Royal Easter Show showbags are a favourite tradition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

A highlight of visiting the Show is definitely a visit to the vast Showbag pavilion. Over 1.5 million showbags are sold each year at the show and there are over 400 varieties of showbags on offer.

Due to this massive selection of Easter showbags to choose from, together with the always crowded showbag area, if you don’t do your research beforehand it is extremely easy to become confused and overwhelmed in the Showbag Pavilion.

As a beauty lover my favourite Royal Easter show bags are the beauty showbags, both the makeup showbags Easter Show stocks and the skincare showbags. To help you identify the best beauty showbag for you I have reviewed the beauty showbags on offer at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show and created the following review list of showbags that are beauty related for you.

Just like beauty advent calendars at Christmas, Royal Easter Show beauty showbags are a great way to try out numerous different beauty products from the one beauty brand at a significantly discounted price.

Showbags used to be sample bags full of freebies. Now the cost of Easter showbags is from $3 each up to $35 each depending on the showbag you choose. Beauty showbags tend to be priced from $25 each. Beauty showbags are great value with the total retail value of the contents of the showbags always exceeding the price charged for the showbags.

Please note that this article will be updated with a 2024 beauty Easter show bags list as soon as these showbags are released. Beauty showbags definitely are among the best Easter show bags 2024.

Royal Easter Show Showbags For Beauty LoversBeauty Royal Easter Show Showbags

Please note that the following beauty showbag list including their contents is accurate at the time of publishing. However the suppliers have advised that contents are subject to change depending on availability.

Makeup Showbags

Australis Showbag

Australis Showbag
Australis Showbag

The Australis showbag definitely deserves a place on every beauty lovers Easter showbag list of showbags to buy. It is one of my favourite beauty Royal Easter Show Sydney showbags containing some iconic Australis products. The AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Palette is one of the best contouring and highlighting palettes on the market and the retail cost of this palette is equivalent to the $25 cost of this showbag. I consider everything else in the showbag as a bonus. The value of this beauty showbag is a massive $124.55.

  • 1x Australis Tote Bag
  • 1x AC On Tour Contouring and Highlight Palette Warm Tone
  • 1x Australis Metallix Eyeshadow Midnight Foil
  • 1x Australis Metallix Eyeshadow
  • 1x Australis Shimmer Pots Beaming Berry
  • 1x Australis Shimmer Pots Merzmermaid
  • 1x Australis Liquid Lips Tira-mis-u
  • 1x Australis Liquid Lips Pan-na-cotta
  • 1x Australis KPOP Highlighter Powder Pot

DB Designer Brands Showbag

DB Showbag (Designer Brands)
DB Showbag (Designer Brands)

This makeup Easter showbag is a great opportunity to try the latest Designer Brands makeup products and refresh your makeup kit.

The DB cosmetics showbag contains everything needed in a makeup kit for a low price of $28. This is a substantial saving from the retail cost of all these products which adds up to $86.89.

Included in this DB showbag are:

  • 1x DB Cosmetics Tote Bag
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Stay Golden Eye & Face Palette
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Just Browsing Brow Palette
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Eye Love it – 12 Shadow Eyeshadow Palette
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Infinite Gloss Long Wear Nail Polish (Mauve to the Music)
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Amazing Volume Mascara
  • 1x DB Cosmetics Kohl Pencil with Sharpener

DB Girl Showbag

DB Girl Showbag
DB Girl Showbag

The DB Girl showbag is perfect for tweens and teenage girls just starting to use makeup. It contains a great starter kit of makeup for them to experiment with and learn how to apply.

This show bag contains $59.82 worth of products and costs $20.

Contents of this beauty show bag include:

  • DB Girl Cosmetic Tote Bag
  • DB Stay Golden Eye and Face Palette
  • DB Make Em’ Blush pressed Mineral Blush
  • DB Lip Boost Lip Gloss
  • DB Lipstix Crayon
  • DB Cosmetic Online Discount Voucher

Skincare Showbags

Nude By Nature Skincare Showbag

Nude By Nature Skincare Showbag
Nude By Nature Skincare Showbag

If you are more interested in skincare rather than makeup you will love the Nude By Nature skincare show bag. The Nude by Nature Skincare showbag is the perfect introduction to natural skincare with all the products you need for a complete new skincare routine aimed to give you beautifully nourished, soft and radiant skin. These products are suitable for all skin types.

The retail value of this Nude By Nature showbag is $149 yet this show bag only costs a bargain $30. I am so tempted to buy several of these showbags to use over the next few months. This will save me so much money on my skincare!

Contents include:

  • Nude by Nature Blue Neoprene Cosmetics Bag
  • Nude by Nature Cosmetic Headband
  • Nude by Nature Energising Facial Cleanser 50ml
  • Nude by Nature Daily Moisturising Lotion 50ml
  • Nude by Nature Revitalising Eye Cream 15ml
  • Nude by Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub 50ml

Mixed Beauty Showbags

Tilly and Co Showbag

Tilly & Co Easter Showbag

The Tilly & Co showbag is a fabulous lifestyle showbag with a mix of practical skincare, dental, hair and period care products as well as a couple of home products.

Overall the retail value of this showbag adds up to $112.62 with the selling price being only $26.

Included are:

  • 1x Tilly & Co. Tote Bag (choice of two colours)
  • 1x Leopard Print Cosmetic Clutch (choice of two colours)
  • 1x Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Moisturising Cream 50ml
  • 1x REEF Sunscreen Oil SPF50+ Spray 30ml
  • 1x White Glo Toothpaste Charcoal Deep Stain Remover
  • 1x Sukin Skincare 50ml
  • 1x Batiste LUXE Dry Shampoo 200ml
  • 1x UBK Nude Liners 30pk
  • 1x UBK Designer Super Tampons 16s
  • 1x Artline At Home Fineline Pen 2pk
  • 1x Ka Pod 4 In 1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsules x 2
  • 1x Ka Pod 4 In 1 Anti Dust Mites Laundry Capsules x 2

I hope this guide has helped you find the best beauty related Sydney Royal Easter Show showbags for you. Enjoy the show and enjoy your showbags!


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