Mother’s Day celebrations first occurred in the early 20th century. Mother’s Day to me is all about indulging mums and grandmas, showering them with love, and appreciation, and spoiling them with a special Mother’s Day gift or two.
The gifts I give to my mum and grandmas are usually ones that enable them to have a little bit of time out and a little relaxation, which to me is the ultimate indulgence.
I also love spoiling them with something special they wouldn’t have otherwise bought themselves.
If you are needing some Mother’s Day gift giving inspiration I’ve compiled my top 10 Mother’s Day gift suggestions below. 
Do remember that if any of these gift suggestions especially appeals to you as a mum or grandma yourself, you can always subtly, or not so subtly, leave this article open on your laptop or show it to the person most likely to buy you a Mother’s Day gift this year.

Canningvale Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean Scented Diffuser

Diffusers create such a beautiful relaxing ambiance into any home.

This Canningvale diffuser’s passionfruit and vanilla bean scent is my favourite diffuser scent. The passionfruit provides a fruity uplifting fragrance while the vanilla bean adds a soothing and calming element. It is such a delightful fragrance especially after a long and tiring day.

Looking so stylish with it’s white bottle and six contrasting black reeds this diffuser would also enhance any home’s decor.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

Canningvale Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean Scented Candle

Similar to the concept of layering fragrances by using several similarly fragranced beauty and body products, you can also layer your home scents by having matching diffusers and scented candles.

The Canningvale Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean large scented candle is the perfect partner to the Canningvale diffuser with the same scent. It has three wicks and a long burn time of 65 hours.

Once your mum has finished burning this candle she can store her makeup brushes or other items in this stylish white glass container. I love upcycling empty candle jars!

Surprise your mum with both these items to have her home divinely fragranced with this beautiful, uplifting yet relaxing scent.

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 Beautysilks Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are one of my favourite gifts to give my mum and also to receive as a mum myself.

Silk pillowcases have so many hair, skin and health benefits and look so luxurious too. The downside is that they can be expensive to buy.

The Beautysilks silk pillowcases are a great gift option if you are on a budget. The topside of the pillowcase is 16 momme mulberry silk so you get all the benefits of sleeping on silk while the bottom side is cotton, which makes these pillowcases more affordable to buy and gift, and also means they will stay in place during the night. It’s the perfect combination.

Give mum the luxurious gift of an ultimate beauty sleep with these silk pillowcases.

Click HERE to check out the current price of these silk pillowcases and the colours available.

NOTE: These Beautysilks Silk Pillowcases are currently significantly reduced in price.

Beautysilks Silk Eye Mask

Beautysilks Eye Mask
Beautysilks Eye Mask

Give your mum the gift of true rest and relaxation with this luxurious Beautysilks silk eye mask.

Made from 16 momme mulberry silk and also including a silk filling it is exquisitely soft and contains anti-aging amino acids resulting in the ultimate beauty rejuvenation around your eye area when you sleep.

Perfect for using at night or during daytime naps. Never underestimate the power of an uninterrupted sleep or nap, especially for mums with younger children.

This silk eye mask comes in a convenient silk drawstring bag to safely store the mask when not in use.

You can coordinate your Mother’s Day gift giving with a sibling so your mum receives both the above Beautysilks silk pillowcase and silk eye mask.

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NOTE: These Beautysilks Eye Masks are currently significantly reduced in price.


Books are another favourite gift of mine to give to my mum and also to receive as a mum.
When you gift your mum a book, not only are you giving her a book but you are also giving her the perfect excuse to take some time out of her busy day to relax, recharge and just lose herself in the book. 
Booktopia has a huge selection of books to choose from for your mum whether she prefers fiction, cooking or any other genre.
Booktopia also sell jigsaw puzzles which have had a popular resurgence over the past year.

Beauty Subscription Box

 Another perfect Mother’s Day gift to give is a beauty subscription box, especially if you give a 3 month, 6 month or annual subscription.
A beauty subscription is the gift that continues giving and will give your mum something to look forward to receiving every month or every season depending on the subscription box you choose.
There are numerous different beauty subscription boxes to choose from depending on the specific beauty and lifestyle products your mum prefers.
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