Oh My Gloss! I am absolutely loving these new Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! lip glosses!
Having read many an Oh My Gloss Rimmel review I can also tell you that I’m not the only one loving these lip glosses.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Review

 Oh My Gloss! lip glosses are lustrous and hi-gloss yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s probably the addition of Argan Oil and Vitamin E in their formula which makes my lips feel so nourished and moisturised whilst wearing them and not at all dry.
Unlike most of my other lip glosses these ones have the added benefit of being non sticky! Perfect for wearing in winter’s dehydrating windy weather when I’m standing on the sidelines cheering on my son in soccer (sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to calling it football).
There are 8 succulent shades of pink, red, mauve, nude and clear Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lip gloss available in Australia. I was lucky to receive 4 Rimmel Oh My Gloss shades to trial. I’ve included Oh My Gloss Rimmel swatches of these four shades below.
Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!
Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!
The Rimmel Oh My Gloss! shades I trialed are from top to bottom:
  • 520 Rebel Red
  • 330 Snog
  • 130 Purrr…Glossy Cat
  • 800 Crystal Clear.
My favourite shade to date is the Rimmel Oh My Gloss Snog, a beautiful berry colour, perfect for the current winter season! Rimmel Oh My Gloss Rebel Red is a close second! Although I do also do love the Rimmel Oh My Gloss Crystal Clear as well. This Rimmel clear lip gloss is perfect for adding over the top of my regular lipsticks. Who am I kidding, I love all these Rimmel Oh My Gloss colours and want to buy the rest of the collection too, to complete my set!

Rimmel advises these lip glosses last for up to 6 hours on your lips however I’ve found I usually have to reapply them after about three hours when I’ve had something to eat and drink. At this stage the gloss is usually worn off my lips, although there is a remaining subtle stain of colour. This doesn’t really worry me as it is so easy to reapply this lip gloss on the go with the applicator wand provided.

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!
Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!

The foam tipped applicator wand is easy to use, providing just the right amount of lip gloss to coat my lips. The Oh My Gloss! lip gloss glides onto my lips smoothly and easily. It has a pleasant vanilla like scent. 

It feels so comfortable wearing this lip gloss. It really is a nourishing and hydrating formula, perfect for my mature 40+ year old lips!

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Swatches

Below are the Rimmel lip gloss swatches of the three coloured Oh My Gloss! lip glosses I trialed. I didn’t include the Rimmel London clear lip gloss as it has a purely clear gloss finish but in hindsight I probably should have included it in this Rimmel lip gloss review too.

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!
Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!


I love these lip glosses and have been wearing them either on their own or the clear gloss on top of my regular lipstick every day since receiving them. I definitely recommend them.

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! lip glosses are affordably priced.

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Which Rimmel Oh My Gloss lip gloss do you prefer?

* The photographed products were kindly gifted to me. Full disclosure policy here.

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