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How To Achieve Luxurious Full Swishable Party Hair

We are now in party season!  And what does everyone want in party season – luxurious full swishable hair – the perfect ‘party do’! Well that’s what I want any way!  Having naturally fine and limp hair, as do over a third of Australian women, I’d love to visit my hairdresser prior to every party […] Read more…

7 Ways To Avoid Frizzy hair

7 Ways To Avoid Frizzy Hair

Do you have frizzy hair? Do you know what causes frizzy hair? Do you know how to avoid frizzy hair? If you answered ‘yes’ to the first question and ‘no’ to the last two questions then read on.  This blog post has been written specifically to help you AVOID frizzy hair! What Causes Frizzy Hair? […] Read more…

bhave Smoothe Treatment

bhave Smoothe Treatment

About a month ago I underwent my third in-salon bhave Smoothe Treatment. You know a beauty blogger absolutely loves a treatment when they have it this many times! No more needing to use a straightening brush to control my frizz!   Here are the results! With results like these it’s no wonder I love this […] Read more…

Recent Empties

Recent Empties

It’s been three months since my last empties post and in that time I’ve finished quite a few more products. Some I’ve loved and will replace, others I’ve liked enough to finish but haven’t necessarily loved enough to replace. So without any further chit chat let’s look at what I’ve finished and whether I will […] Read more…

Recent Empties

Recent Empties

Although I titled this post ‘Recent Empties’ I could just as accurately have titled it ‘Recent Favourites’ as the majority of finished products in this post are all favourites of mine. I guess this isn’t really that surprising as being a beauty blogger if I don’t like a product or if it isn’t effective for […] Read more…

bhave pre & post

How To Cure Frizzy Hair and Make It ‘Bhave’

I definitely didn’t win the hair lottery when I was born! Instead I inherited fine hair that’s not straight and not curly but has a bit of an unruly wave to it. I’m forever using my hair straightening brush, or using more time intensive styling techniques and products galore in my hair as I tend […] Read more…

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