I am so excited to write this Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Iron review for you. This curling iron that spins is a complete game changer for hair styling! And it’s not just me that thinks this, all the other Luxcurly curling iron reviews I’ve read totally agree!
Do you struggle with styling your hair? 
Do you have major hair envy of girls with beautiful beachy, boho, tousled or glamourous curls?
Think Miranda Kerr, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex and almost every Hollywood star gracing the red carpet these days! They all have beautiful enviably styled curled hair!
Would you like a quick, easy, fail-safe & fuss-free way to create gorgeous curls?

If like me you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then you need to keep reading!

Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Irons

A couple of weeks ago the opportunity arose for me to trial a Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Iron. 

As my answer to all the above questions was a big yes I knew I needed to push aside my memories of burning my hand on a previous curling iron and having totally uneven curls especially around the back of my head, to grab this opportunity and give DIY curls one last try! 

The Luxcurly was described as “the simple solution to make luscious locks achievable for even the most apprentice of hair curlers”. This sounded like exactly what I needed!

There are two styles of Luxcurly auto rotating curling irons: 

  • the Luxcurly Lux Classic, with a cone shaped barrel. This is suitable for fine and/or short to medium hair. It creates more defined, tighter curls, like Hollywood classic starlets.
  • the Luxcurly Lux Natural, with a round shaped barrel. This is suitable for thick hair and/or medium to long hair. It creates more natural, relaxed curls.

As my hair is long and it was the more natural, relaxed wavy type of curl I was after I trialed the Luxcurly Lux Natural.

Luxcurly Natural
Luxcurly Natural

Luxcurly Lux Natural Curling Iron Review

The Luxcurly Lux Natural is a 28mm barrel made from high quality tourmaline ceramic which results in the barrel heating up evenly and quickly, within 30 seconds. It has a 360 degree 2.5 metre long swivel cord which is very convenient if your mirror is not right next to a power point. It is an ergonomic weight and size and fitted well into my hand. It has a built in stand to rest the curling iron on to avoid scorching any furniture you rest it on. 

The auto rotating barrel of the Luxcurly is brilliant in minimising the risk of burning your hands, especially as you reach to curl the hair at the back of your head. 

With a previous curling wand I used to hit my hand against the barrel when manually winding my hair around it at the back of my head, resulting in several burns to my hand. This is the main reason I abandoned using my previous curling wand and resorted to always straightening my hair instead.

The Luxcurly is so much easier, quicker and safer to use than previous curling wands I’ve used as it does all the hard, winding work for you automatically at the push of a button. Other Luxcurly rotating curling iron reviews fully agree. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and luscious locks will be effortlessly yours within minutes, even if you’re a curling novice like me!

  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant.
  2. Plug your Luxcurly into the power point. Turn the power point on. Press the Luxcurly “on” switch.
  3. Set the temperature on the Luxcurly using the “+/-” buttons. The temperature clearly displays on a mini LCD screen at the base of the curling iron. The temperature setting automatically sets to 180 degrees but can be varied up to 220 degrees Celsius and also down. After a bit of experimentation I found the 180 degrees temperature worked best for me. 
  4. Divide your hair into three layers and then one layer at a time, starting from the bottom layer, take a small section of your hair and place the ends under the clamp of the Luxcurly.
  5. Press either the L or R button depending on which way you want your curls to be formed.
  6. Leave your hair in the curler for 10 seconds, then press the opposite directional button to release your hair away. Release your hair from the clamp and voila one perfectly formed curl! How quick and easy is that!
With Luxcurly beautiful hair is a touch away! I still might not look like Miranda Kerr, Kate or Meghan, but at least I have an alternative easy & fuss-free go-to hairstyle now!

Below is a before and after photo of my first attempt at using the Luxcurly. Originally I had planned to practice using it several times before photographing the end result but I changed my mind and decided to show you my first attempt instead to show how easy the Luxcurly is to use for even an apprentice hair curler like myself! 

Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Iron Review
Before & After Luxcurly

What is your go-to hair style for a night out?
NOTE: This Luxcurly curling iron is unfortunately no longer being made. Click here to see the best hair curlers currently available.
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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I an affiliate of this product. I was kindly sent this product for editorial consideration. As with all my posts it is 100% honest and my own personal opinion.
* The photographed product was kindly gifted to me. Full disclosure policy here.

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