To be honest up to now I have always been hesitant to buy prescription glasses online without being able to try the frames on in person. 

I have enough difficulties buying glasses instore so I thought buying glasses online would be even harder.

So when I was offered the opportunity to choose a pair of prescription glasses online as a gift from I nearly declined this offer but then as I had experienced four unsuccessful trips to various instore glasses shops at Chatswood, St Ives, Warringah Mall and the Macquarie Centre to find glasses I liked I changed my mind and decided to give online glasses shopping a go! 

I am so glad I did take up this opportunity because buying prescription glasses online and choosing frames to suit my face was sooooo much easier online than instore! 

Let me explain why!

Buying Prescription Glasses Online
Buying New Prescription Glasses Online
On every occasion when I went instore I had an over attentive sales assistant telling me the glasses I was trying on looked wonderful when I totally didn’t agree! I became frustrated on each occasion trying on between 10 – 20 frames in each store with the sales assistant hovering right next to me and not finding any I liked.

I also had difficulties seeing what they looked like on me as the glasses I was trying on obviously weren’t fitted with my prescription.  

Online is so much more leisurely and less stressful. It is actually a fun experience! 

I started off checking out the thousands of different styles of women’s glasses. 

To narrow my choice down I limited my price to under $70. There were still hundreds of glasses to choose from.

Once I found some glasses I thought I might like I simply clicked on the ‘Try On’ option to see a model wearing the glasses. 

My favourite feature however was the ‘Try On With A Close Up Pic’ option where I could upload a selfie and then see how the glasses would look on me!

Trying On Different Glasses Virtually
Trying On Different Glasses Online

This is the best feature ever! 

It is so quick and easy to click on the glasses and then see on your own photo what the glasses will look like.

It is definitely quicker and easier than actually trying on the glasses in real life.

This is also a great tool to use when buying kids glasses.

Plus as I was wearing my own prescription glasses at the time I could see clearly what I would look like wearing the chosen glasses.

I was quickly able to rule out styles and colours of frames that simply did not suit me. 

Harry Potter style round lenses and red frames are definitely not the best choice for me – lol!

Here’s a photo of the reading glasses I ended up choosing. 

New Prescription Reading Glasses
New Prescription Reading Glasses

Optically also sells a huge range of prescription sunglasses with prices starting from $15 and ranging up to $200. I might need to order a new pair in time for the warmer weather and sunshine.  

The other huge benefit of buying glasses online is the heavily discounted price. 

Prices for a complete pair of prescription glasses including the lenses themselves, the frames and the postage start from $19! 

For those of you who have previously paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars instore for a pair of prescription glasses like I have, you will know what a bargain price this is! 

I’m sure you’re now wondering about the quality of these online glasses. Let me reassure you that I have no complaints whatsoever about the quality of the glasses I received! 

If you are not completely satisfied Optically have a 100% guarantee which enables you to obtain a full refund.

I’m so tempted to now buy several more pairs of prescription glasses online so I can have a wardrobe of glasses to coordinate with different outfits! 

Do you have a wardrobe of glasses? 


Have you bought any glasses online? 


The above pair of prescription glasses was kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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