Perfumes are one of my favourite beauty items so I’m happy to write this Katy Perry perfume review of the new Katy Perry Mad Potion fragrance for you.

Katy Perry Perfume Review – Katy Perry Mad Potion

Katy Perry Mad Potion is a spellbinding oriental musk. This Katy Perry fragrance is very different to her other fruitier floral creations, with its rich deliciously seductive vanillas from around the world.

Top :      Tahitian Vanilla Orchid, Apple Musk, Pink Peonies
Heart:     Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Jasmine Petals
Base:     Mexican Vanilla Bean Absolute, Magical Musk, Glowing Amber.  

Katy Perry Mad Potion
Katy Perry Mad Potion

I found this Katy Perry perfume to be beautifully soft and sweet yet sexy in a bewitching way, not quite what I was expecting from the “Mad Potion” title. It is a fun scent and different to anything I already have in my fragrance collection.

I thought the fragrance lasted well on my skin for about 5 hours. I was then surprised when my youngest son came home from school and I hugged him, and he told me I smelt nice. He could still smell the Mad Potion fragrance on me a good 9 hours after I had originally applied it at 6.30am before leaving for work!

Katy Perry Mad Potion
Katy Perry Mad Potion

Katy Perry Perfume Review – Katy Perry Mad Potion Bottle

This bottle is fun with a capital F! It’s a frosted finish potion bottle, with a sparkling purple mystical crystal ball-like lid. The bottle, with it’s bright purple potion inside, has a magical glowing look to it. 
Katy Perry Mad Potion
Katy Perry Mad Potion


Mad Potion totally looks like it was brewed by a magical, mystical and slightly mad sorceress! I love the colour purple and I love the whimsical, quirky nature of this bottle. After I finish this fragrance I will definitely keep the bottle!

As you can tell from this positive Katy Perry Mad Potion review I am a huge fan of this perfume!

Katy Perry Mad Potion
Katy Perry Mad Potion
Another Katy Perry beauty collaboration that has amazing packaging is the Katy Perry x Covergirl Katy Kat palettes with their cat shaped pans which I reviewed HERE.

Katy Perry’s Mad Potion fragrance is available to buy HERE.
Which fragrance bottles are your most quirky or whimsical? 
Which fragrance are you currently wearing the most?
* This product was kindly sent to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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