Confession time: Sometimes I tend to get a bit lazy! As much as I love to apply my makeup in the morning, I also then love to forget about it and not have to keep checking it and reapplying it throughout the day. Are you the same? If so, keep reading because this Rimmel Provocalips review is for you!

Rimmel Provocalips is the perfect lipstick for people that want to apply their lipstick once a day then forget about it! This Rimmel long lasting lipstick is amazing!

Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips

Rimmel 16 Hour Lipstick

Rimmel Provocalips is advertised as being long lasting (16 hours!!!), and also kiss proof and transfer proof. 

I was lucky to be gifted 8 shades of the new Rimmel Provocalips to trial and swatch for you.

Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips

Rimmel Provocalips Review

Provocalips comes in a double ended tube. One end contains 4ml of the kiss proof lip colour and the other end contains 3ml of the lock & shine top layer. Both ends contain a doe foot applicator. 

Applying Provocalips is an easy two step process:
Step 1: Apply the lip colour, keeping your lips apart for 60 seconds until the lip colour sets.
Step 2: Apply the gloss coat.

I applied the “Make Your Move” Provocalips at 6.30am before work. After applying just the lip colour my lips felt a bit tacky but after also applying the gloss coat my lips felt smooth, hydrated and comfortable. This is different to other long lasting lipsticks I have tried in the past which I have found to be very drying.

Kissing my husband goodbye, there was no transfer of lip colour onto him, despite several good smooches, just to make extra sure! So kiss proof – YES!

At 10am I had morning tea. For once I would have been able to dump my unwashed cup in the sink without any incriminating evidence left on the side of the cup as there was absolutely no lip colour transferred onto the edge of my cup whatsoever! Regardless, I washed my cup anyway plus that of two other females in the office whose lipstick remains on the edge of their cups made them easy to identify – I’ll have to tell them about Provocalips – lol! So transfer proof – YES!

After morning tea my lip colour still looked perfect and my lips still felt smooth, hydrated and comfortable.

After lunch at 11.30am (5 hours after applying) my lip colour was still perfectly intact but my lips felt a bit dry so I applied another coat of the gloss coat and the problem was solved.

I removed my lipstick at 6.30pm along with the rest of my makeup. The colour was still intact. I had reapplied the top coat twice throughout the day. So long lasting – YES! 

The lipstick would have probably lasted for the full advertised 16 hours but it outlasted me! I like removing my make up when I get home to give my skin a break.

Rimmal Provocalips Swatches

Below are my 8 Rimmel Provocalips swatches, ranging from nudes to pinks to vibrant reds. I love the provocative names of the lipsticks. There’s a colour to suit everyone for every occasion. (Please excuse the poor lighting and hurried application of the lipstick. I did these Rimmel London Provocalips swatches after work one night, before going out to dinner).

Luckily despite its long lasting staying power I had no problems removing the lipsticks with my makeup cleansing wipes.

Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips

Rimmel Provocalips Review Conclusion

In conclusion I totally agree with the advertising. Rimmel Provocalips are long lasting, kiss proof and transfer proof! I will definitely be using these lipsticks on high rotation! 

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The above photographed products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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