Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection

Nothing shouts out Summer like bright neon-like colours. Summer is a time for fun and a time for being a bit crazy. The latest Mavala mini nail polish collection fully embraces this playful attitude. Keep reading this Mavala nail polish review to find out all about the new Mavala Bubble Gum Collection.

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Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection

Penelope, my pool inflatable flamingo, fully approves of these Summery Mavala Bubble Gum Collection shades too and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of them meeting each other!

Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Shades

There are six fun, neon-like bold and shiny shades in the Mavala Bubble Gum Collection including:

  • 342 Very Cherry – a blasting pink
  • 343 Blueberry – a shocking blue
  • 344 Lemon Drop – a bubbly yellow
  • 345 Orange Sherbet – a juicy orange
  • 346 Green Apple – an amazing green, &
  • 347 Big Bubble – a cotton candy pink.
Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection

You can wear each shade on it’s own or you can add some extra fun by inventing your own playful pop style design. My nail polish design skills are fairly limited but even this simple dot design adds an element of Summer playfulness to any outfit.

Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection – Spotty Nail Design

When applying this nail polish I use a base coat and top coat to further increase the longevity of my nail polish. All photographed swatches in this post are of two coats of polish and no base coat nor top coat.

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Mavala Nail Polish Review

Mavala nail polishes all come in cute mini bottles with golden octagonal lids.

The advantages of the mini bottle include a handy purse sized product, a cheaper price meaning you can buy more different shades and the fact that you’re also more likely to use up the whole nail polish with no waste in one season.

I like the short yet wide brush size which allows more control over the brush upon application.

Mavala nail polishes dry relatively quickly and have long lasting shine and hold.

I recommend two coats of these polishes as one looks a bit streaky, although I do like the more transparent one coat look of these Mavala nail varnishes.

Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection

Mavala Nail Polish Ingredients

I love that Mavala nail varnishes are worry free regarding their ingredients.

Mavala nail polishes are:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Camphor free
  • Toluene free
  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free
  • Animal ingredient free
  • No added nickel &
  • No added rosin.

Mavala nail polish ingredients include:

  • Resins form the base of Mavala nail polishes. This includes nitrocellulose which is a natural product extracted from wood
  • Wise blending of plasticisers which optimise the shine, the hold and the drying
  • Solvents, &
  • Colourants.
Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Bubble Gum Nail Polish Collection

Beauty Awards Won

A good indication of the high quality of Mavala nail polishes is all the overwhelmingly positive Mavala reviews Australia wide that have been published. Another good indicator is the list of beauty awards Mavala has won in Australia including:

  • Beauty Bible Awards Beauty Steals Winner
  • Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards Winner 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Beauty Shortlist Awards Winner 2015, &
  • Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Winner 2018.

Where To Buy Mavala

For those of you wanting to know where to buy Mavala nail polish Australia wide, selected pharmacies nationally are Mavala nail polish stockists. You can also buy Mavala online at

You may not be aware that Mavala also now has a skincare collection. Click HERE to read my Mavala skincare review now.

Do you own any Mavala nail polishes?

Which shade of nail polish from this Mavala Bubble Gum Collection appeals to you the most?

* The above Mavala nail polishes were kindly gifted to me. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. Thanks Laura. The Mavala nail polish formula is one of my favourite nail polish formulas too! Plus I love the applicator brush. It’s exactly the right length and width!

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