I love, love, LOVE counting down the days to Christmas with beauty advent calendars. Not only do I love skincare advent calendars and makeup beauty advent calendars but I also love fragranced candle advent calendars. My favourite fragranced candle advent calendar is the Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar. Here is my Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar review to help you decide whether this is an advent calendar you too would love.

Although the packaging and exact contents of this candle advent calendar varies slightly  from year to year overall it remains fairly similar. This 2022 advent calendar review will give you a good idea of what quality and variety of candles to expect in the 2023 candle advent calendar.

Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar Review

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Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar Australia Packaging 2022

The 2022 Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar Australia is gorgeously designed in pale pink, pale purple and gold colours. It looks festive without being over the top Christmas-y.

Palm Beach Advent Calendar
Palm Beach Advent Calendar

This Palm Beach candle advent calendar box measures approximately 28cms high x 20cms wide x 5.5cms deep. It has two flaps which open up, one on either side of the box to reveal the 12 scented candles inside the box.

Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar
Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar

The rear of the candle advent calendar box lists each candle scent included in this advent calendar with a brief description of it.

There is also a QR code on the rear of the box that can be scanned to access a collection of favourite Christmas tunes called “It’s a Palm Beach Christmas” that you can listen to as you relax and enjoy the ambiance of your lit candles.

Every scented candle is packaged in an individual cardboard box inside the main box and has the advent number from 1 to 12 and also the name of the candle’s scent printed in gold on the front of the box.

Advent Calendar Candle
Advent Calendar Candle

Each candle itself is housed in a 5cm high white vessel with a Christmas pattern of either gold stars or Christmas trees, then stripes and then the advent day number printed around the vessel.

I love that the packaging of this candle advent calendar is fully cardboard and thus fully recyclable.

Palm Beach Advent Calendar Candles 2022

The Palm Beach advent calendar contains 12 x 50g differently scented mini candles.

The scents included are:

  1. Summer Spritz
  2. Mango Meringue
  3. Caramel Drizzle
  4. Espresso Martini
  5. Gin & Tonic
  6. Margarita
  7. Chocolate Candy Cane
  8. Christmas Tree
  9. Gingerbread Crumbs
  10. Christmas Pudding
  11. Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow
  12. Fruit Mince Pie.

Each candle has up to a 10 hour burn time with a 100% cotton wick to ensure a clean, even burn.

Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar Review

Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar
Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar

I consider the Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar to be the best candle advent calendar Australia wide based on it’s price, design and variety of scented advent calendar candles.

All the fragrances are best-selling Palm Beach candle scents and I love that there is a mix of obviously Christmas-y scents such as Gingerbread Crumbs as well as other scents such as Gin & Tonic that can be used any time of year without people thinking it’s a Christmas scent. This is a definite advantage of this candle advent calendar especially if like me you never burn all the candles in the lead up to Christmas but usually have several left to burn in the new year.

Another pro of the Palm Beach Advent Calendar is that the candles are Australian hand poured with fine fragrance oils and soy wax so you are supporting an Australian small business with your purchase.

I also love that the candles are all 50g which is big enough to burn for 10 hours but small enough to keep the price of this advent calendar affordable. The Palm Beach candle advent calendar’s affordable price and amazing value for money are a definite advantage of this candle advent calendar.

This Palm Beach advent calendar does however have a disadvantage too compared to other candle advent calendars.

I’m disappointed that due to the packaging of this advent calendar I can immediately see all the different varieties of scented candles when I open the advent calendar. Thus there is no exciting anticipation to reveal the scent of the candle each morning. I would prefer the outside of each individual candle box NOT to reveal the variety of candle inside it so as to give me a surprise each day.

Overall the advantages of this candle advent calendar do outweigh the disadvantage in my opinion. Buying this Palm Beach Advent Calendar is the best way to try out 12 beautifully scented candles for a fraction of the cost of purchasing full sized versions of them all individually.

I highly recommend this Palm Beach candle advent calendar and fully plan to buy it again next year. This advent calendar is so good for getting anyone into the festive spirit.

Palm Beach Candle Advent Calendar

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