How Much Sunscreen Should You Use?

How Much Sunscreen Should You Use?

Do you know how much sunscreen you need to use to provide the tested level of protection?   Recent studies suggest that most of us don’t! Studies have found that only 15% of Australians are using the recommended amount of sunscreen! The average Australian applies just a quarter of the recommended amount of sunscreen required […] Read more…

Sharing My Melanoma Story

My Melanoma Story

When SunSense asked me to write an article about my experience with malignant melanoma I hesitated a bit at first.    I was nervous about sharing my story on a large website rather than on my own blog, but to be honest it didn’t take too long before I gave myself a stern talking to […] Read more…

Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid

9 Big Sunscreen Mistakes YOU Need To Avoid

Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world! About 13000 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in Australia in 2015. Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Every year more than 2000 Australians die from skin cancer.  Unfortunately I am one of the people who have been diagnosed with melanoma, although […] Read more…

SunSense Face Sunscreens

The Easiest, Most Effective Anti-Ageing Strategy

I love Australia’s sunny climate and outdoor lifestyle. Unfortunately scientific research has found that about 90% of premature skin ageing is believed to be caused by UV exposure from the sun. Another study found that a two percent increase in skin damage ages the face by three years! YIKES! I don’t mind ageing gracefully according […] Read more…

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