When SunSense asked me to write an article about my experience with malignant melanoma I hesitated a bit at first. 
I was nervous about sharing my story on a large website rather than on my own blog, but to be honest it didn’t take too long before I gave myself a stern talking to and came to the conclusion that if my story could help encourage others to be more sun safe and thus prevent them from developing skin cancer, then I should do it!
My Melanoma Story
My Melanoma Story
I admire SunSense as a company and the great job they do in educating the community on the importance of protecting themselves and their families against sun damage. I also genuinely love and use SunSense sunscreens on myself and my family on a regular basis, not just when they are gifted to me. It was these two additional factors that helped make the decision to share my story on the SunSense website even easier. 
SunSense is a trusted Australian brand of sunscreen with so many different options available to suit every body. Whether you are looking for a spray, a roll on, a cream, a lotion or a gel, whether you want a sunscreen specifically for sensitive skin or specifically for your face, SunSense has one to meet your needs. 

SunSense even have an anti-ageing matte finish SPF 50+ sunscreen with an invisible tint which is one of my favourites!
All SunSense sunscreens are fragrance free, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. they also all contain Vitamin B3, an ingredient that is showing impressive benefits to the skin.

All SunSense sunscreens meet my needs for a trusted, effective, easily absorbed, broad spectrum sunscreen with a very high SPF. 

SunSense Range of Sunscreen Products
SunSense Range of Sunscreen Products
As a result of the above, rather than being nervous anymore, I’m actually excited about being featured on the SunSense website and I sincerely hope that it encourages everyone reading the article to be more sun aware and sun safe than I used to be. Learn from my childhood mistakes! 
So if you are interested in reading my melanoma story and finding out a bit more about my childhood and what growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was like click HERE to go to the SunSense website where my story is featured. 
Sharing My Story On The SunSense Website
Sharing My Story On The SunSense Website
Sharing My Story On The SunSense Website
Sharing My Story On The SunSense Website
Learn from my mistakes and remember that there is no such thing as a ‘safe’ tan. If you want a tanned skin use fake tan instead. Click HERE to read The Ultimate Guide to Achieving the Best Fake Tan.
SunSense sunscreens are available exclusively in pharmacies and Priceline stores 
Australia wide. 
Click HERE to purchase SunSense sunscreens from Priceline online if you are needing 
to stock up in time for summer and replace your old out of date sunscreens.

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* Please note that the photographed sunscreens were gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions and obviously experiences are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

28 comments on “My Melanoma Story”

  1. I admire your courage Ingrid, and I'm certain your story will really hit home to a very wide audience. Sounds like we have similar stories as far as sunbaking-in-youth are concerned. Honestly I cringe when I think back on how many hours I spent cooking my skin to get a tan. Fortunately I haven't had a problem (so far), but I'm ever mindful to check my bod regularly, and I too trust Sunsense to protect what I didn't look after before ♥♥♥

  2. Good on you for sharing your story. I grew up in the harsh QLD sun and never wore sunscreen (just how it was back then) but I try to be more diligent now as it really is something that can come out of nowhere. You've inspired me to take better care of myself! xx

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #OverTheMoon. I look forward to what you will share next week! Do something special. Give yourself a standing ovation today! We hope you’ll come back again next Sunday when we open our doors at 6:00 PM EST. Sweep someone off their feet today!

  4. I use the SunSense sensitive for my son – he has albinism (no melanin/pigmentation at all) so it's vital we protect his skin as he has a much higher chance of developing skin cancer down the track. The SunSense sensitive is a thick physical barrier sunscreen and is kind on skin too. You do tend to look like a ghost once it's on but at least I know we are definitely protected!

  5. I don't remember having used sunscreen in the seventies and eighties, I do remember having my shoulders peel once or twice. It was probably more than that! Thanks for sharing your story. We know better these days about the dangers of UV rays. We don't go out with out sunscreen now, but I most definitely should have a skin check.

  6. I shall pop over and read your story.
    I love these products and use them daily. Unfortunately for me though, despite slathering them on myself since I was 15, cancer got to me by another means. I have spent the year fighting breast cancer. Never saw that one coming!

  7. I was a child of the 70's and 80's too Ingrid and I baked myself in either coconut oil or baby oil! I have fair skin but I used to be always very brown back then. I am sure I am going to have problems. I'm thankful the kids of today are better informed. I hope they listen. This post has prompted me to grab some SunSense Sunscreen (because it's great for my sensitive skin and love the SPF50) when I'm at the shops tomorrow … for the cruise!! #TeamLovinLife

  8. I think we all spent WAY too much time exposed to the sun when we were teenagers. I know I was very careful with my own children. I've had innumerable moles removed and get my skin checked every year or two because of all the damage from those 1970s!

  9. It's definitely important to raise awareness of melanoma. We are SO complacent about sun safety, even though we've been told. I'm super careful about the sun and sunscreen, as I lost my Dad to melanoma and I've had several large SCCs and BCCs removed – up to about 100 stitches already. Be careful in the sun people!! #TeamLovinLife

  10. Thank you for sharing your story – It is so important .
    I had a malignant melanoma removed from my face last year . It was detected early by my Specialist at a followup appointment for two other cancers. He also was a Melanoma specialist and casually noticed the change from a year before.

  11. I am very guilty of not having skin checks although I know the problems that can occur. Thank you so much for taking the step and sharing your story. It will certainly encourage others to have regular skin checks and be more mindful.

  12. I really really really need to get a skin check. I'm very overdue and have had a couple of spots on my neck I've worried about. In Brisbane I went to a specialist skin check place but we don't have any here in my seachange town and I'm not sure my GP is the best person to do that check, but I guess she would be better than avoiding it!

  13. What a great post that everyone should take the chance to read! Thank you for sharing your story Ingrid, while I haven't personally had this happen to me my aunty did and I know what a scary thing it was to endure. It was very brave of you to share and I hope it educates others on the seriousness of skincare! x

  14. We definiely need some more. With six of us we get through a lot, and many seem to go missing. We need a big tub for home and then a few smaller ones, time to make that summer investment. Off to read your article.

  15. Oh how exciting!! Congrats and good on you for sharing your story. I'm sure it will do an awesome job of raising awareness. I love the sound of that tint sunscreen. I had my skin checked on the weekend and got the all clear. Phew.

  16. My dad's doctor recommended SunSense suncream when he had skin cancers cut out of the top of his head. Some of the suncreams he'd been previously using hadn't protected his skin as he thought. I now use it on myself and my girls.

  17. What a great post for Sunsense and good on you for sharing your story. Hubster and I have both had skin cancers (SCC and BCC) which I have written about on my blog. Finding out I had an SCC on my nose was a shock – I had a tiny patch of darkened skin, that looked nothing like the warning signs I'd always heard about. I think the message about the signs of potential melanomas had got through, but I wasn't as alert to the signs of other skin cancers. Fortunately I just happened to mention it in passing to my doctor and it got diagnosed early on so I didn't need surgery!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  18. Thanks for sharing your story Ingrid, it is really very helpful. You were lucky your melanoma diagnosed early.
    We migrated here 5 years back and honestly at that time we did not know much about sun safety. But now we regularly use sunscreen and ego sunsense is our favourite brand too.

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