QV is one of those staple tried and tested brands that has always played a part in my skin care regime.
It is a skin care brand that is specifically recommended to people with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema, and as a result QV products are also a lot kinder to people with ‘normal’ skin too!
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QV Skin Care Through The Generations
QV Skin Care Through The Generations
I can’t actually remember the first time I used QV. It would have been when I was growing up and living in my childhood home. I just remember that it has always been a part of my life.
Now that I’m grown up, with my own family of three children to look after and set up with good skin care habits QV is still an important part of my life and theirs. 
I started using QV on my children’s skin when they were babies and thus they probably won’t remember when they first started using it either. They’d just know that QV has always been a part of their lives too!
Being a beauty blogger I trial a large number of skin care and cosmetics products and treatments. 
I don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin but every now and then a product or treatment will react and irritate my skin and that’s when I reach for my trusted QV range of products.
One recent example of my skin reacting to a beauty treatment was when I started trialing an epilator for the first time last month. My skin reacted with redness and irritation immediately after this treatment and every subsequent epilating session I’ve done. So to help calm it down and reduce the discomfort I’ve been using the QV Gentle Wash and QV Skin Lotion each time after I use the epilator. It is so soothing.
QV Skin Lotion & QV Gentle Wash
QV Skin Lotion & QV Gentle Wash

QV Gentle Wash Review

This is a lovely and mild soap-free cleanser that maintains your skin’s hydration and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, not dry and tight. It is perfect for using on my irritated skin after epilating. 
I also use this QV Gentle Wash in winter when my legs tend to become super dry and dehydrated.

QV Skin Lotion Review

This is a white, luxuriously light moisturising lotion. It is very easy to apply and is perfect for relieving and helping to prevent dry skin.
It is non greasy and soaks in super fast after a shower or bath so there is no standing around in the nude and waiting for it to absorb.
QV Skin Lotion is most effective in helping to repair my skin, and it feels so soothing after my use of the epilator.
QV Face Gentle Cleanser, Ultra Calming Moisturiser, Revitalising Eye Cream & Nurturing Night Cream.
QV Face Gentle Cleanser, Ultra Calming Moisturiser, Revitalising Eye Cream & Nurturing Night Cream.
QV also have a range of face skin care products including the following.


QV Face Gentle Cleanser Review

All three of my teen children use this soap free gentle facial cleanser. It is enriched with Vitamin E and leaves the skin fresh, soft and moisturised. Like all QV Face products it is soap, fragrance and colour free, non-comedogenic so it won’t block pores, and has been dermatologically tested. I am so happy to have all three of my children, including my boys, in a good facial cleansing routine.
I use this cleanser as well when I feel my face needs some gentle TLC treatment and I need a break from other cleansers I might be trialing.

QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser Review

This is a great daily non greasy moisturiser that acts to calm and soothe the skin. It is enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 & Vitamin B3. Once again like all these products it is designed for irritated and sensitive skin.
It is suitable for use under makeup.

QV Face Nurturing Night Cream Review

This night cream contains Vitamin B3 complex and safflower oil. The safflower oil replenishes moisture levels while the Vitamin B3 helps to reduce skin sensitivity. This product also improves skin elasticity and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Yes please!

QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream review

This product also contains safflower oil and is formulated to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines for sensitive skin. It has a beautiful lightweight consistency and results in smoother refreshed looking skin. Another product that’s perfect for my 40+ year old skin!
QV products are widely available. You can click HERE to buy them from Priceline.


The above QV products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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