I was ecstatic to receive the latest Mavala nail polish collection of Mavala Cyber Chic metallic nail polish, to enable me share this Mavala nail polish review with you.

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Looking interstellar is the latest fashion trend for this Summer. Foil-like metallic fabrics especially futuristic silver, ultra reflecting mylar-like leather and similar iridescent, seemingly holographic materials are totally in. Thus this latest Cyber Chic Mavala nail polish collection is right on trend. The Mavala Cyber Violet is especially amazing!

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Mavala Nail Polish Review
Mavala Cyber Chic Collection

Mavala Cyber Chic Metallic Nail Polish Colours

If you love metallics and silver as much as I do you will absolutely love the Mavala metallic nail polish colours in the new Mavala Cyber Chic Collection.

There are six silver metallic nuanced shades in this collection:

  • 994 Mavala Cyber Pink
  • 995 Mavala Cyber Blush
  • 996 Mavala Cyber Silver
  • 997 Mavala Cyber Violet
  • 998 Mavala Cyber Gold &
  • 999 Mavala Cyber Blue.
Mavala Cyber Chic Metallic Nail Polish Collection
Mavala Cyber Chic Metallic Nail Polish Collection

I’m already calling this Mavala Cyber Chic Collection the best metallic nail polish collection ever!

The sparkle and high shine of these polishes is out of this world. I love silver and metallics, I always have. Every one of these shimmery metallic colours has me swooning! They are so shimmerliciously gorgeous! Yes that is now an official word in case you’re wondering.

Mavala Nail Polish Swatches – Cyber Chic Metallics

Just look at these stunning Cyber Chic Collection Mavala nail polish swatches. Do keep in mind however that each of these Mavala swatches looks even better in real life than in my photos.

(Please excuse my dodgy technique on the Mavala Cyber Violet swatch as I was doing these swatches outside and a tiny flying insect took a liking to the violet one before it was dry. It must have been a fashion conscious insect coming in for a closer look because this violet shade is absolutely stunning!.)

Mavala nail polish review
Mavala Cyber Chic Nail Polishes

Best Light Blue Metallic Nail Polish

The Cyber Blue in particular is the best light blue metallic nail polish I’ve ever seen!

Fun random fact: This Mavala Cyber Blue nail polish recently elevated me to ‘Best Aunt’ status with my young niece after I applied it to her nails when she came over dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. I suspect she may come over dressed up as Elsa more often now – lol! Maybe I’ll need to buy her a bottle of her own.

My other absolute favourite shade in this collection is the Cyber Blush. Regular readers of Fabulous and Fun Life will know of my ongoing obsession with all things rose gold. Rose gold is such a flattering colour for every single skin tone. The Cyber Blush in this collection is stunning!

Mavala Nail Polish Reviews

All the reviews I’ve read of Mavala Australia wide are overwhelmingly positive. My Mavala review is positive too.

These polishes come in cute mini bottles with beautiful octagonal golden cap lids. I love the Mavala mini nail polish bottle size. Not only does it look adorable but it is so handy to keep in my bag and I’m more likely to use up the whole polish with no waste in one season. Thanks to it’s small size it is also more affordable enabling more colours to be bought!

Mavala metallic nail polish
Mavala Cyber Chic Collection

I found these Mavala nail polishes to apply beautifully. Flying insect problems aside, I had no problems achieving an even and streak-free finish with two coats of these Mavala nail polishes. The pigment of these polishes is good enough to get away with only one coat if you’re in a hurry but two coats plus a top coat will obviously increase the longevity of the application.

The short yet wide brush is easy to control and apply with. The polish dries quickly and it lasted surprisingly long on my nails. I got 10 days wear from my application which for me is amazing as I use my hands a lot!

The high shine metallic finish of these Mavala Cyber Chic collection shades is stunning.

Mavala Nail Polish Ingredients

What impressed me the most is what these Mavala nail polishes DON’T contain.

Mavala is:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Toluene free
  • Camphor free
  • Phthalate free
  • Paraben free
  • Animal ingredient free
  • No added rosin &
  • No added nickel.

Mavala nail polish ingredients DO include:

  • Resins form the base of these nail polishes, which includes nitrocellulose, a natural product extracted from wood
  • Wise blending of plasticisers optimise the shine, hold and drying of these polishes
  • Colourants, &
  • Solvents.
Mavala Nail Polish Review Metallic Nail Polish
Mavala Cyber Chic Collection


Award Winning Nail Polish

Given that Mavala nail polishes are free from any chemical nasties, and apply and wear so beautifully it is no surprise to me that Mavala mini colours have won so many beauty awards year after year including winning a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award this year and numerous Natural Health Magazine awards in previous years.

Mavala Nail Polish Stockists

For those of you wondering where to buy Mavala nail polish Australia wide, Australian Mavala stockists include selected pharmacies nationally and online at http://www.mavala.com.au.

Mavala Metallic Nail Polish Review

Have you used any Mavala nail polishes?

Which of these Mavala nail polish colours appeals to you the most?

* The above Mavala products were kindly gifted to me. This post may include some affiliate links. Full disclosure policy here.

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