of a silk pillowcase has so many amazing hair and skin beauty benefits including reduced bed hair and frizzy hair, reduced split ends, extended life of your blow dry, reduced pillow lines on your face, increased skin hydration, increased efficacy of your skin care products as well as health benefits too. They are also a beautiful luxurious gift.

You can find out more about all the benefits in this comprehensive guide to silk pillow cases.

Two new limited edition silk pillowcases that have caught my eye and I believe beauty lovers would absolutely love this Christmas are the Slip pink marble silk pillowcase

Best Beauty Gift
Slip Pink Marble Silk Pillowcase

and the gorgeous Slip Berry Kiss Silk Pillowcase.

Best Beauty Gift
Slip Berry Kiss Silk Pillow Case

Beauty Appliances Gifts

Beauty Fridge

Beauty Fridge

Christmas in Australia is always hot which is not the best conditions for storing our beauty products in.

The Beauty Fridge is a new revolutionary way to store skincare, makeup and face masks to keep them fresh and effective for longer. With the ability to cool down to 4 degrees Celsius it can help extend the shelf life of your products and minimise the risk of harmful bacteria developing in them. these beauty fridges have a 4 litre capacity and come in either a snow white, baby blue or baby pink colour.

Any beauty lover would absolutely love one of these latest beauty appliances! there is nothing more soothing on the skin than applying a refrigerated face mask or serum after a hot Summer’s day.

I hope this Christmas Holiday Beauty Gifts post has given you some gifting inspiration. I’d love to hear which of these beauty gifts inspires you the most.

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Some of the above products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. The above post also contains some affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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