I was excited to recently be gifted a couple of luxurious Sassou Japan skin care products enabling me to share my Sassou Skin Care reviews here with you.

Sassou means ‘free and breezy from heaviness’ in Japanese and Sassou products are formulated to result in a light and relaxed feel after every use whilst providing you with noticeable skin benefits.

Sassou Skin Care

Sassou Japan is dedicated to the pursuit of clean and pure skin. It combines traditional Japanese skin care formulas with modern technology. The Sassou range consists of three series of products, namely the:

  • Gold Beauty Series,
  • Hydra Pure Series, and
  • Special Care Series.

The two Sassou skin care products I was gifted are the:

  • Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX from the Gold Beauty Series, and
  • Sassou Hydra Pure Cera+ Aqua Cream from the Hydra Pure Series.
Sassou Skin Care - Gold Infused Skin Care
Sassou Skin Care – Gold Infused Skin Care

Gold Shimmering Essence EX Review

The Gold Shimmering Essence EX comes from the Sassou Gold Beauty Series.

The four main ingredients in this series include pure gold from Japan, platinum, honey and  plant extracts.

The Gold Shimmering Essence EX contains plant based collagens and hyaluronic acids which stimulate collagen generation. This restores skin elasticity and fights against free radical assault. It also enhances detoxification which in turn improves overall skin quality and luminosity.

With pure gold leaf infused throughtout this essence it looks absolutely amazing! I feel like I should be storing this product in a vault rather than putting it on my face but the following beauty benefits of gold skin care convinced me to use it as intended on my face.

Gold Infused Skin Care - Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX
Gold Infused Skin Care – Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX

Gold Infused Skin Care Benefits

The use of gold in skin care dates back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Japanese have all considered gold to have medicinal properties and used it to treat various skin conditions.

The pure gold in Sassou products is sourced from Kyoto and Kanazawa, the Gold Leaf Capital of Japan. The fertile land and pure water there produce the finest Japanese pure gold (food grade gold leaf).

The beauty benefits of gold arise from the negative ions released by the pure gold which neutralise the positive ions in the human body which results in the following gold skin care benefits:

  • Enhanced cellular rejuvenation which increases skin elasticity & reduces wrinkles, fine lines & blemishes,
  • Improved blood circulation,
  • Increased metabolism of skin cells thus slowing down premature ageing,
  • Antioxidant properties,
  • Anti inflammatory properties, and
  • Anti bacterial properties.

How To Use The Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX

This product is very easy to use. After cleansing your face you simply apply a moderate amount of product onto your face and neck, and pat it gently until it fully absorbs.

Sassou Gold Infused Skin Care
Sassou Gold Infused Skin Care

Results of Using The Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX

I found the Sassou Gold Shimmering Essence EX to absorb into my skin very quickly. I had been a bit concerned prior to my fist use of this product that I’d end up with flakes of gold leaf stuck on my face but this was not the case at all. It all absorbed rapidly into my skin with just a few pats. Straight away my skin looked more radiant and luminous, and thus more youthful. My pores also appeared minimised and my skin felt hydrated and firmer.

Even based on my relatively short term use of this product I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the longer term benefits of continuing to use this gold skin care will be.

Sassou Hydra Pure Cera+ Aqua Cream Review

The second Sassou skin care product I received was the Sassou Hydra Pure Cera+ Aqua Cream.

Sassou Cera+ Aqua Cream
Sassou Cera+ Aqua Cream

This is a moisturising gel cream packed with super hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

With 3 different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids, 3 types of ceramides and Japanese deep ocean water, this lightweight gel cream helps to retain moisture at different skin layers 24 hours a day. The moisturising ingredients are encapsulated and are released fresh by gentle massage.

It’s easy to apply after facial cleansing and you only need to massage the cream on your face for 5 seconds to release the aqua droplets.

I love that the packaging of this product includes a mini spatula to apply the cream with, as shown in the photo below. This ensures the product stays hygienic and reduces the risk of contaminating the product.

I found this gel cream to be non-tacky and I felt the hydration benefits on my skin immediately. I love the smooth texture of gel creams like this one. A little of this product goes a long way.

Overall I love these two luxe Sassou Japan skin care products I’ve trialed and I’ll happily be continuing to use these products in my daily skin care routine.

To find out more about the Sassou skin care ranges and how to purchase these products you can visit the Sassou website HERE.

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Have you used any Japanese skin care products?

 * The above Sassou products were kindly gifted to me. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. I can’t wait to try the Gold Shimmering Essence! I haven’t tried an essence before, but this looks so easy and the gold is so enticing I can’t not use it.

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