Botani Natural Skin Care

Botani believes that beautiful skin lies in Hippocrates’ concept of ‘the healing power of nature’, using ingredients that work in sync with the skin, allowing it to breathe instead of suffocating it with petroleum derivatives. Botani natural skin care products are made in Australia using natural, wild harvested and organic certified ingredients from the highest quality […] Read more…

Genie Exfoliate 3

Genie Beauty Genie Beauty is a brand that specialises in instant skincare with instant benefit driven products. It uses advanced technology, techniques and ingredients that end with the long-term benefits of repairing and transforming your skin. No more waiting months, weeks or even days to see results – just minutes!  Genie Beauty is instant skincare, instant […] Read more…

W7 Very Vegan Makeup

More beauty lovers are now vegan than ever before. It is thus exciting to see W7 Cosmetics introduce their W7 Very Vegan Makeup range into Australia! W7 developed their Very Vegan cosmetics range according to the rules and regulations of The Vegan Society, which has allowed W7 to successfully have this range vegan certified. In order to […] Read more…

50 Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil Uses!

Nutrimetics are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, so to celebrate I’ve written this article listing not 30 Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil uses, not 40 Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil uses but a massive 50 Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil uses! Over these 50 years Nutrimetics’ values and philosophies have always remained the same. “Pure, potent naturally […] Read more…

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