The GHD Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler is an innovative hair tool that dries and styles hair at the same time, thus eliminating the need for a separate hair dryer and hair straightener.

I love the idea of simplifying and speeding up my hair routine, and using one less hair appliance in the mornings so I jumped at the opportunity to trial this GHD Hot Air Styler.

Keep reading my GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler review to find out what exactly it is, how I use it, how easy it is to use and the results I achieve using it.

GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler Review
GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler Review

What Is The GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler?

The GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler is an innovative hair tool that dries and styles hair at the same time.

The Duet Style uses Air-Fusion Technology to channel an ultra-concentrated 150ºC airflow through an air grill which works in combination with 4 smart low temperature 120ºC styling plates to quickly dry and straighten hair, creating a beautiful smooth, frizz-free finish.

Drying and styling hair at the same time with the Duet Style removes surface moisture whilst retaining the hairs natural internal moisture helping the hair stay wonderfully soft.

GHD Duet Style
GHD Duet Style

The Duet Style also has a Shine Shot feature which turns the fan off and increases the plate temperature to 185 degrees Celsius. This enables the Duet Style to be used like a traditional hair straightener on dry hair further smoothing and polishing your hair. It can also be used to add curls or waves.

GHD Duet Style Packaging

GHD Duet Style Packaging
GHD Duet Style Packaging

The GHD Duet Style Professional 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler comes packaged in a good quality, stylish looking, sturdy black gift box.

The GHD Hot Air Styler sits securely and compactly in a black insert with the cord, protective plate guard and instruction booklet tucked underneath the insert.

GHD Duet Style Packaging
GHD Duet Style

GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler Inclusions

GHD Duet Style Inclusions
GHD Duet Style Inclusions

Included in the GHD Duet Style box is the GHD Hot Air Styler itself with its attached cord, a heatproof plate guard, user guide and safety instructions and manufacturer’s guarantee booklet.

GHD Duet Style Features

Wet To Styled With No Heat Damage. GHD report no thermal hair damage was detected in a study after 100 cycles of 4 passes in wet to style mode vs naturally dried hair. In this mode the hot air is 150 degrees Celsius and the plate temperature is 120 degrees Celsius.

Key Technology: Air-fusion technology. State of the art internal aerodynamics combine with smart low temperature plates in a unique styling chamber to efficiently dry and style hair at the same time.

Revolutionary Air Drying Chamber. The air grill works in synergy with the smart low temperature plates to deliver ultra-concentrated airflow and even temperature.

Unique Air Filter. A custom air filter allows for maximum airflow to be drawn into the styler to guarantee a powerful performance.

Expertly Angled Root Drying Vents. A specially designed nose seal concentrates the airflow directing it outwards at a lower temperature for optimal root drying with no extreme heat.

GHD Duet Style
GHD Duet Style

Smart Styling Plates. Four floating plates equipped with infinity sensors to predict your hair’s needs, finished in an ultra gloss coating to ensure smooth, frizz-free results.

Shine Shot Mode. This mode transforms the Duet Style into a GHD Styler at the optimal temperature of 185 degrees celsius with no air, for use on dry hair only.

Eco-Friendly Styling. Ultra energy efficient yet powerful performance. GHD reports that based on testing in wet to style mode vs GHD hair dryer with a brush that this hot air styler uses up to 45% less energy consumption.

Low Sound Level.

Heat Resistant Protective Plate Guard.

Professional 2.7m length cord.

Automatic Sleep Mode. Switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

2 Year Warranty.

Click HERE to see current price of the GHD Duet Style at GHD.

How To Use The GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler

The first step is to ensure your hair is thoroughly towel dried and not dripping wet.

Towel Dry Hair
Towel Dry Hair

Then apply a small amount of GHD Sleek Talker Wet To Sleek Styling Oil distributing the oil through the lengths of your hair to the ends.

This styling oil contains heat protectant as well as nourishing argan oil and will help to smooth and soften your hair for up to 72 hours.

GHD Sleek Talker Wet To Sleek Styling Oil
GHD Sleek Talker Wet To Sleek Styling Oil

Turn on the Duet Styler by sliding the power button up. It takes a few seconds for the fan to ramp up and heat to the optimal low styling temperature for wet hair. The styler lets you know when it is ready to use by the light stopping flashing and the styler beeping.

GHD Duet Style
GHD Duet Style

I’ve found the Air Styler to work best on small sections of hair at a time. I divide my hair into three layers and then section it. I apply the Air Styler to the roots of each section for 3 seconds,

before slowly gliding it down the hair, the same as I would with a traditional hair straightener.

This process is repeated on each section of hair until it is completely dry. On my hair, with the size of sections I was using it only took 2-3 passes on each section.

GHD Duet Style
GHD Duet Style 

Once my hair is fully dry I give it an optional boost of shine by activating the Shine Shot button. This turns the fan off and increases the plate temperature to 185 degrees Celsius. The Duet Style then acts as a regular straightener and adds further frizz-free smoothness and shine to the hair. Using the Shine Shot mode also locks in the style for longer.

Using the Duet Style Shine Shot option also works really well on day 2 hair.

GHD Duet Style Review

I found the Duet Style easy to hold and easy to use despite its understandably slightly heavier weight than my regular hair straightener. When I weighed the Duet Style, the body of it (not including the cord) weighed approximately 540g.

The controls are simple to use and the visual light and auditory feedback as to when the device is ready to use are helpful.

The 2.7m long cord is a great length especially if your power point is a little bit removed from  where you want to dry and style your hair.

I appreciated the raised finger guard on the Duet Style that lets me know to avoid holding or touching the GHD hot air styler beyond this point, especially on the first couple of uses of this hair tool when I was still familiarising myself with it.

The low temperature of the plates while drying and styling hair is perfect for enabling great styling results without any heat damage to hair. There was no sizzling or burning smells and my hair felt beautifully silky soft after using this hair tool.

I found the smooth glossy plates glided effortlessly over my hair with no pulling or grabbing, and achieved the smooth, frizz-free straight hair result I wanted.

The hibernation mode safety feature included in the design of this GHD Duet Style gives me great peace of mind, eliminating the worry of whether or not I turned off the styler before I raced out the door after styling my hair.

The protective heat guard is also a useful inclusion as it enables the styler to be packed up immediately after use without having to wait until it has fully cooled down.

Overall I was super impressed with the GHD Duet Style for achieving long lasting sleek and smooth straight hair results from root to tips from wet to styled hair without the use of unnecessarily excessive heat.

Using the Duet Style instead of both my hair dryer and hair straightener also significantly sped up my hair drying and styling routine in the morning. Any tool that saves me time in the mornings is a definite winner in my eyes.

If you are looking to purchase a hair straightener, or if you regularly use a hair dryer and hair straightener and are wanting to save time doing your hair I definitely recommend purchasing the GHD Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler.

Ever since receiving my GHD Duet Style I have put my other hair tools aside and the GHD Duet Style has become my first choice of hair tool.

I hope this review has helped you and clarified whether the GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler is the best hair styler for you. It is certainly my current hair styler of choice.

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