If you are looking for the best hair straightener for thick hair Australia wide, the best hair straightener for curly hair or the best hair straightener for long hair Australia wide then this GHD Max Styler Review Australia article is for you.

The GHD Max Styler is a cult favourite of beauty lovers and hair stylists alike and there’s a good reason why. This GHD Max wide hair straightener does an amazing job at straightening your hair to achieve that smooth and sleek fresh from the salon look and also at creating beautiful loose boho waves.

I have been straightening my hair for over 10 years now and have seen the quality of hair straighteners improve significantly over this time. I currently own 4 different hair straighteners and have trialed and tested many more in addition to this in my role as a beauty writer specialising in electrical hair product reviews and guides.

Today I’m going to share my full GHD Max Wide Plate Styler review with you.

GHD Max Wide Plate Styler Review

GHD Max Styler Packaging

GHD Max Styler Packaging
GHD Max Styler Packaging

The GHD Max Professional Wide Plate Styler comes in a good quality, stylish looking sturdy black gift box with gold embossed printing on it.

Inside the box the GHD Max straightener sits securely in a black plastic insert with the cord and instruction booklet tucked underneath the insert.

GHD Max Wide Plate Styler Inclusions

GHD Max Wide Plate Styler Inclusions
GHD Max Wide Plate Styler Inclusions

Included in the GHD Max Styler box is the GHD Max Wide Plate Styler itself and attached 2.7m cord, a heatproof plate guard and instruction booklet.

GHD Styler Max Features & Specifications

Temperature:             185 degrees Celsius

Heat Up Time:            30 seconds

Plate Size:                  3.54 inches x 1.65 inches (89.9 mm x 41.9 mm)

Plate Material:           Contoured ceramic floating plates

Key Technology:       Dual Zone Technology

Inclusion:                  Protective heat guard & instruction booklet

Cord Length:            2.7 metres

Other Feature:         Hibernation mode after 30 minutes of inactivity

Other Feature:        International voltage

Warranty:                2 year Australian warranty

Price:                      Click HERE to see current price of this hair straightener at My HairCare & Beauty.

Click HERE to see the current price of this hair straightener at GHD Hair.

GHD Max Styler
GHD Max Styler

GHD Max Styler Review

Now for the most important section, my GHD Max review of how well the GHD Max Styler performed on my hair. First let me introduce you to my hair and what I do before I start straightening it. My hair is long and wavy but not thick.

Prior to straightening my hair I usually wash it and then dry it with a hair dryer so it’s completely dry before I straighten it.

I section my hair into three layers and straighten it one layer at a time. To protect my hair from any potential heat damage or potential brassiness I always apply a heat protection spray before using the hair straightener.

GHD Max Professional Styler Review

The GHD Max Styler is easy to turn on and off. The on/off button is conveniently located on the inside of the GHD Max. The benefit of this is that it is virtually impossible to accidentally turn the styler on or off while using it.

The main point of difference of this GHD hair straightener is the extra wide sizing of the ceramic floating plates. These plates are 70% larger than the original GHD straightener’s plates and enable you to straighten your hair a lot faster than a straightener with narrower plates.

Faster straightening and styling means less time with heat on your hair which means less potential damage to your hair. Faster styling also means less time getting ready and doing your hair.

I found the smooth plates glided effortlessly through my hair and achieved a perfect, straight salon finish each time. Other GHD Max reviews I have read agree with my experience.

The wide plates also enabled me to straighten my hair using only one pass of the straightener over my hair unlike other straighteners I’ve used in the past that have needed two or three passes over my hair.

The dual zone technology of the GHD Max Wide Plate Styler has two new generation heat sensors for consistent heat distribution maintaining the plate temperature at a constant temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, which is the optimum styling temperature for achieving long lasting sleek and smooth straight hair results from root to tips without use of unnecessarily excessive heat.

It is this new technology combined with the wide floating ceramic plates that make this GHD Max hair straightener the best hair straightener for long hair Australia wide and also the best hair straightener for frizzy hair Australia wide.

GHD Max Styler - Best Hair Straightener For Long Hair Australia
GHD Max Styler – Best Hair Straightener For Long Hair Australia

I also love the hibernation mode safety feature included in the design of this GHD hair styler, meaning that if it is turned on and left inactive for 30 minutes, the styler will go into hibernation mode and fully cool down. This gives you peace of mind, eliminating the worry of whether or not you turned off the styler before you raced out the door after styling your hair.

The protective heat guard is a useful inclusion with this styler as it enables you to pack up your styler immediately after use without having to wait until it has fully cooled down.

The international voltage makes this styler great to take with you when traveling and the 2.7m long cord is a convenient length.

Not Just A Hair Straightener

It should be noted that the GHD Max Styler is not just a hair straightener. The sleek rounded design with curved edges also enables you to create beautiful loose boho style waves saving you the need to purchase a separate hair curler.

Admittedly while straightening your hair with the GHD Max is extremely easy and you get amazing results first go, using it for curling does have a bit of a learning curve but once you figure out how to do it, it becomes easy as well. There are many YouTube video tutorials available to demonstrate the best curling technique.

Best Hair Straightener For Thick Hair Australia

To test the GHD Max Wide Plate Styler on thick long hair I used it to straighten my niece’s thick long hair as well and it was just as impressive on her thicker hair as it was on my finer hair.

Once again it was fast to use, glided through her hair effortlessly and I needed to only do one pass over each section of her hair to achieve this long lasting beautiful smooth and sleek finish.

Only needing one pass over each section of hair is so beneficial and a lot less damaging on hair than having to do numerous passes over each section.

Is GHD A Good Brand?

GHD stands for Good Hair Day and it is the overall best hair straightener brand currently on the market in Australia. Its products are always among the top rated straighteners and every GHD review I have read has been overwhelmingly positive.

Yes, GHD Australia is an excellent brand.

Is The GHD Max Worth Buying?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding YES, especially if you have long, thick or curly hair you want to straighten. The GHD Max gives you the shiny sleek straight hair style you want without damaging your hair. It is also versatile in being able to create loose curls too.

After testing the GHD Max Professional Wide Plate Styler and comparing it to previous hair straighteners I’ve used and tested, I believe the results speak for themselves and this really is the best hair straightener for thick hair Australia wide as well as the best hair straightener for long hair Australia wide. The majority of GHD Max Hair Straightener reviews I’ve read agree with this.

The GHD Max is the ideal hair styler for achieving party perfect hair and would make a fabulous Christmas gift for your long hair, thick hair and curly hair friends and family members.

GHD Wide Plate Best Price

The only downside to the GHD Max Styler is its price but this doesn’t seem so bad once you  consider how much you will save by styling your hair at home yourself instead of visiting the hairdresser and how long you will continue using it. I have used my original GHD hair straightener for over 5 years and it is still in perfect working condition. I expect this GHD Max Styler to be an equally long lasting GHD hair straightener with equally good longevity.

It is also worth noting that the GHD warranty Australia wide for the GHD Max Styler is 2 years. I have never however had any problems with any of the GHD hair styling tools I’ve owned.

There are cheaper hair straighteners on the market but you do tend to get the quality you pay for with hair straighteners. I’d be very wary of using a $20 hair straightener. There is a real risk of burning your hair with cheap hair straighteners if they don’t have an even distribution of heat. Once your hair is burnt there is no fixing it other than cutting it off! In my opinion paying more for good quality is totally worth it when buying a hair straightener.

It is however worth looking for the GHD Wide Plate best price and checking out beauty sales. At the time of writing this article we found the GHD Max Hair Straightener best price HERE.

Also click HERE to check the GHD Max Hair Straightener price at GHD Hair.

I hope this review has helped you and clarified whether the GHD Max Wide Plate Styler is the best hair styler for you. It is certainly my current hair styler of choice.

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