The Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System has finally landed in Australia.

Many of you have probably seen the Shark FlexStyle go viral on TikTok and have heard people claim that it is the best Dyson Airwrap dupe but you’re wondering whether this is all just hype or whether the Shark Flex Style does actually live up to the hype.

To answer all your questions about this multi function hair styler tool I’ve been trialling it for the past three weeks and am happy to now share my experiences using it in this Shark FlexStyle review article.

Read on to find out what I thought about the Shark FlexStyle and why.

Spoiler alert: For those that don’t have the time to read this whole review I definitely think the Shark FlexStyle does live up to its hype.

Shark FlexStyle Review
Shark FlexStyle Review

What Is The Shark FlexStyle?

The Shark FlexStyle is an air styling and drying system that quickly and easily switches from being a fast no-heat-damage hair dryer to being an ultra-versatile multi-function hair styler. Its variety of attachments allows it to do the job of a hair dryer, a straightening brush, a blow out brush and a hair curler. In other words the Shark FlexStyle is designed to replace all your other hair tools with just the one multi-function tool. How versatile is that!

Another benefit of the Shark FlexStyle is that it is suitable for all hair types including straight, wavy, curly and coily. My blonde highlighted hair is slightly wavy and fine and my twenty year old daughter’s hair is thick and wavy, and the Shark FlexStyle worked well for both of us.

Dyson Dupe - Shark FlexStyle
Shark FlexStyle

Shark FlexStyle Attachments

The Shark FlexStyle comes with six attachments for styling your hair including a:

  • Styling Concentrator
  • Curl Defining Diffuser
  • Oval Brush
  • Paddle Brush
  • Auto-Wrap Curler for counter clockwise curls on the left side of your head, &
  • Auto-Wrap Curler for clockwise curls on the right side of your head,
Shark FlexStyler
Shark FlexStyler

All these Shark FlexStyle accessories come neatly packed in a stylish and luxe leather-look black carry case with a convenient handle and zipper that also holds the base handle of the Shark FlexStyle and a styling guide instruction booklet.

Shark FlexStyler Review
Shark FlexStyler

Shark FlexStyle Specifications

The Shark FlexStyle specifications are as follows:

Airflow Settings:            Low, medium & high

Temperature Settings:   Low 55°C , medium 75°C, high 95°C & cool shot

Voltage:                       220 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power:                        1400W

Colour:                       Silver or black

Cord Length:             2.8 metres

Weight:                      700g (hair dryer only with no attachments)

Product Dimensions:         4.57cm x 4.57cm x 34.29cm

Warranty:                2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Price:                      Click HERE to see current price of the Shark FlexStyle at Sephora.

Click HERE to see the current price of the Shark FlexStyle at Bing Lee.

Shark FlexStyle Review

Hair Dryer Review

Shark FlexStyle Review
Shark FlexStyle in Hair Dryer Mode

After washing my hair I use the Shark FlexStyle hair dryer to base dry my hair until it is about 80% dry before I add on the styling concentrator to achieve a smooth hairstyle.

I found this hair dryer comfortable and light to hold and use. It only weighs 700g so my arm does not tire at all when drying my hair.

Due to my mainly straight but slightly wavy hair I regularly use the styling concentrator attachment when drying my hair but curly haired gals will be happy to hear this hair dryer also comes with a curl defining diffuser that features retractable and extendable prongs.

Use the extended prongs if you have longer, thicker hair or when reaching and lifting the roots. Use the retracted prongs if you have shorter, finer hair or if your ends need a little extra life. This is the best diffuser I’ve seen that is included with a hair dryer and doesn’t need to be bought separately.

The temperature and airflow settings on the Shark FlexStyle are easy to adjust at the press of a button enabling you to have good control over your hair styling. The cool shot button is invaluable for setting your style. Overall I found this hair dryer to be be wonderfully powerful and fast, drying my hair in approximately 5 minutes flat.

The Shark FlexStyle is designed to be fast drying but with no heat damage. The tool measures and regulates temperatures 1000 times per second to ensure consistent air temperature. Even so my habit is always to use a heat protectant spray whenever I use a hair styling tool so I do that with the Shark FlexStyle too.

My haircare routine also includes the use of hair masks and hair serums.

You may also be interested to read our review of the Shark SpeedStyle if you are wanting a faster hair dryer and styler.

Oval Brush Review

Shark FlexStyle With Oval Brush Attachment

After drying it is easy to transform the hair dryer into a styling tool with a simple twist and click. The Shark FlexStyle attachments are easy to click on and off so you can smooth, straighten, volumise and curl your hair with ease.

The oval brush achieves the classic blowout look. It smooths and defrizzes hair as well as adds volume and bounce. Being able to achieve such salon worthy looks at home saves the need to visit the hairdresser as often.

This brush has two levels of bristles, smoothing bristles on the rounded edge for grabbing, smoothing and shining hair, and detangling bristles in the middle for combing and detangling hair.

You get the best result when you divide your hair into layers and sections while using the oval brush. This also allows you to achieve more lift at the roots. You can adjust the airflow and temperature setting to suit your hair. I use the medium settings for my hair.

Paddlebrush Review

Shark FlexStyle With Paddlebrush Attachment

The paddle brush allows you to quickly achieve a straight and sleek hairstyle. The end result has more body which I like than if you had used a traditional straightener.

Similar to the oval brush this paddle brush also has two different bristles including the smoothing bristles to create tension for straightening. smoothing and shining and the detangling bristles for combing and detangling.

Auto-Wrap Curler Review

Usually I struggle to curl my hair and to get my curls to hold however the Shark FlexStyle made curling my hair easy.

I 80% dried my hair, then smoothed it with the Shark FlexStyle paddle brush attachment before switching to the auto-wrap curler attachment mode. There is a separate attachment for creating clockwise and counter clockwise curls. I separated my hair into two layers and then sections for curling.

The Shark FlexStyle uses Coanda Technology, or air power, to automatically wrap your hair around the barrel from the end to the roots. You simply need to hold your hair section and  dangle the ends in front of the barrel. The ends automatically wrap around the barrel and there is no need to manually wrap your hair around the barrel. You just lift the barrel closer to your head to wrap the rest of that section of hair around the barrel. It is so clever and easy.

I found the curls held the best when I kept them wrapped around the barrel for 20 – 30 seconds and then gave them a cool shot for 10 seconds. I was so happy with the resulting salon worthy bouncy curls.

Is the Shark FlexStyle Worth Buying?

In my opinion if you frequently dry AND style your hair, especially if you dry, straighten AND curl your hair, then YES the Shark FlexStyle is definitely worth buying.

The results are impressive enabling you to achieve salon-worthy styled hair EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Shark Flex Style Air Drying and Styling System is super versatile. It replaces the need to have a separate hair dryer, hair straightening brush, blowout brush and hair curler. This not only saves you money but also saves the amount of storage space you need for your hair tools.

So although the Shark FlexStyle is not cheap in price, when you think of it in terms of the cost of all the other hair styling tools it replaces that you would no longer need to buy and the salon visits you no longer have to do, it does become quite cost effective. I consider the Shark FlexStyle to be the best hair styling tool Australia wide right now.

The Shark FlexStyle is an amazing Dyson dupe and best of all in comparison to the similar Dyson Airwrap the Shark FlexStyle is significantly cheaper in price. In fact, it is almost exactly half the price of the Dyson AirWrap.

Shark FlexStyle Where To Buy

I find it easiest to do all my price comparison research online. I usually buy online as well to save myself time driving to the shops, having to find a parking spot and then risking the styler being sold out in-store. Online shopping is so much more convenient.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Shark FlexStyle at Sephora.

Click HERE to check out the current price of the Shark FlexStyle at Bing Lee.

To date I have not seen any Shark FlexStyle sale discounts. You can check our Australian Beauty Sales Guide to see if there are any upcoming general sales at Sephora or Bing Lee which may include the Shark FlexStyle on sale.

I sincerely hope that this Shark FlexStyle review has answered all your questions about this new hair styling tool and helped you decide whether this is the best hair styling tool for you to buy too.

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