Let’s be frank! Who doesn’t love a bit of cheekiness and humour? Beauty products don’t need to be seriously packaged to be effective, they can be fun and full of cheeky personality just like these Frank Body products. Frank Body packaging is THE BEST! But are these products effective too? Well keep reading the Frank Body reviews below to find out. I was recently sent four products from the Frank Body range enabling me to write this Frank Body review for you.

The four products I received to trial included the Frank Body Australia:

  • Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball Shimmer Scrub
  • Fortune Favours The Babe Green Tease Scrub
  • Magic Shimmer Oil, &
  • Illuminator.
Frank Body Reviews
Frank Body Products

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub Review: Follow The Call Of the Disco Ball

Isn’t this just the best name for a shimmer scrub?! I love it! Don’t be intimidated by the name however, you are not going to be covered in disco ball-like glitter. What this shimmer scrub will result in is giving your skin a beautiful subtle extra glow.

The Frank Body ingredients of this scrub include exfoliating Arabica coffee grinds, sugar and salt, glow giving grape seed oil and soybean oil, nourishing vitamin E, and more. It is vegan friendly, contains no nuts and like all Frank Body products it’s made in Australia. I love supporting Aussie small businesses!

The packaging is stunning with its holographic zigzag lines on the glossy white! It’s also practical being a waterproof zip-lock bag that is completely shower friendly.

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub Review
Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

How To Use Frank Body Scrub

If you are wondering about the best way how to use Frank Body scrub it’s super easy. As the packaging states you simply:

  • get naked & wet in the shower
  • massage the scrub over your entire body
  • leave on for 3 minutes then rinse off.

For the best results you would use this scrub 2-3 times a week.

Frank Body Scrub Review

I found this scrub easy to use. The oil made the scrub adhere well to my skin while I was massaging the scrub on my skin. It exfoliated and polished my skin really well leaving it feeling wonderfully silky smooth and nourished.

My only negative about this product is it’s scent. I think I am the only unfortunate person in Australia who does not like the aroma of coffee. It’s more than just a dislike, it actually gives me a headache. So even though this scrub’s coffee scent is not overpowering or overly strong according to the rest of my family, it is too much for me. I’m so bummed! As if not being able to drink coffee isn’t anti-social enough now I miss out on using this otherwise totally amazing scrub too! This coffee body scrub would however be the perfect gift for a coffee lover! My teenage daughter is happy at my dilemma however as it means she gets to use up the rest of this scrub!

Every Frank Body Shimmer Scrub review I have ever read has been overwhelmingly positive!

Frank Body Scrub Review: Fortune Favours The Babe Green Tea Scrub Review

Frank Body Green Tea Scrub
Frank Body Green Tea Scrub

According to Frank Body “Legend says: Babe who showers in green tea gets lucky in life.”

I found this statement to be wonderfully true but what more would you expect from a fortune revealing scrub! Although this scrub also contains coffee grinds, due to the other Frank Body ingredients included and their scents I got lucky and could scrub away with this product in the shower with no subsequent coffee aroma induced headache! You have no idea how blissfully happy this makes me!

I absolutely love this green tea scrub. It exfoliated and polished my skin well leaving it silky smooth, soft and youthful looking. This result is is consistent with all the other Frank Body scrubs reviews I’ve read.

The ingredients of this Frank Body Fortune Favours The Babe Green Tease scrub include exfoliating Arabica coffee grinds, sugar and salt, anti-oxidant and anti-aging green tea, glow giving grape seed, soybean, sesame seed, ginger root and Arabica coffee seed oils, deeply hydrating avocado oil, soothing honey and more. It is cruelty free and contains no nuts.

Once again it comes packaged in a waterproof zip lock bag. This pack also contains a fun surprise fortune revealing Tarot card.

I’ve been using this scrub every second day since receiving it and my skin loves it!

Like all the Frank Body Scrub reviews I’ve read this too is a positive review.

Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil Review

Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil
Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil

OMG! Just look at how gorgeous this Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil is! It is so aptly named as this Frank Body Shimmer Oil is MAGIC!

When rubbed into the skin it provides a beautiful sun kissed shimmer and glow. It is especially perfect for rubbing onto your shoulders and collar bones when wearing an off the shoulder top on a night out. I also rubbed it down my shin bones to make my legs shimmer and glow and give them a slimming effect.

I’m happy to report that I had no transference of this oil onto any of my clothes when I trialed it.

The ingredients include grapeseed oil, coconut oil and evening primrose oil for moisturising and glow, and magical gold and silver mica particles for shimmer.

It is cruelty free and nut free.

Most of you would no doubt love the coffee scent of this product but unfortunately once again as explained earlier this scent doesn’t agree with me.

Like every other Frank Body Shimmer Oil review I have read this review, ignoring my intolerance to the scent of coffee, is positive too.

Frank Body Illuminator Review

Frank Body Illuminator
Frank Body Illuminator

The Frank Body Illuminator is one of those products that regardless of how many photos I took I just couldn’t do full justice to the stunning glow of this product. It looks AMAZING!

As all the other Frank Body Illuminator reviews I have ever read all agree this pearlescent Illuminator is beautifully creamy and smooth to apply and results in a gorgeous dewy glow.

It is made with coconut and jojoba oils and is finished with a blend of gold and silver Mica. It’s also 100% natural.

Thankfully despite also containing coffee seed oil it does not smell of coffee.

I’ve been mixing it in with my moisturiser for an all over glow and then also applying it to the high points of my face that I want to highlight, namely on my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow, under my brows and down the centre of my nose. I also did apply it to my collar bones when I went out the other night.

The glow is buildable so you can create a subtle natural looking glow or dial up the wattage, it’s your choice!

This illuminator is on high rotation in my makeup kit!

Franks Body Scrub
Frank Body Products

Where To Buy Frank Body Scrub Australia Wide

If you are interested in any of these Frank Body products, they are all available to purchase directly from the Frank Body website, http://www.frankbody.com.

* The above Frank Body products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post includes some affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here

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