With the new release of the Mavala Sunlight Collection of lipsticks it’s time for another Mavala lipstick review on Fabulous and Fun Life.

Regular readers would know of my love for Mavala lipsticks.

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Mavala Sunlight Collection

The Mavala Sunlight Collection reflects the Spring-Summer 2019 makeup trends of pure, ethereal beauty.

Everyone knows the flattering ‘Instagram’ filter effect of a sunset or just kissed hue. Berry shades and timeless reds are also flattering. This is what the Mavala Sunlight Collection takes inspiration from, the celebration of the sun and of life.

The golden hour of light around dusk is what a lot of photographers wait for each day, that beautiful ethereal light of dusk. This inspiration is seen especially in the three pearl lipsticks in the Mavala Sunlight collection.

Mavala Lipstick Shades – Sunlight Collection

The Mavala Sunlight Collection of lipsticks shades ranges from a nude beige and pink, to burnt golds and browns, and a bursting red. Three of the colours are pearl.

Mavala Lipstick Review
Mavala Sunlight Collection. The shades are in the same order left to right as listed below.

The 6 Mavala lipstick shades are:

  • 591 Fantasy Rose* – a bewitching and magical pink
  • 592 Terra Viva – a terracotta shade
  • 593 Coral Orange – a solar & luminous orange
  • 594 Scarlet Red* – a chic, bright red scarlet
  • 595 Cloud Beige* – a soft & velvety beige, &
  • 596 Terra Rossa – a brown that has more than one trick up its sleeve.

* pearl colour

The 6 lipstick shades in the Mavala Sunlight Collection are designed to complement the 6 nail polishes in the Mavala Solaris Collection.

Mavala Sunlight & Mavala Solaris Collections
Mavala Sunlight & Mavala Solaris Collections

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Mavala Lipstick Swatches – Sunlight Collection

Mavala Lipstick Swatches Sunlight Collection
Mavala Lipstick Swatches Sunlight Collection

I’m especially loving the extra shimmer that the pearl shades provide. These are perfect for the Spring – summer seasons.

My absolute favourite shade however is the Terra Rossa shade on the far left. I will be wearing this gorgeously flattering shade all year round!

How To Use the Mavala Sunlight Collection

The 6 lipsticks in the Mavala Sunlight collection can be used in the classic way.

They can also be used for a ‘bitten lips’ effect as originated from South Korea. For this effect the lips are tinted with a subtle dose of colour and then faded or smudged towards the edges, as if the lips have been passionately kissed.

Mavala Lipstick Review

Like my other Mavala lipstick review this is another positive Mavala review.

These Mavala Sunlight lipsticks feel comfortable and nourishing to wear all day thanks to the inclusion of shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E in their formula.

Mavala lipsticks also contain Prolip, a protecting, moisturising and repairing complex. This elevates these lipsticks from a purely pretty cosmetic product to a treatment makeup that prevents dryness, softens and regenerates.

Mavala lipsticks also contain UVB sun filters.

I found these lipsticks to glide on smoothly. They created a beautiful shiny satin finish and left my lips feeling soft and silky.

They are also long lasting. For an even better hold you can apply a lip base before the lipstick or a touch of foundation or powder to your lips beforehand.

Where To Buy Mavala Australia

Mavala lipsticks are available from selected pharmacies nationally and also from mavala.com.au.

Mavala Sunlight & Solaris Collections
Mavala Sunlight & Solaris Collections

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 * The above Mavala lipsticks were kindly gifted to me. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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