More beauty lovers are now vegan than ever before. It is thus exciting to see W7 Cosmetics Australia introduce their W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia wide! W7 developed their Very Vegan cosmetics range according to the rules and regulations of The Vegan Society, which has allowed W7 to successfully have this range vegan certified. In order to officially be certified vegan makeup, the products must be produced and manufactured using non animal derived ingredients and must not have been tested on animals. The W7 Very Vegan ingredients and manufacturing processes meet these standards.
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia

W7 Very Vegan Australia

All too often cheap makeup Australia wide is not vegan. It is thus so refreshing to see W7 introduce the Very Vegan makeup range which is not only vegan and an amazing quality range but is also very affordable and cheap!

W7 Cosmetics Vegan Range: W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia

The W7 Cosmetics Very Vegan range includes a comprehensive W7 vegan list including W7 vegan foundation, W7 vegan powder, W7 vegan highlighter, W7 vegan bronzer, W7 vegan eyeshadow, W7 vegan eyeliner, W7 vegan lipstick and W7 vegan mascara. Australia has now got a new amazing vegan makeup range! 
That’s a lot of certified vegan cosmetics items! The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a W7 very vegan blush, hopefully they launch one soon!
Sometimes vegan makeup seems to come at a premium cost but I’m happy to advise the W7 Very Vegan makeup collection is affordable vegan makeup. Yay for cheap vegan makeup that’s also effective and stunning! Thanks W7 Cosmetics!
Read on for Very Vegan W7 makeup reviews.

W7 Cosmetics Review Australia – Very Vegan Makeup Reviews

What you’re probably wanting now is a W7 make up review of the Very Vegan range. So let’s look at each Very Vegan W7 make up item individually to see how they perform.

W7 Very Vegan Lipstick Review

The first item in this Very Vegan makeup review post is the W7 Very Vegan Australia lipstick. I love the current ongoing nude lipstick trend so I was very excited to receive these two W7 Very Vegan lipstick Australia shades in Marvellous Maple and Happy Hazel and I’m happy to report that my W7 lipstick review of these is very positive. See further down this article for my W7 lipstick swatches of these two shades.

The embossed W7 on the tip of the bullet is a beautiful touch you’d expect from a higher end lipstick rather than such an affordable drugstore vegan lipstick.

W7 Very Vegan Australia
W7 Very Vegan Lipsticks: Happy Hazel (left) & Marvellous Maple (right)
I find these vegan lipsticks to be beautifully creamy and moisturising. 
They are comfortable to wear and surprisingly long lasting too!  
If you are wanting a certified vegan lipstick with good lasting power, that feels nourishing on your lips I highly recommend this one! It’s a truly amazing yet cheap vegan lipstick!
Below are some quick W7 swatches of these two shades. 
W7 Very Vegan Lipstick Swatches: Happy Hazel (left) & Marvellous Maple (right)
W7 Very Vegan Lipstick Swatches: Happy Hazel (left) & Marvellous Maple (right)

If you are wanting to find more vegan lipsticks available in Australia you will want to read the Fabulous and Fun Life Vegan Lipsticks Australia Guide HERE

W7 Very Vegan Foundation Review

The next review in this W7 Very Vegan review post is the W7 Very Vegan foundation review.
The W7 Very Vegan HD Foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser which I really appreciate from a hygienic point of view.
I believe it also increases the longevity of this product as it reduces the W7 Very Vegan foundation ingredients exposure to oxygen.
The shade I received, Natural Beige, is actually a perfect match for my skin and gives me an amazing flawless complexion.
Like all the other W7 foundation reviews I’ve read of the Very Vegan foundation I’ve given this W7 foundation review a positive rating in no small part due to how impressed I am with how beautifully this foundation blends. It feels creamy yet lightweight and results in a matte medium coverage.
Based on my positive Very Vegan W7 Cosmetics foundation review i can safely say this is my favourite vegan foundation! Australia is finally starting to stock more high quality vegan makeup and I’m so excited by this.
W7 Very Vegan HD Foundation, Vegan Loose Powder, Vegan Highlighting Powder & Vegan Bronzer
W7 Very Vegan HD Foundation, Sheer Loose Powder, Highlighting Powder & Matte Bronzer

W7 Very Vegan Sheer Loose Powder Review

This W7 Very Vegan loose powder is effective at reducing shine and giving my complexion a smooth matte finish.

It has a translucent finish so it doesn’t add any extra colour.

I love the inclusion of the powder puff inside the packaging which makes this a fabulous vegan powder to pop in your handbag for touch ups whilst out on the go!

W7 Very Vegan Highlighting Powder Review

OMG! This Nature’s Glow shade of highlighting powder is gorgeous! It’s a light champagne shade and is super pigmented giving a beautiful, brilliant glow! 
The packaging is also lovely with a heart embossed in the product and grass embossed along the bottom edge of it!
I apologise if this sounds a little snobby, but to me this vegan highlighter feels and looks like a high end highlighter, not an affordable drug store vegan highlighter! 
I love, love, LOVE this highlighter!

W7 Very Vegan Matte Bronzer Review

The packaging of this W7 Very Vegan bronzer in the shade Sun-Kissed is identical to the packaging of the highlighting powder.
It also has the same lovely touch of a heart embossed into the product with grass embossed along the bottom edge of it.
This vegan matte bronzer is also super pigmented. The first time I used the Very Vegan W7 bronzer I admit I was a bit too heavy handed so my tip is to start off lightly. 
I should also add that the packaging of these products is wonderfully sturdy and I’d be happy to throw these products into my makeup bag in my handbag without any worries about the packaging opening unintentionally.
After using this product myself I fully understand why this is the W7 bronzer vegan lovers are raving about! I have not seen a single negative Very Vegan W7 bronzer review!

W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad Review

The W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Ambers is, as the name suggests, perfect for Autumn. 

The shimmery warm tones in this W7 Very Vegan palette are stunning and the shades are absolutely beautiful to use.

W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Amber
W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Amber
I found all four shades to be beautifully soft to use, well pigmented and easily blendable.
Unfortunately my photographed swatches don’t do justice to these glorious shades! But trust me when I write that they look absolutely beautiful in real life. 
I am definitely going to have this vegan eyeshadow palette on high rotation this Autumn.


W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Amber Swatches
W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Amber Swatches
W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad, W7 Very Vegan Very Black Mascara & W7 Very Vegan Liquid Eyeliner.
W7 Very Vegan Eyeshadow Quad, W7 Very Vegan Very Black Mascara & W7 Very Vegan Liquid Eyeliner.

W7 Very Vegan Mascara Review

My W7 Mascara review of this Very Vegan Mascara is completely positive.

The W7 Very Vegan Very Black Mascara is easy to use and gives a lovely natural looking mascara result with one coat.

It gives my lashes a lovely natural lift and definition and I experience no clumping from this product.

My W7 Very Vegan Mascara review conclusion is that this is a wonderful everyday vegan mascara Australia will love, whether they’re vegan or not, would love.

Like all W7 Very Vegan Makeup ingredients, the W7 Very Vegan Mascara ingredients all contain no animal products.

W7 Very Vegan Liquid Eyeliner Review

To be honest I don’t usually use a liquid eyeliner and I didn’t get an amazing result with this vegan eyeliner but I think this was more due to my lack of skills with liquid eyeliners and my unsteady hands than any deficiency of this product.  


Is W7 Vegan?

Not all W7 makeup Australia wide is certified vegan but ALL the W7 Very Vegan range Australia wide is definitely certified vegan.

Hopefully the W7 vegan list of products will grow even more in the future.

Does W7 Test on Animals?

Lots of people are asking “do W7 test on animals?”

I’m happy to advise that regardless of whether each W7 Australia product is vegan or not, NO W7 products are tested on animals. Also NO W7 cosmetics ingredients are tested on animals either.

Is W7 Cruelty Free?

Regarding the question of ‘Is W7 makeup cruelty free?’, the answer is YES.

W7 Cosmetics is a fully cruelty free company.

Very Vegan W7 Makeup Review Conclusion

In conclusion I found the W7 Very Vegan cosmetics Australia collection to be a stunningly beautiful, good quality yet affordable vegan makeup range. 

And I am totally in love with that W7 Very Vegan highlighter!

All the W7 vegan makeup products featured retail for between $4.99 and $9.99, with the majority priced at $4.99.
W7 Very Vegan cosmetics are available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot Australia wide, in-store and online.
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia
W7 Very Vegan Makeup Australia

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Do you use vegan makeup and vegan beauty products? 

Is cruelty free makeup something you aim to use more of?
Does this W7 Cosmetics Vegan range appeal to you?

*The above W7 Very Vegan cosmetic products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains some affiliate marketing ad links. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I haven't heard of vegan makeup. A local makeup person (in Hervey Bay) sells her own range of organic / cruelty free makeup and I've been wearing her lipstick and concealer. It helps that they're great as well – so bonus! #teamlovinlife

  2. I read this with a lot of interest. I'm not vegan – and have no intention of being so, but have started buying vegan nail colours & lippies when I come across them. I like the idea of cruelty free beauty. #TeamLovinLife

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